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Now for the rest of my coverage from the Formula Drift Tech Day held over the weekend at UTI in Rancho Cucamonga. Above you can see what might be the most hyped up car of the 2010 season – Michael Essa's new BMW 335i.

As you can see, the BMW was quite a draw among both the fans and the UTI students and staff.

Not only does the M5 V10 swap not only gives the 3-series more than enough power, it will surely make it one of the coolest sounding cars on the grid at Long Beach.

A look inside the cockpit also hints at the amount of work that's been put into this build.

From the looks of it, this will be the first BMW to be a serious contender in American pro drifting, and a welcome addition to the already diverse FD car roster. Like most new cars, it'll probably take some time to get it dialed in, but Essa already proved what he's capable of as a driver last year. I expect big things from this car.

From high tech European cars to the cult favorite of the drift community. AE86 fans will also have a lot to look forward to this season.

Fan favorite Taka Aono is being supported by Nexen and Megan Racing for 2010, with his re-done AE86 wearing new aero and new purple flake paint. Looks pretty sweet, no?

John Rusakoff will also be repping in Long Beach with his S2000-powered Corolla.

One more AE86 to look out for, this one driven by former pro am competitor Keith Wong.

And people say Formula D cars don't look cool? Pffff.

Also spotted the Falken S15 undergoing its tech inspection, the car will be driven by Irishman James Deane at Long Beach.

The Bergenholtz/Full Tilt RX8 broke eardrums as Joon Maeng pulled into the garage for the Nitto Tires presentation.

Matt Powers is another driver who will be burning up Nitto tires this year. Check out the stylish luggage in his passenger seat…

The word is Ryuji Miki will be driving a new Lexus SC430 this year, but for now it appears he'll be in the RX7 for a bit longer. Not a problem, as this car was one of our favorites in 2009.

All in all, the Formula D Tech Day at UTI was a fine way to build excitement for the upcoming season.

I'll be back soon with a full preview of what to expect as we gear up for the streets of Long Beach and the start of Formula Drift 2010.

-Mike Garrett



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What's Gus Hansen this year?


oh how the times changes.

when i went to UTI in AZ in 00-01 i was one of the first to show these teachers imports were worth a damn.me and the hawaiian kids were the only ones who knew.boy the theachers would look at us stupid when reading Option 2 and VIP magazine.it was an Australian serious 4's and rotarys video that got mr speakermans attention,specifically a mazda cosmo with a t78 20b.seems like a 180 was pulled after that day

you can all thank me;)

or not as UTI is a huge joke.LOL


That BMW looks really good.


Hope that BMW doesn't go face first into any walls. That motor ain't exactly a JZ or small block.


Hey it seems like a lot of cars were not present as their seem to ne pictires of the aame cars everywhere at the tech day...any word on tje Hankook GTT?


why no love on jeff jones new rx7?? just wondering?


Anyone know what colour the Falken tires is (blue) ?


Anyone who says that Formula D cars don't look stylish should see what us Europeans think is a good looking drift car... 90% of them are PIG ugly. OK, there are exceptions to that rule (like Lennard Wanders' RBS14), but most of the European cars will never look anywhere near as cool as, say, the Rossta S15 or the Bergenholtz RX-8. Thank God the American drifters have great taste!


mike essas car (from the outside) looks like they took a bmw and put stickers and wheels on it... the bergenholtz rx8 (again, from the outside) looks like they took an rx8 and put stickers and wheels on it... these cars would look 100x better with some aero



Jeff Jones got into a car accident on his way to the UTI Tech Day. Someone T-Boned his truck coming out of a gas station. He was unhurt but because of the accident he did not show up to the tech day until it was pretty much over.

Besides that his car was still pretty much down to the freshly painted bare frame. I think the motor was in it but I'm not sure. So really you didn't miss much if you follow his blog or his thread on drifting.com his car looks the same as it did in the latest pics.


it is all about taste but its a brave statement to say europeans dont know what a good looking drift car is, il give ye the Rossta s15 is amazing but bergeholts rx 8... only thing good abt it ,is the engine, just in the wrong body.. loads a good looking cars in europe but id be here all nte lol


wow really didnt know that he didnt post that up on his thread, and i havent talked to him since i went to rms to get my car dyno'd, the reason why i ask is i figured u guys what post pics on here of his current progress with he's new car for those that havent seen his thread on rx7club.com



thoroughly disappointed in the appearance of Mr. Powers's's S14, as well as the presence of stickers on it. barf.


Good looking:

Boso s15

All Ae86s

Powers s14?

Miki FD


All the others! haha


Cannot wait to hear Maeng's RX8 @ evergreen!


love that BMW conversion.. we are in awe of that beast.. AE86's looking very cool - great coverage..


where is luke pakula's AE86???


Will there be a east coast UTI D-day? No ASD cars were there is why i asked.............


I'm assuming the cars that weren't there will be tech'd at Long Beach.


BONJOVI - i was there ... i just dont think SpeedHunters are a fan of my SR86 :)


Rusakoff and Powers FTMFW !!!!! San Diego Reppin it !!

Congrats matt on the Nitto deal !!