Reader’s Rides>> Your Nissan Skyline R33s

Alright Speedhunters, here we have the R33 submissions for Skyline Week. Tomorrow will be the R34s and the day after will be R35s, G35s and G37s. We have to say that we need some more submissions for these two posts… only one R35 sent in so far. So get your camera out, call your friends who own these vehicles, have some fun with it – we'd love to see your machines… :)

Lucho Campusano (above)

Sam Lehmann – Australia

David Fryklind – Sweden

David Chuckman – TX, USA

A O'Connor – Ireland

Aaron Crandall – Australia

Adam May – Australia

Alan Starbuck – UK

Alex Hamilton

Bojan Petrovski – Australia

Chris Mason – New Zealand

Dan Hipgrave – UK

Denis – Russia

Emil Ahmed – UK

Eric Webber – BC, Canada

Emil Ahmed – UK

Jack Callow – Australia

Jason Chiu – Hong Kong

Khalil Aly – Mozambique

Kris Gohlke – SK, Canada

Leon Motors

Mark Oliver Angeles – BC, Canada

Marko Trivanovic – Australia

Max – QB, Canada

Mike Smart

Nick – FL, USA

P. Feane – Ireland

Troy Griffin – New Zealand

Yoong Cherng Ee – Malaysia

Andrew Milne – Australia

Peter Marshall – UK



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there are some great cars here!! and some that desperately need some help with fitments.

I have always loved the R33, Dream car from my childhood!


Nice to see a familiar R33 :)

David from Sweden is part of a company that is good i every aspect., he's also planning an RB30 swap in that ;D

Gonna be a killer car!


Haha.. Nick from Florida knows whats up


I think i have seen a projekt on Davids car on "garaget"? I think that car is the best looking in this post


The third pictire, how do you get those headlights? I know their custom


I didn't get my R33 in in time :( Can i still submit it?


R33 in Mozambique!

And David Fryklind's R33 looks mean! So do Emil Ahmed's!

Why are they not staring at Nick's R33 from Florida?


Sam Lehmann - Australia

Hey buddy, good to see you up here in the blog roll.

Car is looking great!



Haha lots of South Australian boys in here!! Well done!


both r33 from adelaide popping flames mad drift cars :)


That red wingless coupe is for sail on the Vancouver Craigslist. Saw it when I was looking for one to bring down to the states.


Did I really just see Nick in FL rollin with a spare on? That's a good look


Yea that wingless r33 is a pretty cool buy but I oreffer 4Dr R32's.....


Yea that wingless r33 is a pretty cool buy but I oreffer 4Dr R32's.....4dr R33's are starting to grow in me though..does anyone know what it really takes to bring a car down from Canada to Washington?in pretty sure it has to be registered with a VIN and all but in the Washington side of thing is where I'm more curious about..


Troy griffins got 1 bad looking street drifter NICE!!




That's actually a drift event, hence the steel rims in the back


love these cars so much.. standouts:- Yoong Cherng Ee & David Chuckman, i'll have to spend some money one day.. so hard to find your ideal car but as we can see, some people already have - great post!!


Didnt know i had so much support! Thanks guys!

Ye its getting a RB31/26DETT, actually putting it in today to mock up the exhaust manifolds before manufacturing them, the most fun part of the build!


/David F


Yea ya my r33!


yes there ALOT of skylines in africa...since they import alot of cars from japan


haha, awesome pic of my 33 lol.. and thats how 33's roll.. popping flamssssssssssss


I don't care what event you are at... you can't rep an imported R33 like that! What a shame...


question, all you r33 and 32 people with GTRs in the USA, how are they here? from my understanding, all skylines only have a 9 digit vin number, whereas cars in USA MUST have atleast 12 i believe? Nick from florida, i love the s14 wheels!!!


For you guys info, Lucho's R33 (the one ar the top) runs 9.8 sec at the 1/4 mile on full weight and street legal. He's from Dominican Republic


shot troy baddest r33 of all


@MDeezy -- I'm sorry I'm not a rich bastard with 50 sets of rims to amuse your superficial tastes. I use steel rims with shit tires because it's practical and cost effective not because I care about what it looks like


Love the R33 GTR from Texas. David Chuckman I beleive? I've seen that thing on a youtube video and it hauls balls! That thing is a beast from a shop called Triwerks. Good job to texas!


Yes lot R33's and many more cars in Mozambique..