Gallery>> Some More Ft-86 Teases…

As we all wait for the latest news on the upcoming Toyota/Subaru FT-86, the only thing one can really do is study the material that's already out there – thinking about the possibilities this new FR machine will provide.

Luckily, we've come across some new renderings/photos to enjoy.

This car really can't come out soon enough. Toyota needs this car in their lineup more than anything.

Here's the concept flanked by sporting Toyota's of the past. Of course it won't be just the Toyota fans that will be lining up to buy this car when it comes out.

I'm still wondering what kind of changes will be made to the production version. Surely the interior won't be this bold, right?

Note the ABS-off button. Oh how fun this car could be…

So, has anyone gone to the dealer to try and put down a deposit yet?

To get more hyped on the FT-86, check out the picture thread over at FT86Club.

-Mike Garrett



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patiently waiting for this to come out. hopefully thats close to the production version.


god that dash looks amazing. i wanna see a side-by-side size comparison next to the the ae86 and the mk4 supra


This car is on my "to buy list for 2011" unless sunbaru version comes with a turbo, then am set for the subaru 216A :D


Is that The Mt. Fuji racetrack on its digital display?


yikes... looks good. Do I really feel like I could never replace/move on from my AE?

The interior really is amazing IMO, and "ABS OFF" is something for sure.


I think this thing is butt ugly and too modern looking, I'm not digging it.


Haha I didn't even notice that it is Fuji good spotting Sam


you guys are slow. toyota released these like a month ago lol


Yeah, the Fuji raceway thing is a new system that polyphony is developing with toyota for tracks. you can take it to a car ECU recognized track and run laps. the computer will record your laps and render it in granturismo 5 so you can race against your real life self on the ps3.


Is there a wallpaper size for the third photo (group shot)?


I love it; it about time, Toyota went back to its routes, in good Rwd, affordable, fun cars!

Know wonder there world renowned quality control went down on there shopping cars etc, they were just getting so bored churning out the stuff :)

Love most if it, and yep, funky dashboard!


..yeah, that was really great day in Brussels :-)

If somebody would like to see pictures from this fantastic place without any computer adjustment and some real light, let me know. I have couple of them available.


See all the hangar photoshoot photos and official design sketches delivered straight from Toyota:

Cant wait to get this on track! :)

Onyx, we`d like to see real light pics!


it looks like a new 350z with a body kit and bmw 335i from behind. If you're serious about that polyphony thing though that is cool.


Different but still prefer the original AE86!


I hope they simplify the interior...will lower cost.

I cant wait for this thing.

Is the subaru going to be identical? but with a posible turbs?


Wow...First for Wallpaper Please! Thanks


Not digging the rims.....But the lines are so sexy


Wallpaper of the 3rd?


If they keep the look the same for the production version I will buy one! Excited......


How good will that look on some BBS's with a good dollop of dish at the back


ummm......wheres the MR2 in that past pciture


when Tanner Foust gets a nascar V8 in this sexy beast are all of you going to bitch about it?


Third pic for desktop ... pretty please


it looks alright for what it is.. long gone are the days of 'classic lines' and 'built to last' build quality. saying that though i do like Toyota's - never owned one but close friends of mine have - and swear by them so.. we'll see. - interior looks very futuristic with those vents, love the steering wheel, front end of the exterior is very intimtading (in a positive way) i hope it stays looking like this exterior-wise, i would like to see more shots of the interior but knowing the little i do about Toyota's its not going to be mega-exciting or cutting edge.. but it will look... nice!!? - i don't think it looks like a beemer from behind.. sorry 'paddingtonb' - and yes i still the the old AE86's!!


Its nice that toyota acknowledges the fact they built the AE86, It seems they didnt relize ppl liked those old things till recently. I think it looks pretty cool, a lot better than a scion.


As long as I can race it or drift it... it doesnt matter. It would be a nice addition next to my s13 and trueno :P


Just can't wait to see Honda's response.


Nice! EVO magazine did a artical about the AE86 & FT86! and got some shots of them in the same wherehouse!(although they had a UK registered Leven Hatch!)

I reallycan't wait for it to come out, even in GT5 form, i'll love it! :D


Now if it comes with Toyotas patented can't stop system, this car will be awsome. Awsome I say!


the car is straight noting that toyota fell off hard and at least it aint a gay renewal like the mr2 (what a shame) but nothing could ever replace the ae86.i think it should be named something else like ft-5000 since it looks so damn futuristic....on the 3rd pic..why is the celica in there when its front wheel drive and hideous not worth seen next 2 a supra and ae86 should've been an mr2..


BoricuaSX - that Celica is 4WD turbo. WRC much?


that celica looks like and alltrac. not a shitty car at all. fairly light awd turbo. maybe you should do some research about cars before bitching.


2 TUNE86: Where do you want me to send them?


wallpaper please.


2 Onyx: send to email:

tune86 @ , I hope spambots dont pick up the email address ;)

thank you !


2 Onyx: is my mail, thanks!

(delete my double email posting)


The roofline gives off R35 GTR vibes, anyone else see it?


This better come out... I wanna see it face off with the 135i


The dash looks similar to the Italia 458


@ Jordan, the 135i has the N54 engine... 1 would kill the FT


the old ae86 was like so drift style but ..... the new one is realy nice !