I was at the Formula Drift Tech Day at UTI today when Mr. Jarod DeAnda kindly reminded me that I forgot to post the behind the scenes vid from Chris Forsberg's NOS commercial shoot.

Look for the commercial to debut tomorrow at 1pm (PST I'm assuming?) during the NASCAR race on Fox.

-Mike Garrett

Speedhunters Coverage of the Forsberg Commerical Shoot



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Did "Mr. Jarod DeAnda" kindly remind you with a few hundreds?...while I appreciate the people in the shoot having fun, I think everybody agree's when I say "Fuçk NOS" boring car, boring shoot. Hope Speedhunters and Mike G. got some good ad $$ and free drink from this... sorry to be so anti-disestablishment, but I the only one? I know Speedhunters is getting popular but eff this, it's bullshit. Give me more real car story finds and Daikoku PA photos. Anybody else agree!?

P.S. Screw fox and nascar...hard.


Wow. They really shoot a TV commercial with a Canon 5Dmk2?




Mister ZerøG is right, Most content I check in SpeedHunters comes from Dino Dalle Carbonare, who posts really exciting stuff about the car scene in Japan along with other curious things. But this stuff about cheesy commercials, events and drivers... I could care less. Ken Block, Formula D, I skip all of that...

It could be a matter of taste, though.


Hundreds??? It takes thousands of dollars to pay off SpeedHunters...

ZerøG- I admire your passion for the "roots" the "core" and your overall interest in non-mainstream comp vehicles but obviously all parties involved are having fun doing what they love, getting paid and need to get paid on doing what we love or we wouldn't be able to do it..

Keep up the passion yet pepper in some respect for those that are living the dream and enjoy doing what they're doing, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Congratulate don't hate!

Watch the commerical if you haven't already because Chris nailed the bottle on the first legit try, FACT!

That's not CGI, not sell out, nothing, thats SKILL!