Guest Blog: Scott Grunsky>>  Alto Works Suzuki

Hello Speedhunters! My name is Scott Grunsky and this is a brief history of my Suzuki 1991 Suzuki
Alto Works RS-X that I imported from Japan a few years ago. When I first set out on this endeavor I had desperately wanted a
similar age Suzuki Cappucino to build in to a track car. However, due to the initial
purchase price, as well as the cost of upgrade parts, it was well out of my
budget. So I decided on a cheaper stock Alto Works which would leave me with
more money to put into the build.

While waiting for the car to arrive I imported numerous maintenance and aftermarket parts from Japan as well – as little to no parts could
be sourced in North America unfortunately. Immediately after receiving the car I started pulling it apart removing anything that I deemed unnecessary and
got down to business! 

I installed a full roll-cage with door bars, do-luck floor brace, front strut tower bar and a rear window brace to strengthen the JDM kei class chassis. I then installed a Suzuki Sports coilover kit, Suzuki Sports bushing kit, Adjustable Lateral Rod, and an ARC sway bar to stiffen up the ride.

To finish off the look I wanted to achieve, I fitted a Cross Take-Off rear spoiler and front lip, as well as Racing Hammer rear lip and sideskirts. I added some eyebrows, canards and smoked tails for a rice effect, then rolled the fenders and sprayed the car a flat sapphire black. Afterwards I fitted a set of Techno TV-R 13×7.5 -4's all around with Advan A048 tires for the track and 14×7 +2 in the rear with Advan AD07 tires for street use.

A factory Alto Works comes with a meager 65hp stock so I had to do something to make it quicker. I picked up a Suzuki Sports F90 turbo kit with ecu, turbo, plugs and injectors combined with a full RSR 2inch exhaust system and HKS EVC set at 1.4bar which raised my output to 100whp. To cool the new turbo setup, I added LOOP intake and intercooler piping, an ARC intercooler and a 10 row Cusco oil cooler and filter relocation. 

My interior consists of a Defi 115mm tach, Ultra speed meter and an assortment of Omori gauges to monitor my engine vitals and a Bride bucket and Personal 350mm suede wheel to assist my driving. I also reworked the braking system with SS brake lines on all corners combined with Project Mu slotted rotors and pads and Cusco brake master stoppers.

I street drive, as well as attend local track days, and have consistently improved my skills and adjusted the car for my driving style.

am happy I chose an Alto Works rather than a Cappucino as they share the same
F6A Suzuki engine, yet are quite different machines to tune. I have many plans
for this car's future and in 2010.


- Scott



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I've got some mixed feelings about this car but for the most part I like it.


i love this car


That car is pretty awesome, Cappucinos are pretty cheap in the UK, though the Alto looks way better.

I think there'll be captcha or moderation back on the comments soon, way too much spam starting.


This little car is awesome from every angle


I would never have guessed that you could've have 'turned round' an Alto to look like and perform like that or would even wanted to.. side view reminds me of a Renault 5 GT (no insult intended).. you've put some hardcore work in there and it looks well. I'd love a drive in that.. 10 out of 10.


That thing is just raw, I love it!


Do you have any more information about the "Racing hammer" company? any website or something? looking fore some parts.

your car looks really great! got a SM-X and kei-cars rule the cities :-)


awesome, I've got some old copies of 'k-style' magazine somewhere and love these cars. I was thinking of importing something like this for commuting around. Probably the (slightly) newer HA11 model though.


lol @ "No fat chiks, car will scrape"


One of my all time speedhunter favourites!


this car is amazing. i demand interior and generally more pictures.


Looks like a very cool JDM box :)


Brings me back to Gran Turismo 3. Great build, way to do something different. These cars make a Civic look huge!


Haha Alberta. I used to live there. Huge JDM scene. I need to move back.

Sick car.


OMG Scott! I've been on the track with this car. Congrats on the guest blog man!

You prolly don't remember me, I was the guy w/ the black 4 door Impul skyline.

Very unique little toy. Love the camber, wicked stance.


hehehehe...looks like something straight out of the shakotan boogie comic book...


Love it, one of the best cars I've seen on here. Definitely think more Kei Cars need featuring on here.


Sorry dude, but thats ugly...


nice ride, I like the "haters" plate cover too.


desktop on the first pic please! awesome car!


Go-Kart with a roof! That looks like so much fun.


wich is the size of wheel?


never expected myself to love such a ride. but i do. pure perfection :)



Curse you, Canada, and your lax car importation laws.


I love the wheels. Everything about this car is nasty. I love it!! I was having a discussion about would a person rather have a underpowered car and be able to push it to its extreme limits or would you rather have a Supercar that you couldn’t push to its outer most limits. This is the perfect car in my opinion for the underpowered argument. How could you not have fun in this little car winding out 5th on the freeway?


This is all kinds of awesome hehehe :D


Hells yeah!!!


3 lousy stars?This beauty deserves at least 5!


crazy car))


Love this thing! How much does it weigh about? 100whp and 1500lbs is a fun ride! Looks nice with that low stance and wheels. Very cool, original build!


your car deserves to be here Scott!


First words out of my mouth were "Dope as sh!t." I love it.


I think he is from Alberta...perhaps I'll get to see this little monster ripping around!


Coming from a Cappuccino owner!!

Your car rocks!!<3 the Alto works! Kei Class FTW!!!!

Is it running the F5A or F6A???


yeah it has a stock internals 660cc F6A engine and the car is just FF as I didn't want the drivetrain loss of the 4wd system model as well as the headaches of maintaining it.


kei car always looks amazing!!!


Perfect execution. I wouldn't change a thing. Great job.


I love it when people take something abnormal and really make it their own. Way to go.


ah, very clean.. a 1000cc bike engine in it would be sweet, fwd still of course. ive always thought kei cars should have bike engines :D


You sir, Have a fucking Awesome ride!!






always wanted the 4wd version...sweet ride man!!!


Love it. I don't know why because I want to hate it, but I love it. The wheels and tires alone are awesome. Nice work, crazy little suzuki.


Looks like a Penny Racer come to life! Simply awesome.


Dope ride.

Love the work that went into this, any engine bay shots?


So insane, never seen a better kei car, super props for the work on this car!!!!


aaah.. nice. looks tough.

i absolutley adore little kei cars. :)


Reminds me of the Classic Honda City 1.3 (AKA the "pocket Rocket")


to the AM! schweeeeeeeiiit


horrible paintjob, horrible bad loock on headlights, and horrible rear lights, rest is great.


i love it!!


Hi there...I really admire the work you have done to your ride and i must say i slightly envy you...i have a similar car( physical appearance that is) which is a daewoo tico..i have done my fair share of fixin it up but i am fining it hard to make it run better well performance in general..i was wondering if car parts are similar too because here in the philippines im fining it impossible to find parts for my car so im stuck in the performance aspect of my car...hope to here from can find me on facebook or email me at 
my name is michael k. gomez by the way..


Hi there I have a similar model of suzuki alto works rsz plz give me some tips n tricks for better performance
asif iqbal


El mejor!!!!