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Last weekend my parents were in Southern California visiting for a bit before heading off on a cruise ship to Mexico. My dad had been bugging me for a while that he wants to check out a Cars and Coffee event, so Saturday morning it was up before the sun and down to Irvine to show him SoCal car culture at it's best.

The main purpose of the trip wasn't to take pictures, but to simply enjoy the cars for once. However, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos. This Porsche 356 was beautiful.

I still can't get over the variety at these gatherings. Yep, that's a Hemi Cuda parked next to this FC3S.

There's no better place than Southern California for year-round open air motoring. Each Cars and Coffee event has plenty of classic roadsters, such as this Jag.

This Mini might have been my favorite car of the day. Love the foglights and spare tires mounted on the roof rack.

An imported B110 Nissan Sunny from Japan.

Just one of the many early 911's on hand, as you can tell from the opening photo.

And a little bit of front-engine Porsche love.

Sorry, I let my station wagon fetish take over for a minute…

While it may not look like much, this Ford pickup had some serious work done to it, with a late model car frame (Crown Vic?) sitting under the body.

A  very understated, yet cool Evo X.

This Ferrari California rolled in just as things were winding down. Looks great in white!

The E39 M5 is still one of the best four-door sedans ever built…

The infamous, and incredibly valuable Shelby GT350H Mustang "rent-a-racer".

The most exotic car of the day was likely this Porsche 906. Street driven!

But it was this Ferrari F50 that seemed to be getting the most attention.

Yep, just another Saturday morning in Orange County.

-Mike Garrett



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Is thata 928S of Posche ?

That´s a unique 8 cil posche

wow !


I would love an f50..


I would love an f50..


Haha, Mike has love for the 808 State. Thanks for keeping the Hawaii visible on the plate, reminded me that there ARE people in Hawaii that can afford that ish. (I think we have one of the Lambo LP670-4's here. Saw it on the freeway, but like a typical Lamborghini owner, he buzzed off like he had a girl to get to.)


I'm feelin the 906. Can't believe it is street legal..?! Rad.


Cars n Coffee FTW

except its hella cold...haha


Lol. looks like I missed a good one.

Gotta love the OC. So much money in one little parking lot.


feelin the evo on CE 28's! nice pic


Porsche 906 FTMFW holy moley thats not seen often in public....


Excellent stuff!


Yes, the white Porsche is a 928.


Oh i Love the Porsche 928 and the M5 !


I love the Evo. Looks so clean...

"The E39 M5 is still one of the best four-door sedans ever built..."

Definetly, complete agree.


love that porker 356, plus.. hey!! an original Mini with bonnet straps not stripes like these new ones!! looks like a good time was had by all..


I was reading a blog earlier and there was a street driven Ferrari 250 GTO and one of these events, man some of these guys have balls of steel...


Shame you guys in the US had to have those ugly bumpers like on the e-type jag. kinda spoils the curvy metalwork but ah well it's still one of my favourite British cars


That M5 wagon is so hot...


Hey where in Irvine is this held and how often??

I live next to Irvine and want to check out this event

lots of great rides btw!!!


haha i just noticed the ferrari california has hawaii plates...too bad most of hawaii's roads are too short and crappy for these kind of cars, plus the only track in hawaii closed..


That 66? Ford unibody pickup is cool!


man that 906 is the stuff of dreams


Yeah this event is a blast and happens every Saturday! Yes a 250 GTO does show up, as well as a Jaguar D-Type that was a factory racer. There are a few of those 906 cars that show too! Veyrons and Apollo's have even shown up, not sure if a Konisegg has ever shown. I feel privileged to be allowed to park inside the show lot.


I would do ANYTHING to own half of those cars!


i saw that Porsche driving around in santa ana. (borders irvine) awesome to confirm my sighting.


"Yep, that's a Hemi Cuda parked next to this FC3S"

So you decided to take a picture of the RX7 with a bit of HEMI Cuda in the background and then not take a picture of the Cuda? Unusual agenda, but none the less, good article. It just seems strange that you'd be standing next to an everyday RX7 next to which is a HEMI Cuda and go "yep, definitely taking a pic of the RX7". Where's an emoticon with a raised inquisitive eyebrow when you need one...


Wallpaper of the F50 Please!!!


That California is ugly as sin! Blugh! Some serious cars there though. Thanks for sharing.


nothing that you can see on the car makes the Cuda a HEMI. It could be a 383 or a 440


w00t Ferrari California reppin' hawaii =]


The FC RX7 looks tuff.

Needs more low!


A RHD Sunny! I've never seen one except in photos


embrace your station wagon fetish, got to love the bricks!


Dude, does anyone recognize the body kit for that FC? That front bumper iz killa!