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When Audi released the second generation TT a few years ago, the car's styling won over many who weren't sold on the first generation car.

With just a drop and a set of wheels, the new TT could be transformed into something special, and that's just what Christophe Waterplas of Belgium has done with his '07 TT 2.0 turbo.

After starting off with a heavily modified Citroen Saxo, Christorphe picked up his new Audi after falling in love with the car's shape.

He may have been a sucker for the TT's looks, but he knew it was in need of a serious lowering job. Days after delivery he was already tweaking the car, experimenting with different wheel and suspension setups.

Eventually he settled on an RRAS air ride kit and a set of timeless BBS LM's sized 18×9.5 on each corner with 215/40/18 Dunlop tires. As you can see, it's an awesome looking combo for the Phantom Black TT.

Since it's a street car, Christorphe didn't go too crazy with the performance mods. They include a blow off valve and an exhaust system from Skytune.

Nicely integrated air ride controls in the Luxor Beige leather interior.

Not surprisingly Christophe dreams of owning an Audi R8 someday…

…but for now he seems to be content driving his sexed up TT every day.

I just wonder if by chance he did get ahold of an R8, would it be "too high" for him?

-Mike Garrett

Photos by Kevin Raekelboom



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So classy...always wanted to see one of these done right!


Always been a fan of the TT. I love the simple mods made to this one keeping it factory clean looking.


It's just beautiful. Doesn't need anything more.


I'm so in love with those LM's

Nice looking TT btw.


I really love the way this car looks maybe its the proper lowering with the right set of rims great looking whip


Right choice of wheels makes everything better!


oooh i would love to see some desktops of this beauty.


Please wallpaper the powers that be.


Air ride=lame


@Nick: I think I have to agree. Would be so much cooler to see this car with this stance on coilovers.


car looks clean.. LM's look right even on earlty TT's. i detailed a white TT RS last weekend (you the ones with the silly rear spoiler & price tag) and it didn't looks as 'cleaned' as this example.. to air ride or not to air ride? that is a recurring question - air ride gives the drop/stance that most people want - the purists don't like it.. i think it can looks good when it installed correctly.. case in point.. i must state i'm a kind of 'wound-down coilover' type of man at heart!!


its still a hair derssers car


I'm so in love with those LM's

Nice looking TT btw.


@ datto-nut: Yes you've got a point there, but this one looks much less feminine than what would typically be described as a hair dresser's car.

Not going too crazy on the mods because it's street car is totally nonesense. There are many high-powered street cars around which are still easily driven on the street. Besides that, blow of valves (it's a TT) on this cars are out of place. But the exhaust looks stylish enough.


I bet he would install an airride system on the R8 too.

It's a bit too low for my taste.


Nice car but I can't help it... Airride is nothing for a sports car. A proper set of Bilstein PSS10 would do far better


It won't have a blow-off valve, it will be a diverter valve. No-one fits BOVs to VAG cars as they all run MAF meters rather than MAP sensors and it wrecks the fuel-air ratio when the valve is open. Probably a Forge DV instead.


Freekin sexy dude...Love it :D


Great Audi


one word: class


The new TT looks great. This one is really clean and classy!


ok, thats TWO photos of car owners chillin on they're cars this year. What gives, SpeedHunters?

ps. sweet ride. always had a soft spot for TT's


nice auid u got n here


While I was busy shooting at the Automaxx Streetpower event in Holland another event was happening in