Guest Blog:jeremy Lee>>z33 From Kansas

My name is Jeremy and I'm writing this from Wichita, Kansas.

This is my 2003 Nissan 350Z and I've had her for just over 2 years now. Signed the Bill of Sale on January 26, 2008 and haven't looked back since.

Ever since I was 4-5 years old I have always been fascinated and engrossed with cars. It all started with my uncles who owned them, they had the RX7s (FC and FD), MR2s (MK2), E30s and E36s all "tricked out" haha. Grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where imported cars are subjected to crazy taxes so seeing these cars on the streets wasn't a norm. That's how I fell in love with these beautiful machines. I will always remember spotting these beauties on the roads, watching Jackie Chan movies with the nice Mitsubishi cars, "Legend of Speed," "Initial D" and many movies/series alike.

Fast forward 16-17 years today I'm here in the States pursuing a degree in Communication, I need a car to get to school and work, I have a budget, I have a list of different cars. I find this beautiful bone stock Super Black 2003 Touring 350Z, I pick her up in less than 24 hours after the "For Sale" ads go up (includes a 6 hour drive to Texas and a 6 hour drive back with no sleep or rest the day/night before). Prior to this I've never taken a keen interest in Zs. It was back in the Summer of 2007 while I was back home (Malaysia) on vacation, my friend took me a on a ride in his Fairlady Z (Z33) and although it was an automatic, I enjoyed the torque of the VQ. That's when I started to fall for the Z and ever since owning one I've been consumed by the history and heritage of the Z car.

Couldn't have been more happy driving, autocrossing and tracking my 350Z. I would have loved acquire more seat time back home in Malaysia at the Sepang International F1 Circuit like many of my friends did; unfortunately I did not have a decent car to bring to the track. My initial plans for my Z were a full rebuild and twin turbos. Unfortunately while I was saving up for that I had a little incident at the track in Oklahoma where I spun out into a tire wall. The entire driver's side was dented up and I also had thoughts about selling the car if she was structurally damaged.

Thankfully it was all just cosmetic and that's when the exterior transformation started. The car was in the bodyshop for 3 months because of problems with parts, choice of color (getting the perfect mix) etc etc. It was a 3 month wait during the summer and I could not have been more upset not being to enjoy a Z in the summer. After looking at how she turned out, I guess I can say it was worth the wait :) It's been more than a year since she got out of the bodyshop and there have been updates here and there.

I am still saving for a build and twin turbos so that might take a little more time. Although I might a "late boomer" as far as modifying and building a 350Z goes… I'm cool with that and am looking forward to every bit of transforming my Z into the Z I'd want her to be. Also in my mind I'm sure the 350Z will be a timeless classic when we look back 20-30 years from now or more.

My Z is my daily driver. I drive her to work and school, I take her on road trips, I take her out to the club, I drive her to meets, shows, to the track (about 3 hours away) and practice my drifts in the wee hours of the AM. My concept is simple, be able to drive her anywhere and to put her to good use (the track), I'd also like to look good while doing it :)

As far as mods go I have suspension mods, some power mods on the car and still collecting the components needed for my build, a decent amount of "rice" mods on the exterior as you can see lol…

…and a big imprint of my ass on the driver's seat from seat time at the track and driving her as much as I can. I try to use the best parts I can with her, that's my main concern as far as aftermarket parts go, no ebay parts or parts which were not tested for quality or function.

Don't get me wrong although I'm a fan of a flush wheel setup my car isn't slammed to the ground (no gap between tire and fender is good enough for me hehe). I love working on my Z, prepping her during the week all the way up to the night before "raceday" at the track, no sleep, driving 3 hours to the track, smoking some decent cars there and driving home with big eye bags and a smile on my face.

The theme and styling of my Z comes is time attack/drift inspired. Some people might think I'm just going for looks based on how my car looks, given the past encounters I've had there's a reason as I explained earlier. I put her through her paces on the track and don't make detours during my daily commutes because my car is too low. I don't trailer, I drive.

I am a fan of any form of motorsports as long as it involves turning the steering wheel (except Nascar), especially the Japan GT series as well as D1 and Formula D. Used to be a crazy F1 fan but I haven't been following lately.

So far things on the car have been destroyed, things have been replaced and things have been updated. I'm continually pushing the limits of my dedication and pocket :| using the parts that I choose and getting (or at least trying my very best) her to where I want.

Thank you Speedhunters for featuring my story!

- Jeremy Lee



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More info on engine mods? All I know is it is a z without flush wheels, and a body kit. Notta fan of the color combo..shoulda put more into suspension/engine..less at the bodyshop...I'm not a douche, but I sound like one throughout this entire comment.


Nice Z you got there


@Paul Did you read the blog in its entirety?



wish i could own her too........

Malaysia boleh!!!!!!


sweet 350 and pics!


great looking car man! nice story!


whats under the hood?!?!


Nice story dude, very insperational. Pretty sexy car too!!


Dude you remind me and my evo! I drive 3 hours to track (time attack style though) & use it as my daily commute to school everyday. Keep doing whatcha doing!


Alif you read speedhunters too? You must be damm bored over there man! Come up to WInton on the 20th! There's like 3 spots left


Sweet! didn't like the color combo at first but as i looked through the pics... pretty sick!!!! and also u from kansas thats even cooler i'm from nebraska didn't think they had such nice cars around here one of the few!


Thta's a pretty nice Z


Funny colored wheels just seem to be more trendy than anything else. Not feeling them on this car either. What's under the hood?


nice..isit a matte finish paint job?


Seen this car in person. Know Jeremy in person too. Very nice guy and easy to get along with. I like the wheel and set up you got. Screw all the haters man! Do what you want to do. Its your car, your decision, and what you like. Not what other thinks. =)


Gary : Yes Gary my man.. I read speedhunters everyday.. Can't miss it... Bored? Yes, definitely bored.. Haha... I'm 20th now, but I'm still a student over here man... Maybe someday when my dream comes true, i'll be there.....


I've always loved your Z Jeremy...looking forward to joining you at the track this season ;)

and what he says about sleepy driving is true :P haha


Not feelin the taillights but its a sic car none the less.


I've known Jeremy for a couple years and I can back up that he's probably the most determined individual I know when it comes to autos, knows exactly what he wants, takes great care of his car, and has a lot of enthusiasm for car culture. I've known his Z will make it to publications sooner or later, and this is the first step. Congrats, Jem!


Congrats on the coverage Jeremy. Well deserved. I know you put a lot of hard work into it!


You boring geek


My photos turned out good in the end huh? Good team work!


I love the color combo on this Z, don't really see many people now a days going out of their way to stand out, but in all this car is just simply amazing in person. I love what you did to the Z Jeremy, nice work!!


thats a bad ass Z. im not digging the green and gold combo but others have different taste.

"I am a fan of any form of motorsports as long as it involves turning the steering wheel (except NASCAR)" haha yeah, true that. im the same way


Nice! good job.


dam man beautiful z33.... thats my dream car, and i think like in one hundred years i couldnt have one, cause i live on the border from us, and if is not a nationalized z33 you cant have one and its too expensive... piece of shit laws... well tha only way im going to get one is getting married with my girlfriend she's born in the US, may be, i would be like you, congratulations man ure living a dream seriusly, beautiful beatiful car u got there, its nice you to have it for daily driver, ps. have u seen spirit rb26 z33? look it at hot version international damm that thing is crazy.. getting from mexicali, mexico, wish some days laws change here...


sweet 350 and pics!


No matter what anyone else says, that is a clean Z. Jeremy has put a lot of work into it the past few years. Glad to see the car is where its at after so much has happened. Can't wait to see whats next for it in the future!


Holla all the way from Malaysia for my former comrade on the track and house mate!! haha damn happy for u man that you got featured here and super nice pics as well. I was there with him when it was all bone stock and had the honor to give it its first wheel spin and drove her back for 6 hours to Wichita. Haha believe me when this car has been through hell and now come back like it's from the heavens yo!

Keep up with the seat times at the track and yea..u gotta look good while doing it too that's for sure.

Take care and come back malaysia thanks..no1 stays in wichita anymore haha


green/gold? gross... makes me want to puke. put it into the tire wall? go take a driving school before you wreck anymore cars.

So you've had the car for 2 years and it's 'been in the shop' for atleast 3 months... looks like you polish it more than track it, good luck in communications. I think Phoenix Online has a program perfect for you.


more money than brains, I hope you put that horrid thing into another tire wall and put it outs of it's misery.


I dig your Z Mr. Lee. Nice style and I lovce that it gets driven!


too many haters man,.. they probably drive POS cars anyways, some people actually enjoy having their car look good, go on dates with females in comfortable cars with full interiors etc.. hardcore slamed gangsta gutted cars only entertain a small percentage of cocks lol.

Clean car, just not feeling the green wheels, maybe white or something would have been cool imo.


speedhunters is loosing its "niceness"

anyway amazing car! we wanna see updates


what a douche.... we get it. you go to track days... for being "tracked'' so much it sure is nice.

Nice car.


PIC'S or bull shat on track days


Jeremy's a very reputable person. He's put some good work into his cars, so you can't judge him and his car by its looks.

Most previous posters have mentioned about power, I believe they also need to know that power is nothing without control. As far as Jeremy goes, he's in control of his car, his build, his project.

Keep up the good work Jeremy! Waiting for more!


YOU'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE TOTO. HAHAHA... nice Z i wish your wheels were a different color.


I don't care what other people say, loved the color combo. I'm not really a "Z-person" but he is the one who made me change my mind. Looking at his Z just make me wanna own one of those and have crazy color combo on it. Hope that I can track with you more often this year. keep up the good work!


love this car, see it in my area all the time. wichita.

the rims are dope, the paint is dope


Excellent read. Thanks speedhunters for posting more of these guest blogs, love reading them.


Is that a track car?


Who cares about flush? No wonder Japan won't import it's best models because they know Americans will overdo the mods and ruin the entire car. I'd hate to see anyone flush out my perfectly good V-Spec, if I were it's designer and engineer.

Nice car all around, Jeremy. Don't listen to anyone and modify in YOUR taste.


like it man, i like it.. it's very clean for a track racer(?) colour choice is ok as well as the finish, green alloys?? that's got to be a personal thing 'LOL' each to their own bro.. like the neat front end intake - makes for a 'great?' read and i suspect a event greater drive - hmmm what's hiding under the bonnet??


like the car, hate the story.

what is it with this whole " i don't trailer my car, i daily drive it." it's such a pretentious attitude, like you're getting street cred or enlarging your e-peen by "doesn't afraid of anything". cool car ( minus the tails ) but it's getting annoying seeing people try to pass off as some prodigious, awesome person because they're dailying a low car.



Best looking Z33! More info on the engine needed!


This post was mentioned on Twitter by jemeister: thank you SPEEDHUNTERS.COM for featuring my car!


It doesnt look so bad.

Why hate?

What do some of YOU guys drive? :P

I drive a 96 Sentra.



This is my favorite 350z. I love the color combo and it it a good balance of form and function. Keep up the good work Jeremy.


I love the fact that you haven't compromised it's track/race capabilities by slamming it onto the ground overtop of ridiculously big wheels with stupidly stretched tires for that flush look. Your Z looks great, and it can handle a racetrack, that is awesome. Don't listen to the haters, you should be proud and brag a little that your car can be used daily for anything, not just looking good in a parking lot for a photoshoot.


Hell it looks nice mate ;) Lookin forward to engine mods ^^


Stunning! What a mint colour combo, full props to the car/build absolutely stunning.

So many underage keyboard warriors on here, what's happened?

Awesome car, very inspirational.


nice to see countrymate...JDM CTR buddy here


I am in Wichita and have seen the car around, props for the unique color!


how arrogant.. Instead of talking about how much of a bad A$$ driver you are you should thank all the people that installed all of the parts your parents bought for you.

Your car is cool though. But I think its a show car with racing belts. Hopefully there not expired.

And I'm a not a under aged keyboard warrior. Just a butt hole. I think your getting flamed for arrogance.


again i'd like to thank mike and speedhunters for putting this up!

thank you everyone for the positive, negative and "witty" comments :)

well i do agree my parents did help with the initial car purchase and of course i am very grateful... anything and everything after that was hard earned... at one point i was working 3 jobs and going to college full time to pay for mods, gas and even insurance... oh, rent and bills too... i work on my car because i can't really afford the labor charges, i like to learn... and besides, what i save in labor charges i could spend on mods right? and thanks for bringing up the expiration date on the belts, they expire in 2013 :)

i have nothing to prove, this is just my story and that's how i wrote it... if you wanted more details i could go on and on and on... the part about driving it daily and to the track or whatever is because i can't really afford a DD and try to make it as "streetable" as i can for commutes all year round (it snows bad over here sometimes)... i see a lot of cars which arrive at the track on trailers but when you take a closer look you see they aren't really full blown track cars and they even have street tires on... i just don't see the point in trailing a street car to the track and that's my humble opinion... might be a good idea if something happens at the track, but then again there's always AAA...

well the car was at the bodyshop for 3 months because of the delay in parts to arrive, some mishaps here and there, financial issues (had to wait for the next paycheck to complete the lump sum payment)... i brought it there for repairs after the accident and since they had to repaint half the car, i'd figure why not the entire car? if nothing had happened at the track that day in may 08, i'd still be driving around with the dings and front end which was rough as sandpaper from rock chips and road debris... and be happy about it! on a sidenote, guys don't go too hard on your performance all seasons on a roadcourse! i learned it the hard way :(


some of you wanted to know some performance mods?

like i mentioned in the blog entry i've always wanted to go FI so i'm still piecing together parts for my build which i hope will happen soon hopefully over spring break...

on top of my head she's got a greddy evo tt catback, act stage 1 clutch and flywheel (prolite if i remember correctly, new updated tranny (earlier ones were well known for going out anywhere from 60k to 80k miles), some stuff i've collected over the past couple months are cosworth plenum, hks 264 cams, greddy oil catch can which are all still sitting in my room (sorry kevin i know it's been forever), recently purchased a set of arias 9:1 pistons and some eagle rods for my hopefully soon FI build... trying to work out a deal on a used greddy tt kit with a private seller right now... purchased a used f con and evc too...

as far as footwork goes the car's riding on tein monoflex with an edfc... cusco front camber a arms and rear toe arms, battle version camber arms, street wheels are gram lights 57 maximum powdercoated tein/takata green 18X9.5 +22 all round with a 20mm kics project spacer in the rears so that they are flush all round (mild flush not hella flush)... sold the rims 2 days ago actually... tires are falken ziex ze912 245/40 all round... track wheels used to be OEM 18" touring rims wrapped in falken azenis rt615 255/40 all round (great tires at a decent price!)... got a set of advan model t6 last month 18X9 +22 and 19X10+25 wrapped in some nitto nt01 275/35 and 245/40 can't wait to try them out! would love a big brake kit but for now i'm still running the OEM brake setup with ebc yellow pads, ebc ultimax blanks, steel braided lines and motul rbf fluid (just switched from ate blue to see how this works)...

interior wise i traded my OEM leather seats for a pair of corbeau fx1s which also came with brackets and rails... these new seats flex so i might change them out soon... see what i can do on a tight budget... a bcr harness bar goes from one b pillar to another and that's where i fasten the shoulder straps of my harness to (g force 5 pt rated harness with camlock)... some other little things include mats, HU, edfc, knob, etc etc...


for the viewers at home the car does have a satin clear coat on it... what i had in mind was a lil bit of top secret gold mixed with the phoenix yellow found on the e46 m3... this was the end result... paint has some fine metallic flake in it which makes it pop nicely under sunlight imho...

side skirts and rear bumper are part of the c-west n1 kit and the front bumper is a jp aerodynamics type n, eyelids are from aut...


wow the internet is full of complete douche's

i think hes mentioning that his car gets used on track so much so some asshole doesnt go 'OMG GAY TRAILORRR KWEEEN!!'

its nice to see a car on track that looks good, instead of all this ratty 'rocket' shit. and hellaflush is complete faggotry, it just ruins the look of most cars being stupidly low.

Z is good, just think black or gold wheels woulda been nicer.


Jeremy your car is HOTT!!!!


correction it was *elf freelub 650 for the brakes right now... brake pedal is much stiffer with this... saw the bottle lying in the garage on my way out!


Dig the car, do not dig the ugly taillights...


whoops... correction *elf freelub 650 for the brakes (saw the bottle lying around in the garage earlier) and the *t6s are 18X10 in the rear...


LOL @ Pete.

True tho.

Maybe some kids could focus more on "Doing" than "Seeing"

Functionality over Style?

Ya'll be the judge tell y'whut


This is one of the best 350Z I've ever seen!


Good on ya Jeremy, do you go mostly to Hallet or HPT? I stay in Kansas City, maybe I'll see you at Heartland Park this summer! Also you're a better man than I to be so nice to the trolls.


i usually go to hallett... never been to heartland park as their open track days are usually on wednesdays if i'm not mistaken... could never find the time to do so...

i might head there this coming season though... for some drift events :) come say hi if you see me around!


Interesting build Jeremy, I'd like to mention that im a fan of how you've chosen to build your car. Just took a look through the list of comments and am sure that MOST haters love being keyboard warriors in their own right (probably not having a ride of their own to shout about) :P

PS. There are a couple of fellow M'sians (including me) who have posted up comments. Here's a pic of my (EX-)ride -


Colors kinda grow on you throughout the post. I bet it's a lot better in person.


blu3chip: thank you! nice evos!!! and your tag says victoria are you in perth? if you are i've got a good buddy there you might have seen him around... drives a white rps13(might have just sold it) and a blue ver 9 wrx.. his name is james and he's also a malaysian...


I love reading about real/average everyday guys and the passion in their vehicles. Thanks SpeedHunter and Mr. Lee


great article i feel exactly that he felt about his car man. :)