Readers Rides>>pulsars And 323’s In Canada

Hey fellow speedhunters, here is a few shots from a group of friends from the Gatineau région up in Canada. Shots are from a meet last summer including four Nissan Pulsar GTi-R's and two very rare Mazda 323 GTR's. Waiting for summer to come to let the beasts out is very long, but thanks to Speedhunters the wait is so much easier.

-Guillaume Marcoux



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The back end of these reminds me of the Gulf GTI, anyhow good pics...


323's are so much sweeter


Awesome pictures. Don't see very many Pulsars or 323s. Nice to see some recognition!


come to NZ where it seems every 2nd car is a 323 GTR


the gtir is probably one of my favorite old nissan classics. I wish they sold them in the US.


Oh maaan, these are good! Nice seeing some left hand choice japanese cars here, haha :D.


jesus i wish pulsars came out in america. :sigh:


Its good to see some small town meets and pictures up here in Canada eh?? i wanna see more from the Great White North!!! (Seeing how i am a Canadian) LOL


wee.. GTiR's!

very forgettable little nissan.. but nothing wrong with them. just overshadowed by other performance nissan's from that era - gtr's, z32's, sivlia's, etc...

might drag a neat one out from japan for myself... :D


more Canadian content! :D


Wow! I see the odd Pulsar in the UK but four at once! I really like them, great looking hot hatch and really understated. Nice post.


This is great i love the GTIR and i have owned two sinc the age of 18 now im 26 and i still have a soft spot of them......We are building a GT35 powerd gtir at the moment.

Love the pic of the GTIR with the flat black bonnet makes me want to get my gray R out and start building it.

Awsome reader rides Awsome car.


I do like a good GTiR!


Awesome to have a Pulsar GTiR related post. I wanted this car in the US really bad when I had an SE-R in the early 90s while in high school. I used to try to get the GTiR parts for my SE-R in desperation but the only things I really got to work was the front facade sans the hood. Great cars. Too bad they never imported them.


both makes love blowing up gearboxes, good to see them tho


323 GTRs are VERY common in New Zealand. and they are cheap


ryanfels - dunno about every 2nd car these days, but a few years back there was a good number of them out on the roads yeah. Most 323's were GTX's though. Mate had a couple of rare GTAe 323's (close ratio box, wind up windows etc)... they were great.

I remember the old GGON (GTI-R / GTR Owners Network) meets we used to have... MASSES of Pulsars and 323 GTRs. Those were the days...

Nice to see some RNN14 love on Speedhunters!!


its a bout time its ages since ive seen a gtir there are shit loads of these things in the uk but moast of them have been trashed buy ass holes but ive seen a cople of these things done up right and i have to say thay can be mean ive even thout about importing one to spain nice one guys


Love those cars, also the 323 GTR. What are your views on the reliability of the Gti-R by the way? I've heard stories about it being really bad as far as reliability, most Gti-R owners don't even recommend them to others!


I love GTI-R's!!!


The Pulsar GTi-R is such a quick and nimble little car! Factory it comes with the SR20DET and it uses the same 4WD system used in the Skyline GTR's. In factory trim, a Pulsar GTi-R will run a high 12second pass on the 1/4 mile!


Nice rides.... here in portugal the PULSAR is called SUNNY.... XD


transfer box's on both are weak as cat piss and the gearbox's on the 323 and ford laser tx3 of the same vintage are also shat, and yip the mazda 323 gtx in nz are well in truly pilaged, only ever seen one mazda 323 gtr on a car yard in hamilton, would like to have a gti-r tucked away in my saying this they both models dont seam to hold there value here in NZ,


holy sh!t!!!!

i'm so glad you posted this. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my pulsar =D


damn, this makes me miss my GTX sooo bad.


they used to have many of those in my country but they've all seem to be written off now ( Pulsar GTi R's are beautiful cars and straight line rockets


Jason B hehehehe

"The back end of these reminds me of the Gulf GTI, anyhow good pics..." Oh so wrong! Golf GTI's look so much like GTI-R's, because they are damn copy-cats, hehehe. You wouldn't guess I own a GTI-R. Great little pocket rockets. Excellent to see the Canadians are enjoying and having fun.


those damned Pulsars...:-) my next door neighbour owned one and it was rapid!! my brother used to race him and that Pulsar used leave him standing ha ha - i won't tell you what my bro was driving for fear of shame - since then i always had a soft spot for them. i like that black & white pic. taken at night(?) it makes it look mean & moody. Not as common place in the UK as they once were but you can still find some very detailed examples..


Ahhh i use to have one a gtir miss it so much :..(...........


hey guys where are the mazda's?


cool rides, but why wait until summer to enjoy them? uuhhh, 4wd, check, turbo, check, snow covered canadian roads, check, non-pussy guys who own them, your french.


yeah the mazda boxes are weak as all hell (3 in 9 months in my gtx sedan a few years back!!) but there's a company here in nz that does kits to adapt evo boxes into them.


Why wait?

1. A new law on RHD cars is applied and no new RHD cars can be plated on Quebec roads

2. My 323 might be normal to people from NZ, but these cars were never sold here, Only a couple of them got here.

3. By now, I am sure not more than 500 323 GT-R are still on the road. I love my car and I want to keep it for a long time!

If you want to see more of it, with more recent pictures:

Thanks for all the great comments!

Speedhunters forever!


the 323 gtr i understand, but the pulsar's? BAG EM! by your logic, i guess i shouldnt be shiit kickin my evo1 on the reg then, huh? frenchies are soo lame!


oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! nice!!!!!


very nice gti-r........ very rare in malaysia


It's always nice to hang out on the car rallies. Exchange experience, and to boast for your updates on car.