Guest Blog: Mike Reyes>>v8 S30z

Hi Speedhunters! My name is Mike Reyes and I'm located out in Glendale, CA.  This is "Butch", my 1973 Datsun 240Z. 

Butch is truly an interesting character.  His retro Datsun brown color and his near mint condition allows him to stand out from the crowd.

Another unique characteristic that Butch sports is his low-toned engine grumble.  But oh no readers.. this isn't the sound of the famed L-series engine by Datsun.  It's the sound of a late 70's Camaro small block.

Yes people, bastardized in a true fashion.  But what can I say? He's the meanest *** son that a person could ask for.

- Mike



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common speed hunters step you game up... another mild story,, wheres all the crazy cars were used to??

is it too early in the year or something?


i just got pregnant off this car


I love these Z's with v8s. clean car man.


Needs moar tire. Bastardized or not, just beautiful.


This guy needs to go F*CKn kill himself for dropping a chevy v8 in a zcar.WAy to ruin a classic Zcar. i know this comment is most likely gonna start a huge argument but c'mon.. really? a pushrod v8? how original.. i give it a decade or two and itll be very rare sight to see an s30 with the original L-series. I wanna see more s30s with more original and creative swaps then a chevy v8. I dont disapprove of v8s, as a matter of fact, i love them, but if your gonna do a v8 swap in a NISSAN classic, why not drop in something with a lot more engineering in it then a 350. maybe a VK45 or 56?



It's still reader's month, sorry that some people can't drive D1-spec machines everyday. IMO this Z was executed very nicely, looks period-correct and goes fast.


Agree very well with seaninc, the subject here is in the streets, and built without kolossal amount of cash... Cheap thrills! I think it's still so amazing to ride a 240Z V8 as a daily drive (the same if it's just a sunday drive, though!)

Keep rockin', evrerybody!!!


some Z love :)


Hey, I can't argue with it, haha. I wasn't too sure about the V8 thing, but seeing as how it's an era-correct V8, I don't have much to say. ;) She's too gorgeous to not be out there on the streets, I love these cars. I like knowing that you don't have to spend huge $$$'s to get appreciated for the car you drive.


what a dick!


cool car! poor writing...


It looks pretty nice on the exterior... but I just can't stand the V8 swaps in these. :(

I don't care if there are power gains, the L-Series is special and a S30 truly deserves it.


Ermm.. It's a 'he'?


HybridZ phylosphy in its true form. Great work!


i love it, i mean yes it's been bastardized, but come on guys, it's gona be like a mini muscle car, and it looks absolutely great. You got any more pics mike?


Totaly sweet! Does anyone know the added weight the small block would have over the L-series motor?




Where's the L Series engine?!

The Brown colour is so nostalgic, hehe!


very nice example of a true classic.. in fine 'fettle' too


To each their own-thumbs up for me.


atleast he did a clean swap it somewhat looks like its supposed to be there


If a 'Stang with a RB26 is "Mustang NISMO"

Is this a "240z SS"?


Now that would really suprise people, purely because they would't expect it to move so fast!(i'm guessing its a hell of a lot faster with the V8!)

I love the car as a whole, so clean and not shouting about what it's hiding! =D


Hey I'm in Glendale too!

Didn't know there were a lot speedhunter people besides me in the glendale/burbank area, everybody here is mostly into BMW's and Mercedes'

But anyways, you have a beautiful Z ! Nice work !


I cant stand people who demand that certain cars have to be built a certain way. So what if he put a Chevy V8 in a classic Datsun? Its his car and he can build it the way he wants to. Theres no point in building a car if its not what you want it to be.

Its a great car, all around. I like that you used a similar era V8! Something high tech just wouldn't have felt right...


not a fan of this.

commonsnapper did the s30z to large to compete with. r33 interior??!!?? rbswap!!??!!

this is like turb said boring!


I think there is no weight penalty over l24 with chevy small block. Maybe there is even some weight savings and better weight distribution to the rear. These swaps were done around 70/80 by some company in the US and then popularized so its really possible this is period correct build.


Just throw on the cowl hood and Grant Steering wheel and get it over with. SBC S30's make me vomit. I swear ANYTHING can get on this blog. lol


Great car, I've got a couple myself, one with a SBC and one stock, personally I don't give a crap what anyone says about the v8 in my zed because I built it for myself not for anyone else and i imagine you did the same.


Kaboose, Right on, Many would disagree with the engine choice in my S30 (Sr20det). I built the car for myself as well. As you also may know, comments may not always be nice ones. If I don't like a car, I wont sugar coat it for the owner. You do your thing and I'll do mine, everyone's happy :)


This car is so damn beautiful !!!! Huge pity it can not be registered in Czech.. :-(


Wow so much hate for the SBC. That motor is tried and true and will probably outlast "more sophisticated" motors that someone else mentioned. "more sophisticated" = "more sh*t to go wrong". the sbc is 100% the right choice, great parts availability, super reliable, cheap and easy power, era correct, what more could u want?


Georgie Wonder,

What more could you want? A car that doesn't crab walk every time you floor it. The L24 (no trans) weighs 325lbs, the SBC; up to 575lbs (no trans). What you have with a SBC S30 is a pendulum. A nose heavy mass that wants to rotate all day. If your going to swap an engine, it's always smart to try and loose weight while doing it. The SR20 weighs the same as the L24 but sets the engine lower and back against the firewall more in a mid engine configuration. improving handling and doubling the power rather easily. If you want your S30 to handle like a 90' Mustang then i guess go V8 power.

Also, if you have any respect for a Datsun, you would keep it Nissan powered, but that's just a personal preference.