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I'm spending this week driving around Tokyo in a brand new Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse. I haven't had a chance to drive it much but I'm already getting used to its tiny dimensions and massive fun factor. It reminded me of the great cars that have worn the Abarth badge in the past and I had to post some pictures of this 131, my favorite of them all. 

I spotted this very rare example quite a while back at Super Autobacs, parked up like it was any regular car!  

The Bertone designed 131 Abarth Rally was a very special car, powered by a 2L twin-cam 4-cylinder developing 140 HP at 6,400 rpm. 500 examples were built in 1976 to homologate the cars that participated in the World Rally Championship, which it won in 1977, 1978 and in 1980 in the hands of a certain Walter Röhrl!

The unmistakable scorpion!

I will always feel a special connection to the 131 as my father used to run a more run of the mill 1.3L version when I was a kid. It was also the car the car I learned to drive in, and hoon around in, it was after all rear wheel drive!

They even made a Silhouette Group 5 race car which was powered by a 3.5L V6 developing 260 HP. 

Lightweight 15-inch Cromodora wheels.

Make sure you don't miss the review of the 500 Abarth esseesse!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Nothing like old school!


absolutely sick.


Wow, would rock it!!


really love the veriety you bring to speedhunters


Hey Dino,I remember you took this picture quite awhile back (GTR forum if I'm not mistaken) and never thought you will cover it here though,perfect car ! Real clean !!


This has inspired me... I will own one!


Such an epic car. That right there is a classic.


That is rad! Lovin' the design a lot.


my ex-girfriends father had a SuperMirafiori which was the same colour as this.. very rare now in all its guises.. but nice to see someone still flying the Fiat flag.. nice...


Any classic Fiat with Arbath and Bertone logo's on it is all WIN in my mind! And that one is perfect!


Great find! If only 500 were made, how many would have survived and what is the chance to find one in Japan! ;)

BTW: I have fond Sega Rally memories of the rally version of this car! :)


Actually, I think the chance of finding any rare car in Japan is quite high, compared to the rest of the world. Lots of multi-millionaires, lots of car enthusiasts. A perfectly restored 131A in a parking lot is a good example.


The ultimate LADA of doom! :D


Lada 2106 =)


what a posh 2-door Ziguli :D


MIRAFIORI! I have quite a feeling for this car to be honest. Many kids were getting fairy tales from their parens and grandparents when they were small, but I am greatful, that my grandfather was reading me engine specifications and car dimensions of this very car... Love him for that!

Quite recently I found store in Brussels City center, where two old guys are selling small electric trains. Undoubtedly one of the two is a big car fan too. He started to sell his car collection not that long ago and one day probably 8-10 of these Abarths were on the table for sale (5 euro each). Bought one for me (together with Metro group B rally car) immediately and told also one of my greek friends about it, so he bought one of them just weekend right after.

This car is a BEAUTY. Italian hachi, italian M3.




never anything that cool in the states. they just don't get it here.


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?? ????? ??? ??? 21-06 ???????!!!!

=) respect from russia=)


I drive one of these on Forza Motorsport 3 and it handles prefectly


Overfenders, hood scoop, and ducts galore...brilliant car.


I love Fiats! Hopefully at the end of the year, I will start to rebuild the engine in the old 600 R we have parked in my house. It will be mine after all, and I don't want it to be burning oil and stalling after a couple minutes! Should be a fun first car, that's for sure. :)

Nice pictures, as always.


So much l<3 for old school Fiats.


where can i get this repro kit?


lovin the looks of this car. :D


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