Car Spotlight>> Rwb Bordeaux Porsche

I’m always looking for an excuse to post any car that’s undergone the RWB treatment. So when I saw photos of this Bordeaux flat painted 993, knew you guys would love want to see it. Its a totally new car that Nakai San built for one of his customers.

Like almost of Rauh Welt built cars it rolls on SSR SP1’s but instead of a custom gold finish the owner wanted a color that would suit the purple car. The wheels are wrapped in extra sticky Potenza RE555 tires, I bet it’s a real challenge to drive on the snow with these semi slicks!

Don’t you just love the purple detailing on the AP Racing calipers?

The car isn’t as wide as the Natty Dread but it still has more than enough presence. The Promodet sticker on the spoiler hints at the power that drives the rearwheels.

The placement of the exhaust is pretty cool… never seen this done before. I wonder how loud this machine would sound on Tsukuba, especially with the 3.6 liter flat-6 that powers this car. The air cooled engine is running a higher spec thanks to Promodet so it can use all the air it can get through the extra holes cut into the rear bumper and engine cover.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Spotted on Driftworks

Rauh Welt features on Speedhunters.



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wow <3 it


Awesome. The 993 is the last great Porsche.


How do you get that finish on a set of wheels? What kind of paint is it?


Cars like this make this website such a pleasure to look at! Great find!


Good God Man!


I have yet to see a RWB Porsche I would not have in my dream garage! Love it! Just a shame the kits are so bloody expensive! There not as good (but still awesome) but the closest I'll get to something like this is a Sunburst 911 kit.

Wallpapers please!!!!!


man I love this porsche


I live in Bordeaux ^^.I I like this Porsche.


The placement of the exhaust can be explained with the big turbocharger sitting here a la porsche 935, looks so <3


Another brilliant creation comming from RWB.


Those Japanese people really know how to perfectly tune their Porsches.


That stupid wing ruins it for me.


This car is just pig ugly.


(The wheels) it a bronze, Anodize, much like the classic te37 colour etc, or least a power coat, to match it ?


(The wheels) it a bronze, Anodize, much like the classic te37 colour etc, or least a powder coat, to match it ?


Rauh Welt builds are PURE win!! You guys be sure to check out the feature on the man behind these master pieces Nakai San.


i could do without the wing. nice paint


@ian: until you punched a Porsche shaped hole in the scenery - backwards.

can Rauh Welt do no wrong?


love it!

Every part of it I LOVE!!!!!!!


Last pic, lmfao the sticker is on backwards!


That is such a tight fit at the front caliper and rotor!

As much as Porsche is a rival (Nemesis) to my enthusiasm to Nissan, I really like these Porsche's.

Nakai San keeping the Flat Colour Scheme REAL!


Even though it is not quite as wide as Natty Dread, it has formed body panels instead of riveted extensions, which in my opinion make it look nicer.


Best looking thing on speedhunters in a while!


Soooooooo sexy. Rauh-Welt = FTW


mmmm meaty!! i love those wheels outback.. the car looks like a powerhouse of speed! - nice one!!


Rob ...I think least via the look of them, the wheels are anodised, like allot of light weight Japanese wheels are, for example TE37s default bronze and the like (te37...I have some front ones myself in bronze).

It’s that, or they have had a trick powder coat, to replicate that kind of look.


Whos tedomorP?