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I think I've just turned rather green after reading Jonathan Moore's post about his visit to McLaren today… but I suppose I shouldn't get that jealous as I did get to visit them a few weeks ago myself. At the time I wasn't allowed to take any photos (which made me crazy!), but today, Jonathan was allowed to snap away to his heart's content; so we get to share in his moment of glory together!…. or is that a moment of jealousy together?

Jonathan got to spend some time hanging out with his new "friends" Jenson, Lewis and Ron but I today got to spent couple hours today driving the MP4-12C…. Ha!

Ok so it was in Need for Speed SHIFT…. never mind that… :>

McLaren also sent me some desktop resolution photos of the new car so I've just formatted them and uploaded to the desktop area.

They include the above shots as well as this photograph showing Jensen and Lewis in their recent test session at Goodwood… Enjoy the photographs of this new legend-in-the-making.



New Exotic Race Series addon for Need for Speed SHIFT featuring the McLaren MP4-12C



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Button's name is Jenson, not Jensen for crying out loud!

As for the car, it's probably one of the best out there, but it doesn't stir my soul like some offerings from Italy do. It's too technical, in a way... Or maybe I'm just being picky, dunno.


Anyone know why it's called the MP4-12C? C probably refers to coupe... but does the nomenclature relate to the MP4/12 F1 car from 1997? Or is it just using the "MP4" like all of the current F1 cars, with the "-12" referring to something else? (obviously not the engine, since it's a V8...)


good from the front, looks bad from other angles especially with them halfords wheels! sure it shifts though


MP4 originally stood for Marlboro Project4 when Marlboro brought in Ron Dennis and his Project 4 organisation into the McLaren company in 1980. The early chassis plates had Marlboro on them LOL! The MP4/1 in the top photo was the first all carbon fibre chassis F1 car.


Come contract renewal time at the end of 96, McLaren decided to replace them with West and any reference to Marlboro was quietly dropped.


12 relates to their performance index. Piece of BS if you ask me as there was already a MP4-12, but there you go


C relates to Carbon as in tub.