Car Spotlight>> Loaded E39

The 5 series E39 is a pretty common car and it can seem a bit dull in its standard form. But with a few carefully selected parts you can really make this car stand out. This particular car belongs to Pavel, who has owned the car for almost a year and has already driven it 70,000 miles. The car sits about 5" from the ground thanks to custom coilovers, so I'm pretty sure it loves to eat roadside reflectors for breakfast.

We have seen multiple examples in which the wheels can make or break a car. I'll let you be the judge on these wheels, but I think that you will agree with me in saying that this set fits like a glove.

They are made by CCW and come in size 18×10 and 18×11.5. It seems that these wheels are very popular on many different cars — I have seen them on EVOs and Volkswagens.

The front bumper has been modified and the car has Euro headlights and taillights. A car like this doesn't need much more — a drop and a nice set of wheels is more than enough.

It is an art form to get the wheels sitting perfectly. Getting it right requires a lot of trial and error but in the end it is all worth it.

Would these wheels rub when making a sharp turn? I'm not too sure – but I do know that this a very clean example of an E39 5 series.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I could live happy if I had a car that looked like this.


Pavel claims that it wont rub when making sharp turns, rides perfect, and handles better than stock.



Nice car, but i am on the fence about the wheels :/


Wheels are played out, it seems like everyone are getting ccw meshes. Not original at all


Seems like has a lot less than 5" of ground clearance, ha.

5 cm? maybe.


I believe it!

If he's got custom coil-overs then they're probably really stiff coils


Dropped and rimmed? NEXT!

For a streeter on SH it's too low to be taken seriously, looks otherwise stock performance wise from the pics.

I bet it rubs like crazy too.

Nice car and all, but maybe not for this blog.


??????? ????? ??? ? ????? :)


Love the E39, reminds me of a JZX100 chaser..... But not that good looking like the chaser.


niceee to see CIB getting some love


i think it is with "air force" .. lol


this 5 series is spotless


No no no no no. You were so such a roll. Every single piece on the front page was new and fresh, then you do a car spotlight on a bmw lowered on some rims. No disrespect to the owner but I think a random snap would have sufficed. I think it is too standard to warrant a whole article on here.


Some people can dis-approve this car all they want. My guess is that they can't tell what this car is about. I for one am a sucker for BMWs. I have to admit that from the drivability standpoint..... Not the best choice in mods, but style-wise this one takes top ratings in my book! Original or not, it has loads of style and presence.


Now I love E39s, might be getting one myself soon, and this example is very clean, but not sure as others have mentioned with is worth more than a random shot. CCWs are nothing new in the BMW world and while I give the owner props for using coils, not bags, it still doesn't have that something special that makes it stand out, like this E24 does: or still going with E39s: &


5inches wont eat road reflectors. Thats 4x4 height.


boring. sick of this. next fad please.


nice fitment, looks so clean and so gorgeous! probably a pain to drive though, haha


Yeah im kinda getting bored with this whole hellaflush scene. It used to be dope till the honda fags got in on it. Other than that this E39 is alright


If you're sick of it find something that looks better and move on to that.

Good luck.



Love E39's... But so so very sick of the 'wheels + impractically low' formula. Its been done to death.


thanks for the comments , good and bad but the car is actually half in inch off the ground =]


@ Pavel. How is the ride?


Simple, clean I love it.


haters gon' hate....


Way too low, and me personally missses a M-Technik front bumper. Otherwise quite nice car, but nothing too outstanding.



Daddy's car!



europe low-down ^_^


Another speedhunters article in which there's not a word about the engine. Come on guys, flashy rims don't power cars! This BMW looks great, but we're curious whether it has the power to match it's looks!


esta muy freco felicidades tio !!


Is the rocker panel on the right hand side crushed?


not a word about the engine because its a stock 2.8 liter 6 cylinder. slow as fawk, yet Pavel drives like a complete idiot, weaving in and out of traffic cutting people off. I'm not impressed with this car at ALL. I own an e39 540 and could walk all over this guy, anywhere, anytime.


please put the first and the last pic in desktop for wallpaper


haters go home ! this bmw with that wheels and drop looks PERFECT !!! 5/5 respect for owner


I think everyone is forgetting that even know the name of the site is SpeedHunters, it isn't strictly a race oriented blog. It's an automotive blog, which I would figure is very obvious by now. If you are so touchy that a small article about a BMW gets you all worked up, don't look at it, look one article up or down for something about a racing series or car.

On top of this, even know it's expected that the featured cars on a site like this should be very impressive, not EVERY one is going to be *perfect*, especially since that is completely subjective. If you see a car you don't like, just wait a day for one you do, and realize that someone else (quite a few someone else's) is going to enjoy looking at the car. The blog is for everyone, not just on person with one set of tastes.


the dude said he was going to raise it after the shoot. idk, but thats pretty poser-ish. might as well be on bags. dd like that then you get props.


More pictures from the shoot are here, including two of mine from the article:



Car is slow, low and looks bad. you got it right kids.

@ longtiemereader:

I honestly have no idea who you are, but if you HEARD me say that, then why didn't you say anything to me in person? E-thug...

Have about 3k miles on this set up.


So since you aren't the ones driving it everyday, who cares if you think it's impractically low. You don't have to deal with it. Lol @ all the crying "ZOMG, there's no turbo kitz on it! Teh lamez!!1!!! This is SPeedHunterZ GTFO"

You guys all sound like a bunch of toddlers. You should be ashamed to call yourselves enthusiasts.

Pavel, dope car, keep pissing people off with what you do man!


love the car.. the alloys suit it think.. over here (in the UK) they are becoming quite affordable to buy now and most of them have a decent spec. - this example is very clean, sitting sweet and looking the part - would have loved to see the engine bay, just to see if he did anything special under there.. not that you have to with these, even in standard form with a decent engine size, you've got yourself 'more than' a nice car.. compliments to the driver/owner 10/10


here is Pavels new feature

and to all the haters ... He drives that car hard. and it is .5 inches off the ground.. turtles on the freeway get eaten ...

Much respect since he was banned off the bmw boards. .. posted one picture and had 17 pages on that picture and it was sitting higher... and he has amazing shots of the car now.

me and all the friends seem to get alot of hate ... LOL

as I say "DO WERK SON" ahahah



looks hot! the rims suit it very well...


That is by far the cleanest E39 I have seen.

Love it.


sik car... beemer benz or bentley this is isikkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ajja


Nice job Pavel. You guys should see it in person. It's lovely. We're doing a shoot ASAP. In need this in my gallery.



Nice car man! Ignore all the trolls on here. Most of them will never have a car on Speedhunters, because people who are happily building things don't sit around and hate on others.



Wow. The fitment on this car is tight. It's always a pleasure to see cars of this caliber. On that note, how about another round of BMW month, please!


very nice, i've too. it too hard to repeare


its funny that the people who cant afford CCW's are the first ones to call them played out