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You think you are low? Think again…

There is a saying that ‘Low is a lifestyle' -well these guys surely know how to live that life. There are no airbags in sight and still they are able to drive these cars, amazing. I'm sure it is not to everyone's liking, but I can't stop staring at the Karmann Ghia in the opening picture. The car belongs to a group of friends that call themselves the 3 Splines Gangsta's and are members of the Panscrapers crew in Spain.

It's cool that these hardcore VW enthusiast are really making a name for themselves inside the VW community. I couldn't stop browsing through their blog, feeling excited at what the next page would bring.

Have you ever seen a Karmann Ghia this low? The rust and the faded chrome bumper all ads to the style these guys are going for. The car wears its scars with pride and the owner isn't afraid to show them to the public.

This is a Volkswagen Type 3  also known as the VW 1600. It reminds me a bit of the Japanese luxury barges with their crazy cambers. But I do think that this car has much more character. And yes the car drives like this. Check out this small youtube video of it driving through the country roads.

A VW 1600 never looked this good. I'm no expert on lowering a car, but I think it isn't as easy as just buying a lowering kit.

A Beetle in red never disappoints. I don't know why but I just love the shabby paintjob and rusted rear bumper. There is something with these cars that attracts me in a strange way.

Are the wheel covers a factory option? Never seen those before so I guess not. I guess that the chicken saw too much and to payed the ultimate price.

This old school VW Variant has been restored unlike the others. The wheels look like a modern version of the Fuchs wheels. The black contrasts nicely with the baby blue exterior.

The car wears the Panscrapers logo with pride.

A would love to own a bus like this in the future. I love the fact the old Linde (Industrial gases) logo is still in place. These cars are full of character.

A sneak peak inside the Panscrapers garage reveals even more busses. It looks like an old stable that has been converted into this garage. Perfect for some late night restorations.

The perfect way to end this gallery with a shot of their new project on their own version of a flatbed truck.

Be sure to check out their blog for more pictures and a cool insight into their hobby.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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My friend is a VW lover. These are nice! Those black rims being sold, are they BRMs?


Love this crew. My first love was the Type 3 Squareback (variant) and Notchback (1600). First car was a '72 bug that I took 3-4 splines out of the front. Love the "3 Splines" crew name. Rad!


wicked! i saw the second shot and my jaw hit the desk, that thing is SLAMMED, like frackin dumped to the soles of its little rubber shoes, i cannot imagine what it would be like to roll with a static drop to that degree. balls.


Love the first van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love me some Dubs especially the old school variety, man i would to get my hands on a Karmann Ghia and put it back to its original spec. this one looks very cool though.. and it is on the deck!! the Typ. 3 is sweet too.. love the colour and stance.. the Dub community is very open, helpful and friendly, at least thast what i've found.. by the way Mr 'Wolf your' wrong!! LOL


Don't go low if you're not going to go flush, tucking looks stupid.


yeh the black wheels being sold are brm's, also the rims on the type 3 wagon are the new 17'' version of them not new fuchs... haha i know too much bout the old dubs coz my dad loves them and that rubbed off onto me frm 10-18


im just getting into the whole vw scene, I find that it bridges the gap between imports and classic kustoms...its just perfect..and the mileage aint bad either..


ths 1st picture these dudes look like some giant clowns


soooo sick


These Vdubs got some great style. These pics make me wish I hadnt sold my bug.

@Ayo: really dude dont be "that" guy.


3 splines is refered to lowering the back of aircooled vw's not taking out the leaves of the front suspension hechtspeed ;)

front is lowered by narrowing the beam and welding in adjusters .


Im pretty sure the wheels on the blue variant are BRM replicas. May even be refinished old ones, i cannot remember.


reminds me of the vw beatle that hot rod mag included in their dare to be different series last year. that one was truely low. cool shop too!


Y34H!!! Ha ha! Reminds me the Radikalbugz, a belgian team who "praize the lowered"! Go check for them, you'll like it...

Really, this karmann is great... great.


awesome. these volkswagen's are full of style. its rolling art. ;)

loving the Linde Van in particular. nice!



can i save?))


Pretty sure those wheel covers (A.K.A. fender skirts) were an option. I, too love the look of an old school VW scraping along!


These are nothing but slow, horrible looking, absolute buckets of junk.

This garbage should never be considered style. Its trash - plain and simple.



these things have at least a 6 inch beam narrowed in the front and FOR SURE a 3 inner spline dropped in the rear.

there is no spines in the front just empi adjusters.unless you call those splines.



lowering kit?LOL

sorry but real fab work is put in to get these things this low and still be able to drive them.ive got a 66 type 3 fastback that i narrowd the front beam 6 inched and installed empi adjusters so i could raise it if i want.(THATS NEVER HAPPNIN!!!).also had to mini tub the front so that the wheels could turn inside the wheels wells.the rear is lowered by dropping three inner splines on the rear.taking the spring plates,notching and extending them.also need to custom fab a custom rasied trans crossmember so you can get your rear toe/camber in slight spec.LOL

you all couldnt even imagine the rear NC without the spring plates and trans crossmember.i think i messured it at 19degreese NC.LOL


So ugly. What's the point? Going low but no flush? That's like cheating. Being flush is like an art, but this is stupid. If you're gonna hide your wheels. Just use steelies with caps.


Arrechisiiimo hermanos!!! sigan representando la comunidad VW por el mundo!!! Ademas... nada mejor que ir REALMENTE BAJO!!!


Arrechisiiimo hermanos!!! sigan representando la comunidad VW por el mundo!!! Ademas... nada mejor que ir REALMENTE BAJO!!!


cada uno que haga lo que le nasca,hay que respetar!!estos señores de panscrapers aparte que son una gente fabulosa,se merecen un respeto por su dedicacion y su profecionalidad a estos coches....,saludos a todos !!y cuiden esas jollas!!


haters, quit wasting server space... Hella flush isn't the ONLY way to do things. These guys are reppin style that may not be everyone's flavor, but it's still style whether you like it or not. I have to agree with Jeroen, there's something cool about a shell that shows it's age. Some hot-rodders spend hundreds of shop hours trying to mimic patina and rust on a fully rotisseried resto. Moreover, it takes character to roll in a ride like the rusty 'ghia because any clown with coin can take his ride to a shop to have it bagged, dropped and flushed...


Enserio que estos señores son realmente unos artistas y los admiramos muchisimo los que somos amantes de los vw. No saben cuanta envidia (de la buena) les tengo jaja espero que les siga llendo muy bien. Muchisimos saludos desde yucatan, mexico.



only real men drive these cars.not ones who are worried about what other people think.this is our style and if you dont like it.GOOD!!



Enhorabuena gente de panscrapers, por demostrar lo que se puede hacer por estas tierras