News>>a New Look For The Bergenholtz Rx8

The Bergenholtz Racing RX8 is not only getting a new driver for the 2010 Formula Drift season, but a new sponsor and an exterior makeover.

The car was unveiled this morning, as new driver Joon Maeng serenaded the streets of downtown Long Beach to the sounds of race-tuned rotary.

Full Tilt Poker has jumped onboard as a primary sponsor for the team, and the car's livery reflects this.

I also noticed the new Enkei wheels. Cool.

A race car in a busy urban area is always a recipe for fun. Countless Long Beach locals came out to see what all the commotion was about. Maybe they were expecting a Hollywood celeb sighting, but instead they were treating to the eardrum-busting sounds of the RX8.

The 2010 FD season opener draws closer and closer. Less than two months to go now!

I'm starting to get excited.

-Mike Garrett



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the livery could be better but its good to see some the team getting some big sponsors


lol i just saw ACT clutches post these pics and mobile pics from John naderi


looked better with the 5Axis wheels


I'm really looking forward to see what Joon's got this year with his new machine.


Yeah I agree with Gaijin... they could have chosen better Enkeis tho.


not liking that livery.I quite liked the old metallic blue.


Miss those FIVE:AD wheels...


Not a fan of the new wheels.


I agree with it looked better in blue and the old rear fenders...nevertheless its still dope



but i will tell you what i do like!!!



Well the car has looked better but nonetheless I wish hoon and the team tons of luck...along with JTP who drove this last season


looks like oem evo enkei wheels..


Anyone notice Lex King's post? 2010 is going to be insane!!!!!


looks good, but im not sure about the wheels, id prefer the old ones, but i hope Joon does good in his new car, kick ass joon


RPF1 still looks better, but regardless, JM is a deserving and humble guy, and an asset to the drift world.


That's nice and all but why didn't anyone get video/audio of said race tuned rx-8?!


no more five:ad


oh well

i still rock the fivd:ad wheels on my car



Well, whata ya know? It looks like crap. Freakin' sellouts.


Thats a real shame. Their cars normally look great, this just looks crap -

Surely something better could have been designed without taking away from the Poker logo?


what is wrong with this car... and these weird positive camber on rear wheels, looks sh**tty


awesome look on the car for sure!!


Give it time bros. I'm sure the paintjob will change after a few wall hits here and there.

THEN we can all complain about something else.



external bumper bars?!


@ Rob, looks and function are completely different. Look at the rest of the Pro cars. No more crazy camber or slammed look on the cars that are winning.

Falken will have their hands full with JTP. I will be surprised if he lasts more than 1 season. Falken has to be made of money to start a new car build this late in the game and have a full ALMS program. Those NC boys are getting rich fast.


Enkei is on board as a sponsor, so it only makes sense they showcase their new wheels, regardless of opinions about looks...


Just like the haters on the JTP post, why cant you little crying girls handle reality? Joon=driver, NO input on car looks...Enkei=sponsor and THEY choose the wheels, showcasing their new ones. What, a surprise? WTF DO YOU THINK SPONSORSHIP IS?? And The livery? Crying on speedhunters into your Miller Lite don't accomplish anything but making you look like a b!tch. Cry to the main sponsor who is paying a TON of cash and decides the paint. What, have you never heard of professional racing? You think Jackie Stewart was able to tell Player Cigarettes he didn't like his paint scheme on the F1 car? They'da shown him to the exit. Besides, I've said it before on here, I'll say it again: PAINT DONT WIN YOU A RACE, SKILLS DO!.

And with that, I wish Joon Maeng and Bergenholtz Raing the best this season, and can't wait to see them at Long Beach!


Full Tilt Poker is awesome, who cares about the paint, lets play poker....

livery successful...


love full tilt best poker site online hands down. +1 joon.


Tyler McQueery


I don't believe Jackie Stewart ever drove a Player-sponsored Formula 1 car in his career.


the car looks amazing and sounds like a freakin MONSTER! Cant wait for the season opener in Long Beach!!! the rx8 is going to kick a$$!


Liked the old look... used to look menacing. Not so much anymore.


dope!!! love the wheels!


i think they should raise this car some more... its already stupid high if they raise it more at least people will know its a joke... and whats with the wing supports single pole stand "for the lose!"

now every race car i know looks way beefier and tougher than the standard model you can get from the dealer but in this case the dead standard rx8 gt actually looks better.

looks to mad mikes nz rx8 drift car, now thats how you do an rx8 and guess what hes winning championships too


not too keen on the livery...but can't wait to see JOON tearin' it^ w/that beast!!! The sound of that RX-8

is unbelieveable!!


well i for one actually like the new makeover!! looks much better than last year IMO, and probably 600000000000x better than some s*** in formula d nowadays like them god awful scions


Excited for Joon and a full-pro car!

Big things.


lol, so not flushness !


looking good ronny, getting more and more like ours everyday! I will set it up properly for you when I get there!! see you at

LBC in april


re: Dirge

quote: You think Jackie Stewart was able to tell Player Cigarettes he didn't like his paint scheme on the F1 car? They'da shown him to the exit.

LOL! of all the guys to use as an example hee hee. I know for a fact that Jackie and Paul did tell at least one company they were not interested when they were starting Stewart GP LOL - and as pointed out, Players never sponsored JYS or Stewart GP


quote - Besides, I've said it before on here, I'll say it again: PAINT DONT WIN YOU A RACE, SKILLS DO!.


One of my mentors at my first job was a top design engineer, who is no longer with us, but worked for many top teams. He repeatedly told me the most important thing in a team isn't the chassis, driver, or the engine.....

.....Its the huge sticker on the side of the car!!!...because without that, you DONT have a race budget and team. Hard to argue with that, if you want to be competitive


Not picking on you Dirge, just your post stood out :)


as for the rest of you.... well this and the JTP thread....I'm speechless :)  This is business! Can you blame Bergenholtz for having Enkei's on their Enkei sponsored car, or JTP driving for a more professional team with a budget, compared to paying for it yourself....  Would you REALLY turn that down if a pro team came a knocking!?!