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Now to continue our classic Skyline love affair with a sampling of C110, or "Kenmeri" Skylines from the Speedhunters archive. The slightly newer Kenmeris might not have quite the iconic status of the Hakosuka, but they are no less sexy.

GT-R style flares work wonders on a four-door yonmeri – shot by Len at the 2010 New Year Meeting.

Just stunning really. Tsukuba Summer meeting 2008.

Same type of car, same grassy field, other side of the world. This one is SR20-powered. JCCS 2009.

For fans of cars like the Kenmeri, there's no better place than the New Year Meeting. Countless examples can be found here every year.

Simple and to the point. Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show 2008.

The factory Kenmeri raced cars never reached competition, but boy were they good looking. Shot by Dino at the most recent Nismo Festival.

The new Impulse-built Yonmeri at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010.

I don't think my life has been the same since I eyed this machine on the shores of Tokyo Bay back in 2006.

And just in case you forgot what these cars looked like when they rolled off the showroom floor. This one was imported to the USA by RHD Japan in SoCal.

I do think the reason I've fallen in love with this chassis is because of the resemblance to the American muscle cars I grew up around.

Someone studies the Star Road Kenmeri project at TAS 2009.

Waiting for a buyer at East Car in Japan.

Just searching through the site archives for these photos, I'm truly appreciative of the opportunities I've had to see these wonderful cars up close. I'm sure the rest of the team feels the same.

One more view of the same car.

OK that does it for the Kenmeri highlights. Much more Skyline goodness to come…

-Mike Garrett



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Shweeeeeeeeet. I want one!


Wow...I'm in love with the blue one from 2008. My darling...<3


Desktop for the blue one towards the top please! :D


Thanks Mike, this just makes me crave a Kenmari even more!! I badly want the Blue one from the Tsukuba Summer meeting 2008.

Oh, and if you can, I, and I'm guessing many more would like WALLPAPERS!


mmmm Kenmeri. Probably my favorite car of all time.


Beautiful cars, the Kenmeri's front grille in the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show 2008 piccy looks soo much like a '71 Challenger R/T's! It's as if they just took off the R/T badge and voila!

How much does a decent Kenmeri go for these days? It's the only car I can think of which looks perfect from every angle :)


i really need to get my ones body cleaned up....

easily the best looking skyline, by far...


I'm officially in love with the Kenmeri esp. the Bosozoku style with the angled headlights.


Hayashi Sakuras on that last Kenmeri! ^^



Ken and Mary, nostalgic at it's best.

Bosozoku style, still till today it looks tuff as!


omg. drool.