Event>> Streetpower Zandvoort Part 1

Here's some coverage from my first event of the year -the season opener in Holland. Streetpower by Automaxx is an event with a mix of activities at Zandvoort. It ranges from Gymkhana to Time Attack  and off course show and shine on the paddock. I spent most of the day shooting the Time Attack cars and I was surprised to see how serious some of these machines have become over the years.

Holland has made some enormous steps forward regarding car tuning. I didn't expect to see a R35 GT-R especially not one that was competing for top honors. So my heart skipped a beat when I heard the car being fired up for its first hot lap. I love these cars so much!

A shot from the paddock revealed a familiar face, remember this random snap? The owner of the car belongs to a group of friends that run the ‘I love my EK' forum.

There was a great diversity in cars competing. From old school BMW's to Skylines and everything in between.

Now some more serious metal -I would like to call this photo ‘the battle of the wings'. I'm going to write a separate post about the DBM Engineering BMW in the background. It's quite the special machine.

There is always a fine line between a true race car and a Time Attack car. I'm just not sure where that lines starts or ends!

This S2000 Endurance Cupcar driven by Michael Verhagen featured some
trick parts. A 275bhp NA engine with individual throttle bodies sounds like music to my ears.

These one lug rims looked great and I'm sure they are very light. The wheels are made by the German manufacturer ATS and are called DTC racing wheels. Behind them we see a 4 pot Brembo caliper and vented rotor. 

This older generation Ford Focus RS featured a bigger intercooler, bigger turbos well pretty much bigger everything. At one point I even saw The Stig driving this car.

This EVO VI built by CPR came all the way from the UK to compete in this Dutch version of the Time Attack series. It caught some serious attention thanks to its fluorescent yellow color. I also spotted something on the side mirror.

Speedhunters represent!

The engine is pushing out 700bhp and I was surprised by the way it looked. Most of the engine bays in Time Attack machines are full of wires, tubes and other stuff but this bay was particularly clean.

The Japanese cars dominated the event but I did found some hidden gems like this Golf with some Porsche inspiration.

My first Honda also featured this buddyclub bodykit, so this version brought back some memories.

This Rx7 is a familiar face in the Dutch tuning scene. It has been built by Jeroentje.nl and features a completely rebuild 13b engine and an exterior to match its intentions.

Again a very clean engine bay with a 510bhp strong rotary engine thanks to the Garrett GT3582r turbo. The massive intercooler has been placed in a typical v-mount setupy-ou can barely see the radiator beneath it.

This particular interior has been treated with carbon parts and a ETB digital dash. Love it!

This widebody 350Z had Tim Coronel behind the wheel… He's the twin brother of the famous Tom Coronel who drives a Seat Leon TDI in the WTCC.

The Scirocco is still a car I don't see very often… not sure why because it looks great. It can look even better with some selected parts from Oettinger.

More coverage coming up in part 2.

-Jeroen Willemsen

StreetPower Time Attack



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I was there too with my car, was a good show, bit cold though! Still prefer JAF or more the Assen track, seems to be more spacious (the paddock) and better organised there, plus less strict sound regulations! Had a great time nonetheless, seen some awesome cars and like you said there were some pretty impressive cars running in the Time Attack (especially for Dutch standards).


Mmmm Scirocco...


Jeroen, great post !!!!

Do you have any more info's on the green S2000? More pics of the rear brakes maybe? (they seems to be GT Brembo 4 pots)...but not sure. Thanks for sharing this.


No Spykers? lol but in the 2nd pic, whats that car with the green rims?


Nice post mate. Is there any way that you could do a post about the neon Evo? I've heard some crazy things about that car. I'm looking forward to the DBM BMW post as well, that car looks amazing!


Jeroen Willemsen!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Wat krijgen we nou joh!!! HAHA

Cheers mate, nice post, like the pictures!!!


He RacerrRex,

It's a Toyota Chaser MK2.

The owner is a photographer for this website: http://www.mondecreativestudios.nl/rpm/projects/


damn that GC8 is sexy!


blijft een lelijk ding die scirocco

kan er niet aan wennen


haha crazy E36, the black one with the green rims, that one has an RB26, something thats making it realy insane!


lol i was there 2...

it was freaking cold :( and i was disapointed that there wasn't a dyno!

i heard they arrived later on the day but 2 o clock i was so cold i left!


Several cars, including the Jeroentje RX-7 and the DBM RB26 BMW, were running on E85 Bio Ethanol. That stuff smells great!

And thanks again for the Speedhunters decals!



Its not a Chaser but a JZX90 Mark II.


Someone who was at the event just left a comment on my post on the DBM Engineering BMW E36 saying that the engine went up in flames.



Cool, hopefully well get some track shots...

There is so much knockoff on that Civic it hurts.


Pretty cool photo's

But the digidash in the jeroentje.nl RX7 isn't a ETB... its from Race technology.


The digidash in the Rx7 (jeroentje.nl) is a digidash from race technology, not from ETB.


Good to see some Speedhunter coverage.

Also great to see that you guys name the ilovemyek site !

Some serious guys over there ^^

Cheers !


Jonsibal --> Engine didn't go up in flames!

Long story short; fuel leak + hot engine = fire. Most damage was cosmetical.

I'f you want the full details go to http://www.dbmengineering.nl (english and dutch)


No on track coverage??? Oo man


No pics of the black jzx 90 mark II on green rims in the same pic as the EK?! it looks lovely from that distance


More of the e30 m3!


that honda is rolling on rotas T.T

i just saw a friend ruin his front left brake because he snapped a rota and ground it into the pavment for a goot 30+ feet >>


More of that Caddy in the next post? I presume it's been modified by Oettinger too?


love the 'rocco & golf for obvious reasons.. even the Focus looks well worked.. nice pics too


RHD door card in a LHD RX-7? Odd...Clean engine bay though!


how do you mean door card?

The RX-7 was originally a RHD but the owner transformed it into a LHD.


Nice footage mate!

I think I ll represent Germany at the JAF, watch out for the Aristo running german plates ;)



More of the golf please :)


Good cover man!.. to bad i wasn't able to visit Zandvoort. to busy with school :(


Hey guys,

Thanks for the link to our website. We really appreciate it. Looking good.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for ILMEK because we will hit wayyy harder in the rest of this year.


Tim / Zero9



For some more photo's for example the JZX Mark II mail me (website link)