Reader’s Rides>> Your Classic Skylines

Hello Speedhunters and welcome to the first post of readers rides for Skyline week! With it being March1st (3-1), we're going to be starting with the R31 and prior Skylines – Enjoy!

Mohammad – United Arab Emirates

Anthony "Twinkles" – Australia

Brent Herfurth – Australia

Edward Wong – New Zealand

Harley Galea – Australia

Mansoor – United Arab Emirates

Nigel Keene – Australia

Adrian De Angelis – Australia

"no name" Australia

Brendan Walton – Australia

Dan – Australia

David Andrew – Australia

Jacek Szymenderski – Australia

James Suman – Australia

Jayson Hay – Australia

Levi Baker – Australia

Sean Hume – Australia

Tim Grove – Australia

Brendon Mitchell – Australia

Gavin Griffiths

Jeff Cook – Australia

Matt Nisi – Australia

David Lovett – Japan

Shane Coulson – Australia

Ahmed – United Arab Emirates



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there is a great american presence here... just kidding everyone knows that the skylines were never sold in the US, too bad.

great rides guys


I love the old r31s style. so angular and mean looking


The First one is Sick Awesome.


Some Awesome Cars in there! Cant wait to see what the 32/33/34 and 35 days will bring!

Quick not though, Third car down is my car (Anthony from Australia) however you spelt my nickname wrong, its meant to read "Twinkles".


As you can tell they arent exaclty rare in australia, maybe you should post up a VL:P They like there rake in the emerates.


i feel in love from this 4-doors r31 !! mu god they look great !!



Pwoar! do like those wheels on the top one!!!

And nice to see Eds pair (of skylines!) featured, hey boe!


Mansoor! Loving the gtst rims.. but slam it down! lol


Great rides here, though I must admit that the R31 is not my favorite skyline nor my favorite angular 80's car.


lol, almost all of these look more mint than the s13s and s14s i see for sale or on the road around here.


[AUSTRALIAN IMPORTATION LAWS] - I see what you did there...


Awesome collection, thanks for throwing up my passage.


what i get from this post is i need to move to austrailia.


I take it R30/31s are a common sight in Australia?


Damn, the R30-R31 Skylines are really popular in Aussieland and the UAE, it seems. I liked Edward Wong's little Skyline couple. For the only Kiwi in this article, he reps the Skyline marque well. I really wish we had these bad boys over here in the States.


tooo many r31s from australia! digging the forth 1 tho


The 1st pic of the DR30 is friggin sweet!

The 2 tone Red and Black looks nice,

Deep lip wheels, wide body, tight fitment, low stance / height = WIN!

Must be a track warrior as I can see the roll cage and what looks to be a monster tacho + shift light.


David Lovett - Japan - that white skyline is not an R31 looks more like a Hakosuka.

Good to see Australia representing the R31s does help that they were sent here.

Hmm loving the R31s!


Wheres nicks car? its the hottest 31 in aus.


Quite a few Aus. cars in there, even as far flung as the UAE.. i'm quite surprised that there was no entrants from the US or the UK?? - still some great cars here..


+1 to nicks being the hottest 31 in Australia, he must not have sent in pics! that thing is incrediable!


How many of these are there in the UK? Anyone have any idea? I wonder if they're expensive to buy & run.


australia representing..



afaik theres maybe one or two HR31's in the UK,

btw, im from australia (i own the beige one with white wheels)

nice selection of cars up there, the only thing i would have added was floody's white coupe with blue meisters!


@ Josh

have you read the SUMO POWERS post? i think there is only one of them in UK..


@ Josh

have you read the SUMO POWERS post? i think there is only one of them in UK..


Abit dissapointed Nicks 31 in here, is one of, if not the best in aus.

Thanks for featuring my HR31 Passage.


The last one is the very rare passage 4dr hardtop!


good to see Ed's DR30 pair on the line-up, seen them alot on Japanese Nostalgic Car, Along with another pretty cool HR30 build at the moment by another kiwi 'stagefumer'


As expected, almost all of them from Australia. DR31WA, nice! I see you around the Noranda/Morley area quite often :P


I like the most of them but i think that the 3rd pic from the bottom is a Hakosuka, isn´t it? It would be great to see some 31´s someday in Europe...


this might nkot be funny to hardcore skyline fans,but.....

some of these r31's look like ef sedans on steroids. :D


Actually there was a platform that was alot like the R31 that can be found in the US they are extremely rare I've only seen one on craigslist and one on ebay It's the Nissan Leopard or Infinity M30 some were even convertibles


Australia got them all! LOL

i loved the 1 from Tim Grove!


It still pisses me off that we never got the R30-R34 here in the US. BOOOOOOOOO!


Great pics though!


Thanks Onig. Woulda been good to see racsov's car in here.