Event>> Omega Oil @ Tsukuba Pt.1

After the great feedback I got from the Battle Evome coverage a few weeks back I just knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head to Tsukuba circuit again. This time the event was organized by Omega Oil, which holds free practice sessions at the little circuit in Ibaraki-ken throughout the year. Omega customers are invited to bring their cars out for the day for some fun and practice but I didn't realize how cool this day would turn out to be until I drove into the paddock and saw just how many shops had showed up!

On top of better known tuning garages like Techno Pro Spirit who came with their N2 AE86…

…there were other cars that belonged to much smaller shops, or just owned by customers. 

Again I was witnessing JDM grassroots track driving at its best with an immensely broad selection of rides…

…which included this X70 Mark II wagon! These cars are very popular with surfers in Japan as they are cheap to pick up and swallow a couple of boards without any problems but I've been seeing more and more of them being used in both drift and grip. Old-school goodness without a doubt, but it doesn't end there…

…check out this TE71 Sprinter GT for example!

Under the hood the 2T-G was boosted by a vintage HKS turbo kit…

…while the somewhat beaten up exterior was almost stock. The owner just couldn't understand why I was taking so many pictures of his car. I tried to explain that it was beyond cool, but he though I was kidding around!

I got chatting to the owner of this very bright yellow S14…

…which was running a 2.2L JUN kit and a TD-06 turbo. Turns out he was a doctor, enjoying his day off driving his specifically built track car.

A lot of the N2 AE86 guys came over to practice including the pink Car Factory Ai car…

…running Keihin Flat CR bike carbs. These use a guillotine valve which works great in racing applications when the throttle is wide open most of the time.

This Zorro DR30 Skyline sounded great out on track despite the initial problems to get the FJ-motor started early in the morning.

The Peugeot 106 follows on from a great lineage of FF cars like the 205 GTi so it's not surprising there are quite a lot in Japan.

Customers of Omega include Goose Neck Sport which came to get some hot laps in their race-prepped Exige.

Kamata-san of Tec Art's was present too with his N2 AE86, one of the most highly specced cars that participate in the Hot Version organized events.

The 4AG has dry sump lubrication, which allows it to sit lower in the engine bay. Top end parts are used for the built, most of them made in house at Tec Art's all working together to get almost 240 HP out of the little 1.6 L motor!

Random S2000 in the paddock.

Another great car from Scorch Racing! This MR-S was sporting a wide-body GT-300 replica kit and tons of engine modifications.

I loved the stance on this EG Civic, and take a look at that roof mounted wing.

There is always a nice S30 or two at events like these and I spotted this 240ZG sitting alone in one of the pits. Titanium exhaust and widened front and rear tracks hint that this is far from stock!

AE86 perfection!

Spotless Work Equip "zerothree" …

…or how about some SSR Formulas!

There was one car in the paddock that I couldn't seem to keep my eyes off. It wasn't Japanese but this Volvo 244DL of all cars! 

The combination of a striking orange exterior and that 80's stance with black steel wheels and Delta GT Road Max tires made it one of the coolest cars at Tsukuba that day. And no it wasn't used out on track!

More to come from the Omega track day soon.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Toyota's rule lol.

4A-G's,2T-G's and MR-2's. That's the business.


Holly S**T that 240Z looks bad ass!

Desktop worthy.

Love the Rolla's and the S14 and what the hell is a Volvo doing at a race track?!


the fairlady is amazing


More of the KP Starlet!


240hp from an NA 4A-GE? WHAAT?? also that MR-S is NASTY. also that pink 86 has GZE valve covers on a carbed motor? whered the SC go lol


NEED more photographs of the 240ZG!!!!!!!!


whats up with that flat black ae86 coupe with the gold wheels? Looks cool.






Toyota is my religion


more posts like these please!!


toyota in the 80's was ultimate.


That purple Tec-Arts car makes my balls tingle. No homo.


i want those advans off that te really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!


This TE71!!!! Waaaah! <3 it! Old skool to the bone! Really bad ass for the fairlady, miss the "oldskoolpower.thing" and the sound! And for the two last pics... XD To find an old volvo (I've owned two 240 GL break, and I'm actually rocking a 740 GL, also break) on the tsukuba, so odd! Ha ha! Rhd, for more! I wonder how can appear the lovely ugly truck noise (ventilation fan runing directly with the motor ;) between an MR-S and an S2000...


Love it! Bring on the rest of the pics!!!!



didnt expect to see a Peugeot! thats a real EDM import over there!


The 240z needs to be a wallpaper!


Is that the rear end of a RE Ameniya FD i spy in the third pic?


Get any more pix of the MR-S Dino?


car porn ;)

wallpaper request for pic 1


Nice Starlet!


Yes Dino!!!


More pics of that EG please!!


O_O awe*

made my day

loved the MRS , very cool, more pix?


:) i wanna get a te71 now, beyond cool alright


great coverage. I love seeing all the variety that comes from events like this. especially rad seeing that volvo. nothing wrong with a big orange brick. keep it coming!


haha a volvo.

The 242s are cool cars tho, specially with a 5syl.


nice coverage.

first pic for desktop please.


Is it just me...or does Tsukuba always has some radical builds tearing up the track? and I mean ALWAYS!!!


This is what Speedhunters needs! Lovely cars there, I envy you!


More pics of the Volvo + Desktops. I love steels + lettered tires.


In the first part of the Omega Oil Tsukuba track day coverage someone made a comment that Tsukuba seems


If you like old badass volvos you need to come to sweeden, I love the yellow s14 :D


More info on that Yellow S14! Looks like a Zenki with DMax 30MM front fenders. More pics of it too please!


nice pics cool event to. why are ther never any EF9 or EF8 IWOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME MORE EF CIVIC