Driver Blog: Darren Mcnamara>> 2010 Falken Tire Saturn Sky

Hello Speedhunters!! Darren McNamara here, I'm delighted to write my first official blog post. Ive been following Speedhunters for a long time and it's a privilege to be able to blog my various speed related adventures here. To start off I'd like to introduce the 2010 Falken Tire Saturn Sky in its all new livery. 2009 was a year of ups and downs for myself and the team but overall we made great progress with the Sky platform and we are heading into 2010 extremely confident of what we've got. So here it is!

It's great to be back in blue and teal again, there is something very special about it that I can't put my finger on. It's like you know it doesn't get any better than this!!!

The Chevy based Sprint Car V8 now produces 800bhp and 720ft.lbs of torque, a nice improvement on last year and the amazing new Azenis RT615K has given us a lot more grip. The guys at ASD have been busy improving other aspects of the car in the off-season as well as fitting a new frame rail. (sorry guys my fault!)

Here's the official hero shot. I couldn't be any happier entering the 2010 season. I think you all will agree that the car is amazing in both spec and looks and believe me it looks way better in person – so get to Long Beach for Round 1 of Formula Drift!



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Its one awesome car and you are one of my favorites drivers but a i miss the old AE86 greetings


Looks good Darren! Hope to see you kick ass in NJ again this year.


did this car have a turbo 4 last year or was it V8 powered then too?


Had the V8 last year too. Car looks sick.


Wow, that is an interesting wing......anything to attract the crowd.


Wow, that is an interesting wing......anything to attract the crowd.


Oooh, I am very upset that Darren will go for a drive now in standard colours!


car is looking really good man



I like the one they built for Ben Schwartz waaaaaaay better. That chit is ugly!


thanks for the comments guys, this year is gonna be great!!


nascar engine?


getting kind of tired of seeing V8's in every pro drift car getting grassroots is more interesting now than pros at least we got style


More horsepower?


Sprint car engine danny. Any one have any info on what size tires this thing runs?


So, any shots of the engine? PS, I grew up like an hour from you Darren, went to school in Clonakilty, Co Cork.


You see more V8's because it is by far the best engine to you so more and more people are realising that

we are running 245/40/18 Azenis RT615K on the front

and 275/40/18 Azenis RT615K on the rear

No official shots of the engine but if you google it i'm sure you'll vome up with something, nice to meet a fellow Cork man:-)