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I thought I’d show you guys another cool BNR34 which after the Garage Ito/ProStock time attack monster proves just how versatile the Skyline GT-R can be. As the name suggests, this is a complete Top Secret project, a car that one of my friends here in Tokyo had built with a specific set of goals in mind. It didn’t need to be the fastest R34 out there, nor the most extreme looking, it just had to be the kind of supercar that you wouldn’t think twice about using on a daily basis. Every aspect of the car had to be perfect, it had to offer comfort as well as power and do it in such a way that wouldn’t tire you or any of your passengers. The idea so, was to create the ultimate street tuned R34, and I have to say that goal was very much achieved.

The owner, Dave, is no stranger to the GT-R, having owned no less than three R34s and currently enjoying cruising the streets of Tokyo in an R35 GT-R. This project, his second done at Top Secret, was to be built and immediately shipped off to the UK where the car would serve as his ride when he visited his home a couple of times a year. It took a while for him to find the perfect GT-R to use as a base, a car that needed to have low mileage and the sporting the very limited edition Midnight Purple III color.

As soon as a suitable car was found, it was sent off to the Top Secret workshop in the outskirts of Chiba city where the transformation would begin. The exterior was the first to be addressed, with a few choice parts like the Top Secret front bumper and carbon diffuser, side protector as well a the rear carbon diffuser and vortex generators. The wing was lowered onto Do-luck supports for a drag-type look.

Dave had Rays Engineering custom spray a set of 9.5Jx19″ TE37s in “sparkle silver” and fitted along with Toyo T1-R tyres, 285/30/ZR19 all round. The car rides on height-adjustable Nismo S-tune suspension, which offers just the right balance of comfort and performance. Dave felt the suspension needed some additional work, and to inject even more precision into the set up he had Top Secret fit a full line-up of adjustable Ikeya Formula links, pretty much everything the company makes for the BNR34!

Braking, as you can see, is handled by Top Secret 6-pot calipers at the front and smaller 4-pots at the rear.

Ganador side mirrors and carbon parts from Robson Design, like the rear spoiler blade and window deflectors complete the exterior. Dave also went with the Top Secret aero hood, all painted in the stunning MP3 hue, that depending on the angle it’s viewed at reflects anywhere from deep blue to light purple.

The ride height was set a little higher than normal to allow the car to tackle UK country roads and of course the dreaded speed bums, so popular in England!

A close look at the Trust titanium exhaust.

Dave and Top Secret set the power goal at 500 HP, something that was easily achieved using an HKS Step II 2.8L stroker kit and a set of HKS’s smallest turbines for the RB26, the GT-SS. These, along with the bigger capacity, give lots of torque at lower rpm to help make this CompetizioneR a true response monster. To help things along Top Secret worked their magic on the head, porting and polishing it and fitting it with upgraded HKS camshafts.

Dave has always been a fan of the ARC aluminum air box so its no surprise he fitted it to this, his third R34! The Nismo inlet pipes in the background are almost the exact same pipes that were used on the Gr.A R32 GT-Rs, helping give a better spool up…

…while the Nismo GT plenum takes care of feeding each of the six cylinders with an equal amount of air. The Koyo radiator has been joined by a carbon fan shroud, custom made for Dave by Robson Design.

The Robson treatment continues inside with leather and alcantara upholstered stock R34 seats, front and rear, as well as tons and tons of carbon detailing…

…like on the canter console, transmission tunnel and even the ashtray area where the Field E-TS controller and HKS boost controller are housed.

Just look at that glossy carbon weave!

The door panels were trimmed in carbon leather and custom stitched to show the CompetizioneR nomenclature.

Check out those reflections, and the Rainbow Bridge in the background! I had the pleasure of sampling this car and was amazed at the instant pull that was available from as low as 2,000 rpm. I actually got the car sideways at one point, not expecting the motor to crank out so much torque mid-corner. The slack-free steering was so precise, the car feeling much more planted and responsive than a stock R34 would. The interior was a great place to be in, the leather work done by Robson making things feel very up-market. All in all Dave’s BNR34 has to be right up there with the HKS Zero-R in terms of streetability (is that even a word?), but the personal touches he threw in there would definitely make it the winner in my book! Can’t wait to see what he will do with his R35;)

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Just love it!!! Sex on wheels ... ^__^


Wow just amazing... Dino hows does a photographer afford a GTR?


sexy, just sexy


Dino, fer chrissake, do a feature on yer R34 already!


Second or last pic as Desktop please!!


I'm in love! lol Love the paint. 2 thumbs up again for another great car built by Top Secret


Such high attention to detail!

Engine and cosmetics!

This car is a dream to own.

Thank you TOP SECRET!


wow thats like hellaNOTflush but who cares!


God i love that paint.


Is it so wrong to of wanted this photoshoot in front of a Nissan building?

Midnight Purple is Sik color none the less. This is a beautiful R34


just 1 question......what the hell does dave do for a living

the dude has money to fully tune a crazy R34 that he only uses a couple of times a year.....n owns n daily drives a R35


"This project, his second done at Top Secret, was to be built and immediately shipped off to the UK where the car would serve as his ride when he visited his home a couple of times a year"

What the fuck? I wish I could afford to have beautiful R34s stationed around the globe for my personal usage...


this car has to be desktopped . . . is that even a word?


Nobody better complain about ride height or "flushness".


Its sad that that a car as beautiful is only driven a few times a year.. what a waste.



amazing work on this R34.


sick paint job, you guys should make a desktop of the first pic


this car ticks all the boxes - its just right, love the carbon fibre, under the bonnet is a work of art - 10/10 all the way - awesome!!


Has this car been featured before?if not a very similar first blue then black one?h....what ever works i guess


I'm fairly sure this is the same car, snapped a few shots last year I believe it stills live around the North West of England. Its a work of art


After the R32s and the R33s it's now time for the R34, my favorite model. Once again I wanted to


If I had a Skyline like this, I wouldn't need any other car. ever!


Sick feature, Dino!!! What was Dave's first Top Secret Skyline???? That should be featured also.

Dino, you have to feature your R34!


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