Car Spotlight>> Aretees Charger

I'm sure a lot of you guys remember this random snap I posted about this flushed out Charger. At that time it was still a work in progress. In the comments, a hot debate started regarding the wheels and about the fact it was a domestic ride… at least for our American readers. In the meantime, I've continued to follow the build thread and just saw these pictures being posted of the finished product.

I'm still amazed at the amount of presence this car has. It just looks like something from a comic book with its outrageous lines.

I found it funny that some of the commenter's on the random snap post complained about the fact it wasn't looking clean. This time, Artee, the owner of the car washed it for this photo opportunity. Another thing Artee did was lower the car some more with BC coils. He also used spacers to get the wheels sitting just right.

Wheels are still the same Viper Reproductions 22sx10 all around with +22 and they are wrapped with 256/30/22 Yokohama tires. The Brembo brakes are standard on the SRT version so there is no need to replace them.

Just picture this car rolling up alongside you. Love these rolling shots of cars with a healthy drop and awesome wheels.

You would almost forget that this car has 450bhp, more than enough to smoke those rear tires. For more images check out handsomegarage on Flickr.

-Jeroen Willemsen 



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Despite how uncool this car is sometimes portrayed or even tuned and styled, this one in particular is very nicely done up. Hella Chicago Style Deep dish rims FTW


Nice! The current Charger is a car i like-but-dont-like....But seeing one like this makes me like em now!

So much presence!...*drool*


Haha I love it. However that might be because I'm from the UK and I've never seen - and probably never will - one of these cars on the road. I suppose people are put off importing US cars because of the lack of interior build quality - sorry it has to be said - and it's just easier to buy a beemer or whatever. Only hardcore US car fans will get one of these to the UK but they'll definitely stand out from the crowd and have one of the coolest 4-door cars around!


Oh man, I LOVE OEM+ style tuning. This car just looks right, and I'm not even a fan of the Charger.


I dont see what all the hates for?

Its a nice looking Charger. Im sure most of the haters are just JDM fanboys


This is a huge standout from the rest of the dunk and dub chargers out there. I would totally daily this beast. Great job on making a domestic look good.


Those are Dodge Ram SRT-10 wheels, not viper reps.

They look damn perfect on this car though. I wouldnt change a thing about it.


YES. do want.


sexiest current gen Charger i've ever seen


22" is too much for my taste but its not my car lol

i would love to see 20" TE37s on this car


amazing!!! doooooooooooo want!!!! A+ stuff.


That is perfection on wheels.


This is the first late model Charger I dig...

Lot better than most the scrapers around here.


Hey, thank you guys again for a feature. These are indeed called "Viper Reproductions" but they do look more like SRT10 Ram ones I admit. Thanks again, and don't forget that I am still working on my stance, it should be done this spring. =]


Mum, I'm veeeery scared :(

Modern muscle car owners, please, take notes ;)


modern muscle to be sure


someone hast do photoshop those wheels under a r35 GTR bet it look perfect


wish we got these chargers in Aus =(


Aww this car is gorgous!!!!!!one of the few American V8's I like..

KILLER 4Dr!!!!


Oh yea pretty cool to see a current Gen Charger that isn't all DUB'd out!!!!!!like the rest of them out


love how it looks with the wheels


Given the choice between the Charger and a lot of the other new 'muscle cars' I would take the others, but this is a very fine example of the breed. Very mean, and it's one of the few cars that can pull off wheels that big without looking stupid.


i cant believe im saying this but that thing actually looks cool *coughs up a lung*


I usually hate these cars, but this one is done up right! looks bad ass!


I said it when it was a random snap and I'll say it again: nice cop car, bad civilian car. I couldn't roll looking like a cop...


Wallpaper of the last Pic plz?!


you had your chance...


Looking good Artee! Way to represent!


Simply stated this car is awesome!


i think its 265 tires not 256 right?


stance looks great!


Nice, I like it, but I'd still rather roll down the street in an R34 GTR sitting on 18x8 & 18x10 Work Meister S1's with 450hp @ all four wheels :)


so where's my comment?


This is a badazz car one of the cleanest SRT's I've seen!!

Don't listen to them haters!!


Looks great! Viper reps look awesome on any LX platform car.

For everyone who wants to dispute about what wheels they are, All Rams have a 5x5.5" bolt pattern. 300s, Chargers, Magnums, and Challengers have a 5x115mm bolt pattern. Vipers are 6 lugs.


it would be great if there were just a few more lx platforms this clean looking. just so gangster. sick shots too.


To RacerrRex. My main reason i hate chargers is because of the title not the car. Chargers use to be an amazing two door muscle car. Now its a family car with some muscle. And its not that its a four door car. Chasers are amazing but they didnt start out as a two door legend, I do like this car but its whats done to it and the time and effort.


I agree with you about Dodge messing up by making this a four door. I honestly didn't buy it because of it's history though, I bought it cause it looks mean as hell, it's a huge car whch I need being 6 foot 6 and it's packing 425 hp stock. I totally understand your point though. Thanks everyone for your comments.


i want this charger on my desktop


SICK! Nuff said! Great wheel choice! More american domestic presence on this site would be tops!


I like the Charger SRT-10, but I don't see what makes this one "stand out". The wheels have okay fitment but are ugly as sin.


This car looks pretty damn cool, but it's a sad indictment of modern car design when they need 22" (!!!!!!) wheels to look in proportion...


I always had a love/hate relationship with the new Chargers. Only ones I ever tolerated were the SRT models, and this one is really nice. It's simplicity at it's best... with some power to boot. *thumbs up*


Love the stance on this...One modern charger i would drive


I remember when cars came with 13" rims. forget those days lol

This car looks magnificent. You could stand and stare at it all day if need be


right..someone needs to give this exact treatment to a an srt8 challanger, as well as a now. Badass car, one of the few clean looking new domestic models


4th pic (ridin') wallpaper?


Thank you guys, if you want wallpapers just go to HandSome Garage flickr that's linked up top and click ALL SIZES. There is some decent wallpaper sized ones.


Why cant we get these in Aus??!! Looks alot more aggressive than the new SS/HSV Commodore... Wheels are rad as, wouldnt change how it sits at all.

(links for those who havent seen a Commodore)


The SRT8 is no joke in performance, and this one looks clean. Too bad most people that buy Chargers and 300s seem to have a disdainful taste toward gaudy things. Most Chargers/300s out there that are "blinged" up are of the V6/low end variety, which are usually found in your local airport rental lot.


this car is stupid as fuck...i guess that makes me a jdm fan boy....oh well


i lke the look of it overall.. i think the stance is just about right!! its 'american muscle' still going strong generations down the line...


The wheels look exactly like the ones that used to come on my Hot Wheels toy cars...nice.




I don't care what anyone says, I love Charger SRT-8s. I'd rock that.


The standing mile is fast becoming the next to-do thing in the automotive world. Anyone with a car (or


All it needs now is an Arrington 440 stroker for 600hp on pump gas.


well, to say the least I'm disappointed in this feature. Still nothing more than a drop, wheels and simple bolt-ons according to the owner. I was hoping for more.

It is a nice car and I'm trying not to dog on it or the owner, but it's posted so criticism should be expected, What makes it really different than all the other SRT-8s on big wheels?