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Some of you may be aware that I produce a number of Fan Spotter Guides, including the American Le Mans Series, which also publishes the guide. With the teams already set up at Sebring for the 12 hour endurance race, I have released the first guide of the year, supported by Speedhunters

The guide features all the liveries, teams, drivers, classes and tyre information for use trackside or in the comfort of your living room.  The majority of teams forwarded liveries and details to me, many under embargo, so a big thank you to them.

You can download the guide at or within the race-hub section of

I will update the guide prior to each ALMS race.  Longer term additional guides will be launched for the British Touring Car Championship, Le Mans and possibly, time permitting, Formula One.

Please note the terms and conditions of usage.

-Andy Blackmore 

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Thanks Andy. Looked forward to this every season.


cool, your guides are awesome. A co-worker has a number of these printed out as posters!


I gave one to my dad who went to Laguna Seca for the first time last year. They are excellent, how do you make them? Are you doing the leaflet for charity again this year?


great!! i think you should your charity leaflet thing (again!?)


Fantastic guides Andy. I've seen a few people with these at the circuits


widescreen desktop!!!


i agree, a desktop version would be pretty awesome


if you click on the link to Spotter Guides, the guide is 2500 pixels so you can scale it for your desktop


Thanks all - great d/l numbers so far as well:)


mike>> They are made in Adobe Illustrator (vector art program). Most of the teams supply me with the relevant logos, some teams supply me with car images (very few vector) and then I just create them from there.


I love Adobe Illustrator, always have, so these are normally quite enjoyable to produce, but time has been tight this year and late changes reduced this 'love'. Still it came out well and so far and had a few exclusives, so onto the BTCC and F1 guides


mike/nuggettg60 - The leaflet is produced by the ALMS( although not for Sebring). They sale the guide for $1, all money going to The Ashton Hatcher Foundation, which support children and families dealing with issues resulting from pediatric cancer.


The ALMS takes my guides and posts them up on the official site.


Xa - as mike states, the actual guide is 2500x 1600(ish) so you should be able to use that as a desktop. Just remember to update before each race LOL