I think I’m going to be in a bad mood today… The reason? Speedhunters had an invitation to attend the launch of the new car brand McLaren Automotive at their space age facility in Woking, UK. Right now I could be rubbing shoulders with Ron Dennis, but instead I’m sitting here tapping on my keyboard at the EA office in Vancouver, Canada… BBOOOO!

Oh well, Jonathan Moore will be able offer us a rather exclusive glimpse into the world of McLaren instead… Watch out for the story shortly… and Jonathan can you ask Jenson for a pair of Sunglasses for me?

Mclaren have also just released this vid, showing what went down when Lewis and Jenson got their paws on the new MP4-12C




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The car looks and sounds excellent!

It's also cool to note that the styling of the MP4 is rather subtle but underneath it is proving to be quite a beast. Can't wait for it to launch...Anyone know as to how much it'll cost?



Great vid, you should of asked, i could of winged my way down that neck of the woods ;)


sorry 2 hear that..y dont you next time type on the passenger seat with your laptop and have the web cam on so it feels like we all in there.lol...


McLarens' making a comeback!


LoL @ Lewis driving position!


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Lewis and Jenson were probably two of few people at that track who could afford one.


ITRbroham like the comment very true.... its funny how hamilton and button really are not overly exited ... just realised that they drive the fast vehicles on the planet speed to them has a different meaning i guess once you have driven an f1 for so long a mclaren road car must just be so sluggish


March 18 turned out to be a pivotal day for the famous McLaren team. The day was marked for the launch


Nice to actually hear and understand what Jenson is saying for once! Most of the time on the pit radio transmissions all you can hear Jenson saying is garble. =P