Maybe not the best way for the new Honda HSV to start off the 2010 Super GT season, but at least everyone was OK.

-Mike Garrett



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If i was that driver, i'd be REALLY comforted that the medics brought a Hyundai Tuscon to my aid.


Poor, poor, honda. ABUNAI


scratch that... its a Nissan rouge. Still not comforting as a safety car... similar chasis + body. T_T


Wow, sucks for Honda. There was obviously a misjudgement in space between the two cars. Evreyone was OK, so that's good.


That was a Rogue I think. Never seen a safety wall catch on fire before. And how did that happen it appears that 2 different Honda's turned into a third honda for no reason what so ever.


haha holy shit, the guy in the middle of the sandwich got away from that nasty crash. AWESOME.


What tha?? The one in the middle didnt get affected ha ha. Honda must feel retarded after that one.


"If i was that driver, i'd be REALLY comforted that the medics brought a Hyundai Tuscon to my aid."

Yeah sure, A Hyundai with Nissan logos all over it


Looks like the cars on either site of the middle one tought it would turn away. but neither saw the car beside it.

I think both drivers misjudged the situation.

Was this the first race for the HSV? Could be better :(


@ SamuraiRJ It was a Nissan Rogue. Can't you see the NISSAN Stickering on the rear bumper?

@ Motive DVD The Epson was damaged as well, it pitted shortly after with front bumper damage.

Honestly, after reviewing the video a couple times, my only thought is: Why on earth didn't the guy in the Epson HSV-010 use his brakes? He could saved himself from the other two idiots and continued racing untouched. C'mon, the first thing you learn in racing school is defensive driving. If I were the Epson racing team manager, i'd slap the driver in the back of the head the moment he came in for repairs.


Does anybody know if the SuperGT series is televised in the USA? If so, what channel: is it on cable or satelite TV? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in the advance.


I think he used the brakes if he didnt he was going to take more damage from the weider car that got cross in his path


It is most definitely not shown on TV here in the US unfortunately but if anyone knows of a streaming site or even a reliable torrent please let us know!


Anyone know where i can download the race? And not RU.


@nabbun he did use the brakes. u can see the lights light up on the slomo replay.


Safety barrier prob on fire due to the heat from the exhaust after the Weider car was embedded in the barrier


Safety car is an Infiniti FX here in the US, not sure what it is in Japan, which makes sense considering it's probably Japan's fastest SUV. 2 Hondas taken out on the first crash though, what a way to start! Glad the drivers are good. I think the Espon driver used his brakes but it wouldn't have saved him from getting hit in the first place. That shot in the beginning of the slow-mo clip with the 3 HSVs is amazing though.



its a skyline crossover

or infinity ex 35

there is the murano but no rogue in japan


Thats what they get for making it a race car before they made it a production car.


its a skyline crossover not a hyundai.


LOL so Nissan doesn't have to worry about the Honda's...

check out that 4:00 mark...that exhaust on the Epson HSV looks like its gonna shoot a fireball any second. Pretty sweet.


What does the guy doing the spirit fingers mean? The driver is OK?




I'd agree with "Doug", it's an EX35 (stateside) but a Skyline Crossover in Japan (same body anyway so it's the same thing technically =P).

Sad start for Honda. =(


I'd agree with "Doug", it's an EX35 (stateside) but a Skyline Crossover in Japan (same body anyway so it's the same thing technically =P).

Sad start for Honda. =(


The gt-r driver is a freaking idiot. I don't see any reason for him to have cut in like that. It even took him off of the favored line. And I have a hard time imagining he did not see the Honda, as it was to his right, and they are right-hand drive.


@ nabbun - you can see some smoke before the guys hit, so the Epson car DID brake, not enough to avoid contact but at least he kept speed to keep up the pace. I think he only pitted because the pace car was on anyway.


@ 0:36 "Is it on fire? Oh, crap, it's on fire! CLAPPY HANDS! CLAPPY HANDS! IT'S ON FIRE, CLAPPY HANDS!"