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My name is Nick Gressley and I am the president of Team Sumospeed, a local car club based out of my home town of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our club is in its fifth year and in that time it has gone from being a joke among a few friends, to one of the most well known car clubs in the Hampton roads area. Back in 2005 when the club originated, my weekends usually consisted of my friends and I meeting up, usually grabbing a bite to eat, and heading out to the local “meet spot” which was usually the large parking lot of a closed Ames department store overlooked by highway I564. During this time that highway was a hot bed of street racing in the area. Imports, domestics, bikes, you name it, it was out there racing.

(Photo above from 2006 of former Sumospeed member Eugene Kretschmer’s 240sx)

It was here that Team Sumospeed developed. My friends Ricky, David (BigD), my cousin Brandon, and I are the original members and would always attend these meets together. The racing and meets at I564 ended in 2006 but our club continued to grow. Nowadays Sumospeed still attends the local car meets, although now there is no racing taking place. We also put on our own car shows, cruises, and other events.

Club member Mark William’s Jetta GLI on the way up to a meet in Richmond, Virginia.

Club member Stephen James’ Scion XB at the 2009 Sumospeed Charity car show.

Our members come from many walks of life but all have a common interest, modifying cars. Our club consists of various makes, models, and styles from show, grip, drift, drag, and just nice daily street cars. Many of our club members attend local drift, autocross, and drag racing. We have a website (, a club facebook, and a club myspace that help keep the general public updated on our upcoming events, monthly car features, and photo galleries. We also like to throw the occasional party and love us some beer pong. We have a couple of custom beer pong tables we have built over the years that get carried along to parties and track weekends.

Shot of our newest beer pong table at the 2009 tacky sweater party.

Club member JayR Legaspi’s IS300.

Club member Brandon Gressley’s Q45.

Club member Dan Summers Drifting his 240sx at a local event.

Many of our members are in the middle of extensive builds for this upcoming drift season. Stephen Knoop has stripped down his 1997 240sx, had a cage installed by another club member in the middle of a build, Danny Domenech, at his shop in Gloucester, Virginia. In addition to the cage, Danny and Stephen built 100% custom suspension components allowing Stephen to have much greater angle while sliding as well as allowing him to lower his car without sacrificing proper suspension geometry. A LS1 engine will be at the heart of this monster when it’s all said and done.

Club member Stephen Knoop’s car prior to build.

Some progress from his build.

You can follow his build at his blog

Erasmo Rios is also in the process of building his 1997 240sx, but in a slightly different direction. He and Danny installed a cage and suspension components onto his car as well, but in the engine bay lays a fully built SR20DET. Both of these cars will be hitting the track hard this season, getting ever closer to the dream of going pro.

Erasmo Rios’s 240sx awaiting completion.

We like to give back to the community when we can and have done charity events in the past including toy drives, charity car shows, and charity raffles. All of our members work hard at these events helping to keep things running smooth. Our events draw pretty large crowds and we have raised a decent amount of money for a couple of local charities.

Club members Josh Clifton’s Civic and Nick Gressley’s 240sx at the 2009 Sumospeed/SAGE Auto Toys for Tots toy drive.

Club member Alex Blackwell’s Civic.

I want to thank you for letting me share a little bit about our car club’s history and what we are about. Hopefully we’ll see you out at one of our events soon!

- Nick Gressley



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Awesome set of cars


woooow..Love the upswept muffler on the xB,adore the black bbss on the s14..wonderful


damn i didn't even know we had enough of this scene locally. you guys ever actually meet in va beach??


nevermind just checked the site, definitely be at the convention center! looking forward to it


Those BBS' really are nice like mario said, and that IS300! looks absolutely perfect, good write up :)


can't wait to see it all in the summer.


Glad to see we made it, deff check out for more on the tubbed s14.


1st photo is gangsta


I guess Brandon is your cousin? His Q45 is sweet. I love it.


really like how this club gives back to the community and puts tuners in a positive light to the community as well as acts as a positive role model for other clubs and crews.


Thanks for all of the positive comments everyone and huuuugggggeee thanks to mike for posting this up!



Been in love with Stephen's and Nick's 240sx for a loooooooong time!

Love all the cars showed here, really dope!


Thanks for the complements on the BBSs (that's my S14). I am really happy this made it on the site!


Nice! It's about time Sumo got coverage like this!


awesome shots! and great meeting some of you at driftwater!




yeah, I'm Nick's cousin. thanks for the comments on my car. SUMOSPEED FTW!!!


Team Sumospeed is definitely one of the most well rounded teams in the area and consist of humble, knowledgable and charitable people....It is always a blast to hang out with them all and enjoy helping with local events as well. This is going to be a great year and we look forward to all the cars that unveal themselves this year from these guys. Keep up the great work fellas!!


Nice write up. This group seems very cool, close knit and orgainzed. Nice cars too. Good luck with the projects


Some Dope Pix Yo. I Love That Dark Green Kouki!


jetta and the Q45 looks badass


Well done guys! You guys have taken the scene in Hampton roads to the next level.




Need more Euro! What forum/site do you guys set up meets on?


Bogan, go to our site at if you look on our main page along the right there is a link to out fourums.

Nick. thanks for posting this up man. its great to see our team on such a famous site.


There are the forums and forums.


good pics am liking the Jetta (Bora in the UK) & the 'mob boss' Q45!! looks ike you have a good time, nice vibe and a good mixed bag of cars - very good blog!!




Do I spot a set of Hot Wheels Sixty-Eights on Erasmo's 240?


Everyone that i've met in Sumospeed(wich is almost everyone) is cool as hell, down to earth, and know how to have a good time. I've always loved their events and i always have a good time, it's an awesome way to meet new people. Keep it up Nick, see joo on the 28th

peace. love. and chicken grease.


Sumospeed > Ultraspeed. Lol


i'd murk they whole crew in pong. real talk.


VA on the rise!


wagonmafia808- we love a good challange, i believe we are now on our 6or7 BPCU ( Beer Pong Championship of the Universe) so far, nobody has taken the trophy from any one on SS. there has been a large number of people who tried. if you find your self in the 757, deff peep, to find the best partys. oh, and JB too


I was in VB for a few months in the fall of 2007 and hung out pretty often with the Sumospeed crew. Ricky lived right down the street from me actually. Even though I was new, I was welcomed into the community and encouraged to attend meets and parties and such. Gotta say, 757 area definitely knows what's up, thanks to these guys!


I'm glad to see sumospeed up on here. The team is made up of some really great people who definitely have been changing the way the comunity looks at "tuners" by having events such as their charity car shows and by just being just all around nice, helpful people.


We need an official photoshoot!!!!!!!!


I like how you put the Civic's last.....Speedhunters can be harsh on Civics....good strategic move...haha