Event>> Streetpower Zandvoort Part 2

Let's start with part two of my coverage of the Streetpower event at Zandvoort. I couldn't resist starting with the Bonder E36 by DBM Engineering. It certainly is one of the most extreme BMW's I have seen in a while. It even managed to set the second fastest time of the day with 1:50.063.

Here's another car built and maintained by the guys from Jeroentje.nl. This time a R33 GTS-T with a RB25 engine that has been rated around 325bhp. 

It seems like fluorescent colors were hot during this event. This Golf MK1 featured a fluorescent orange/red paintjob, it was even brighter than the CPR EVO VI I showed you in part 1.

It was hard to identify this turbocharged engine with all of its custom parts. So maybe some of you guys can help me? I liked the gold foil details that surrounded the turbo.


Walking around the paddock and adjacent parking lot I found this hidden gem. The Nissan Silvia S15 in Spec R form. These cars never made it to Europe unfortunately so It's cool to see more people import these gorgeous machines.

I've searched through my HyperREV books but couldn't find this particular frontbumper. It leaves plenty of room for the bigger intercooler.

This one is for you Mike. The Honda Accord Tourer. This car looked great with its factory option wheels and nice drop. Is this version even available in the US?

A typical Honda Del Sol in true Spo-Com style. Can I call it that? A few years ago this was all the rage on the Dutch car shows.

The only real R34 GT-R I could find. This one had a very special engine made by Mine's.

The signature purple finish on the cylinder head and the intake plenum should be enough for the Skyline enthusiast to know what's going on.

One of the few good looking Golf's I saw, running on a set of chromed Ronals.  

A familiar face on many tuning shows in the Benelux was this FC RX7. I'm not too keen on the choice of wheels but the engine bay makes up for that.

The 13b has been completely rebuild and extra attention has been given to the cooling system. You can see a full spec list on the RX7Club forum.

This one is for Alex, didn't get anymore details but they look like Brembo 4 pots.

When I was walking on the second floor above the pit boxes I spotted this Civic in the distance sitting all alone in the paddock.

Last but not least this gorgeous S15 built by JB-Tuning. That's it for this event, although I have some spotlights for you guys coming up in the coming days.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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wow! the event looked awesome. the closing s15 is so sexy on emotions


later that day there was another Bayside Blue R34 GT-R in the paddock, a v-spec one ;) @ the Skylineclub erea.


Great coverage! Cars look better than ever.....the scene in europe is definately changing.....for the better...


Is that orange golf wearing a berg cup kit? and sadly, no we dont have that lovely accord wagon in the US...CURSE YOU HONDA!!


That E36 is kickin' rad.


The accord crosstour is available in the US. Go to your local Honda dealership and test drive it. I did.




Jeroen, the S15 is running a ChargeSpeed body kit, I think the second release? Either that, or their actual body kit for the S15, not the S15 face we all see from ChargeSpeed. Here.



@FRENCH Those aren't emotions, those are some crappy rotas


I saw that GT-R from Totalcarconcepts for sale on PistonHeads:


Pretty insane specs.


Engine in the golf looks like a rather hot VAG1.8t.


Looks like a 1.8T in the orange mk1 Rabbit/Golf. Little bit of scrub radius on that thing....


the golf motor is a mk5 2.0 t motor, you can tell from the plastic intake manifold and bottom mount throttle body, verry cool. not an easy swap while keeping the dfi


Thanks a bunch Jeroen. They are indeed GT Brembo monoblock brakes. Uber expensive (without taking into consideration the single mono-nut wheels and hub assembly). Great S2K.

Thanks again !



As Mark stated, those are not Work Emotion, those are Rota something....


that black FC is awesome. The wheels are perfect mang...


The R34 GTR, 2 x S15 and FC looks great!


that Spec R is hot. I'm liking the wheels on the FC as well.


yeah the rabbit's motor is definitely *not* a 1.8T as Brew suggested, the valve cover is all wrong (i have a 1.8T myself), i would have guessed 2.0T or TSI motor, and doyle is probably right about it being a 2.0T


great stuff Jeroen! you should be out taking pics more often!


The Honda Accord Tourer is not the Honda Crosstour seen in the US. The accord tourer will share its chassis (uni-body) with the new Acura TSX Wagon, soon to be released.


Nice pictures!


I saw a Spec R Silvia S15 for sale somewhere near Rome when I was in Italy a few years back. Wasn't something I expected to see there.


I almost bought that black FC when it was still stock a few years back. I'm sure it wouldn't look half as good as it does now if I did.


As others have said, the VW motor looks like a 2.0 TFSI.


As others have said, the VW motor looks like a 2.0 TFSI.


I was there too last sunday, it was great!

For anyone who wants a bit more pics of the cars, mail me because I also made some pics, for example: the blue GTR vspec, the black FC and the silver s15.

Also great coverage!


This black Golf I is not on Ronal wheels, but on Schimidt TH line. They look great in VW's.