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For my next trip through the Speedhunters archive, I've gathered a selection of R34 Skylines of all types. There was A LOT to choose from, but I think I've assembled a pretty nice spectrum of cars here.

Here they come -

The Auto Gallery Yokohama BNR34, found recently by Dino at Fuji Speedway.

A little drag action at the Trust Zeroyon Festival in 2008.

Even though I saw my fair share of Skylines while living in Japan, it's still a treat to see one here in the USA. Spotted at SEMA '09.

The Hi Octane GT-R putting Australia on the map.

The Competizione GT-R shot by Dino.

The Signal R34 has quite a history behind it, appearing in many forms of motorsport.

One of the many URAS kits for the R34 sedan.

GT-R in Italia.

Among rivals at the Idlers Game in June of '09.

The Final Motion R34, covered in carbon-kevlar.

Dipping through the first corner at Fuji Speedway.

Tezuka drifting in the rain at Tsukuba during a D1SL match.

The Flatwell GT-R at Fuji Speedway.

Anthony Scott's drift machine.

The Mine's R34 at Buttonwillow in 2006.

Nomuken's D1 car just had to be here.

Z-Tune, the grand daddy of them all.

Yet another from Dino's brilliant collection, the HKS GT-R Driving Performer.

APM Factory's four-door project car at TAS 2010.

And finally one more shot of the famed Xanavi GT500 racer.

Tomorrow, we'll wrap this up with V35 and V36 Skylines, along with the R35 GT-R.

-Mike Garrett



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Dino representing R34s!!! Whoo Whoo


Some day, when I get older (18 right now) I'm going to a get my dream R34, with a bank loan probably. Hopefully still stock, I still remember when I was in the 5th grade I saw the R34 for the first time in Sport Compact Car.


Any more shots of APM Facoty's 4Dr?and of course Nomukens D1 machine is in here.Will 10' be he's year to finally get that championship?let's hope so!!!!!!!!!!


Xanavi R34: hottest. gtr. evar.


Thanks Mike


Flatwell looks like my old WRX on steroids for some reason... Anyhow, I'd love to get my hands on that Competizione, but if I'm not mistaken it's black now!


Were is the Veilside r34 that cracked 346 kph down here in NZ in the option speedtests,Or any of R.I.P.S r34 monsters .


lol wow they couldnt find a better picture for nomukens r34 ?


I'm still feelin a little iffy about the AutoSelect fenders on a couple of these examples, but i really do love the amazing variety and selection for aero on R34's! you can really take them in pretty much any direction you like!


@ rodwreck. i agree with both ur statements


YUM, i love r34 GTRs. Mines, Z-tune!


wheres the Gold Top Secret R34


If I could make this blog my Wallpaper I would!

All the greatest GTR's, it is amazing!

Love it SH!


Besides the rest, the Final Motion R34, covered in carbon-kevlar is a first I have seen.

Looks kinda good!


the R34 GTR has to be one of the best looking cars to come out of Japan, ever.