Random Snap>> Dodge Charger

Just saw this Dodge Charger on the Stanceworks forum. It made me stop looking for some other material and I just stared for a while, I swear. I'm not a fan of muscle cars, but this particular one just felt different. The wheels are a big part of this car appearance. Some of you could have identified them as a set from a Dodge Viper, they come in size 22X10 with +22 all-round and they are wrapped with 256/30/22 Yokohama's.

The owner is working on making the car go even lower with a set of BC Racing coilovers. So we will have to wait for the final result.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Actually , they're not Viper wheels but pretty similar . They're off of a Ram SRT-10 truck. And you can see that by the fact that the Viper rims have a unique 6-bolt pattern , and the Ram wheels a 5-bolt one. Nice car anyway though ;) Keep up the good work


Actually those are probably the wheels form a Ram SRT-10. The Viper has 6 lug hubs, not 5.


256/30/22 damm jdm sizing!


a 4,000 lb 4 door brick with VIPER WHEELS! be still my beating heart! /sarcasm


The wheels are actually off of a Dodge Ram SRT-10. The Viper for some god forsaken reason is actually a 6 lug. Why did Dodge do that? Who knows.


The wheels are a little big for my tastes. Why not go for 19s and slam it instead? Overall though, a good visual package. Looks mean.


THATS HELLA FLUSH SON................/sarcasm


Nah seaninc, I think 19s would have been way too small on that stunted limo of a car. I would say 20s or possibly even 21s. That way, you don't get that ugly-ass ghetto look, but it still looks proportional with a car as big as the Charger. And good eye with those who spotted the Ram SRT10 wheels. Exact same design as the Viper save for the five lug and larger size. Btw, the damn thing needs a bath!


nice concave!!!


lots of sarcasm/hate so soon today, wow. car looks good and very DD-friendly to hoon around town. fun car to drive like a menace to society, looks great!


wow... everybody posting hater comments, do you guys have nothing better to do? i'm willing to bet that those wheels probably cost more than most of your cars. just cuz it isn't JDM dropped and flush doesn't mean it can't be nice.


I agree with headBanger, its nice to see a charger thats not burdened with chrome. Nothing to hate about the car imho. Clowning it b/c it has a set of plus sized factory wheels, but people go ape when a lex or infiniti has bmw factory wheels. Both tasteful, whats the diff other than silly prejudice??


chargers always look bad no matter what... a truely hideous design


buncha haters in here 2day


i agree with kstyle.. bleh. not hating, i just don't like what i see and chargers are owned by idiots where i live. but seriously, i think cars should be put up on blogs if they deserve it regardless of JDM/USDM/EDM,ECT.. but this car isn't that special. this things supposed to be dope because it has SRT-10 stock wheels? what else? thats it? needs more drop before it gets posted on any sites thats for sure, IMHO. slow week for content i guess...


banger i like all cars and it probably is worth more than our cars but its just ugly straight up atleast wash the motherfucker!


Charger would be one of the only modern cars i'd buy and this one is damn cool, would like to see it when its lower


the wheels are probarly off a Ram SRT truck or they could even be aftermarket knock offs. The CTS V is another 6 lug application just like the Dodge Viper


Should have added the viper red w/ the racing stripes to boot-finish the look nicely IMO


Gross: another useless post by SH. Car is dirty and is american. Again, please try harder.


youre mistaken. details. if you havent realized by now, after the thousandth poster has pointed out, the wheels are from a dodge ram srt NOT a viper, because you can see that there are only 5 lugs NOT 10 ;)

ive always been a fan of how much presence these cars have, if tastefully done. please update when its changed out the suspension.

im glad to see another manufacturer featured on the site. was starting to think this was a nissan blog.


I have always liked the look of these. Could be refined, but still, has mad presence. Hope to see more work on this.


Car looks dece, just needs some poke and stretch. I hope this thing is loud as a mofo.


Why so much hate for Speedhunters posting American cars? Like others here, I think this particular example is distasteful and nothing special, but clearly Speedhunters welcomes cars from all countries of manufacture... what's wrong with posting American cars?


To really be precise, the wheels are made by Factory Reproductions designed specifically for the LX platform. (Magnum, Charger, 300c) They're made to ape the Viper wheel. For those complaining that it's American, it's half German as well. The drivetrain was snatched from an earlier model E series during the Daimler/Chrysler era. I wanted a large (fast) wagon and since the RS6 Avant or M5 Estate weren't available in the States, I opted for the SRT8 Magnum. I admit the interior is poop but dynamics wise, it's a capable auto. Noteworthy changes to mine are KW V2 coils, 8 piston Brembo calipers up front and a 7.0 (up from a 6.1) liter motor. A friend with a STi made a comment when we got back running a few laps around Portland Intl Raceway. "No one likes to get past on the outside by a wagon."


Not bad for a cop car, not good for a civilian ride...


Why does this charger look so long?


While I agree that the 300/Charger has been exploited by the DUB crowd, at least this one didn't follow the same path, irregardless of whether or not I'd buy one. I just wish these JDM tyte yo fanboys stick to that other blog site for their smart ass comments. FYI, the SRT8 is fast, so that is where the respect goes.


That shit's hard. Don't know why so many people are hating. Learn to appreciate things for what they are. It's nice to see someone taking the flush scene into the muscle cars. Also have to give him props as this was actually done to an srt8 and not just your everyday v6 charger. Once it goes a lil lower, i am sure people will be picking their mouths up off the floor.


First off all thanks for the feature. I am always open to criticism as long as it's constructive. But yes, BC coilovers will really lower me another inch or two and it should set everything off just right. The car has over 450 hp and I'm currently running on KW V2 coilovers but they just don't go down that low. I've got plenty other mods but seeing how much hate there is here for American cars it's probably not worth mentioning. Thanks again everyone.


Shit is sick! Dope points awarded from being different, unlike all the homo haters on here. Expecting a better feature once its slammed... and washed ahaha.


as Alfonzo said, The wheels are reproduction vipers, not ram srt 10 wheels, The ram still uses a larger 5 bolt lug pattern.

Artee, what mods for the 450hp? I know those cars on a dynojet with the mopar exhaust and intake run about 400 horse. I must commend you for the direction you are taking the car. If there is a feature, hopefully your car is worth the read.


i don't think there is a ton of hate for american cars getting posted here @ SH.. i just think the readers don't hesitate to speak up when they think a car isn't worthy of a feature. i love to see well built cars regardless of region.. but yours isn't quite there yet. seriously, no offense.. wash it, work on the stance.. maybe paint it and then it will be better suited to be featured on a site like SH.

besides that.. SH established a JDM fanbase first and then started posting up more non-JDM content after they established that fanbase. so i think there are probably a handful of readers who would rather not see the non-JDM content around here because there are other sites dedicated to those cars that do a better job writing about them IMHO. half of the non-JDM content that has been posted here is only mildly interesting, opposed to the JDM content which is usually an intereting read. just my 2 cents since it looks like some people are starting to draw JDM vs USDM battle lines.


I did not expect the feature. I jus posted some random dirty car pics on stance works forum, so no reason to bring up how dirty my car is. Some of the mods I have are mopar cai, flow aster mufflers, diablo predator custom 91 oct tune, 180 t-stat and couple other little ones. I am also working on the stence and should have an update by next Sunday. New adapters, coilovers and other stuff.

Anyway, thanks everyone.


Car looks great man. I love the new Chargers. Fuck the haters.


hey um GOT-RICE..........

theres no such word as IRREGARDLESS.......

regardless will do the job just fine


@ Artetee - I'm also curious about your HP figure. Let me know if there's a site where you have more data on your LX.

@ PLAGUE - It doesn't matter what the fan base was before. Hate is hate.

Hate: verb - to dislike intensely or passionately;

Hating is fine as it's someone's opinion but trying to disguise the negative comments as "oh it's just because of the original fan base" doesn't have much weight.


It's 450 Crank, not Wheel. They come stock 425, diablo predator 91 tune, mopar CAI, 180 t-stat, flowmaster mufflers...are more then 25, but who cares. I'll have some updated pictures over on StanceWorks this Sunday when I do my other mods. I'll make sure to wash it for those who are so upset that it's dirty. =]


@ sham-wow

Thanks for the correction, but you know what i mean.


@ Artetee - OK... initially, I was assuming RWHP. Based on the mods you listed, I was going to pick your brain on how you got there with so little. I dropped a significant amount just to get 440 rwhp and 470 rwtq. I was going to get peeved if I missed a less expensive way to get where (I thought) you were. ^_^ Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


@ Alfonzo - calm down dude. i don't think my post was hateful so knock it off with the wikipedia definition nonsense.. lol. if your gonna get bent out of shape everytime someone has a negative comment about you or one of your buddies cars then you should probably stay as far away from the internet as possible.

but all jokes aside.. regarding the fanbase statement. think about it, if you had a site that was originally all USDM and your original fanbase was there for that type of content and then you started adding in other content in the form of JDM/EDM some of the original fanbase might not be interested in that. for the record, i don't mind.

also, i understand that the SH fanbase has grown beyond what it originally was so the content has to evolve with it, ect. but there is bound to be some "hater" comments on a site with a big JDM fanbase if you come with a mediocre non-JDM ride. what about that car is supposed to make me do a double take? i don't know everything about whats what for that particular platform but it looks pretty factory to me with the exception of the wheels and the slight drop so i just wasn't impressed and was left wondering why it got posted.

...but screw what i think anyways, right? its not my car so who give a damn, right?

build your cars for yourself, not to please and bunch of a-holes on the internet, right? right! ok then..


why are people complaining about it being featured if it hasnt been featured.... its just a random snap, far from a full feature.


I'm sure a lot of you guys remember this random snap I posted about this flushed out Charger. At


what size and where can i get some email me santiagoorquiz@yahoo.com thx