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All eyes have been on the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada these past 2 weeks, so it's only fitting that we showcase a little piece of the west coast scene by highlighting some cool local S13s. These cars may look a bit rough around the edges but they do have oodles of style.  I get the feeling these cars, there are just build to drift so they don't have to look like showqueens.

The white S13 has had quite a history as it was vandalized last year. Some people spray painted the car and smashed all the windows and then proceeded to throw a bucket of white paint into the interior. A rival drift crew perhaps?

The owner then decided to strip the interior and paint the car, he then let a friend of him paint some graffiti on the hood just for fun.

This purple S13 is my favorite of the three, mismatched wheels, sparkly paint and a killer stance. I really like the front wheels on this car, can anybody identify them?

The rear wheels even show some camber. I have a feeling that these cars only come out at night and have some fun on the industrial parks that surround Vancouver.

This 180SX has a set of Rota's in pink measuring 17"×9.5 +6 in the front and 18"×9.5 +10 in the back.

This rear shot of the white S13 reveals the Work VS-KF wheels being tucked in the wheel well.

One final shot, maybe Rod should pay these guys a visit and make one of his trademark slow mo videos in a dark and secluded industrial park

-Jeroen Willemsen

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Where do you find those body kits?


you dont have any pic of you guys on drifting action



The S13's are so different yet all look sick in their own ways



My guess would be Japan.........


the purps = sex


this is the best vancouver has to offer?? HA!!

cmon man quit playin.


Pretty sick, i like the hood on that white hatch, very unique :D


sexy!! would like the rims of the purple one..deep as hell!!


"this is the best vancouver has to offer?? HA!!

cmon man quit playin."

LOL +1


Ive looked all over here (Virginia) and cant find sh*t :(


The Purple Onevia looks absolutely awesome!

The mis-match deep lip wheels looks cool.

3 killer S Chassis right here!


thse guys get there paint and body kits at check it out its a local vancouver based paint abd body shop custom kits made inhouse as well as any kit you want. 2 days ago the purple onevia was backed into and the front end got smashed up




All three are rad as hell. They tear it up at the Vancouver Island drift events.


Front wheels on the purple car are a type of wheels from Work, they have many VS types these are part of the VS-SD family.


Im eating the nicest meat stake right now!uuuhm so yum


Those front wheels on the purple one remind me of Meister S1s.


does anyone notice the toe on the rear wheeles??


terribly written article. no info. ugly cars.

what happened?


hey guys...thanks for all the positive comments...i own the white s13..and no...its not the best in vancouver.

the story about the vandalism is 100% true. i had no comprehensive coverage on this car back then so i had zero compensation. all in all...making the best out of a crappy situation. photos of the immediate post incident would appall you.

all three of us have surprises for this coming drift season!!

thanks to j.sundell for the shoot and speedhunters for this feature!



I hate to say it..... but everything is so cookie cutter now.

just sayen.


some well worked metal here.. pity we can't see these cars on the track.. what!! nobody wanting wallpapers..?? LOL..


ur mom happened


Check out Vancouver's drift scene pics on the blog at and there are a ton on my flickr page at

These boys cars are great, but dont see much real action!

Love you Elitists!


The purple coupes mine. Wheels specs are 18x9.5 +8 18x10 -9, has around -9° camber on the rear.

Also front wheels are SSR Vienna Shalk's, rears are Lowenhart LD1s.


All three are just awesome. But the purple Nissan , that is just pure magic :)


I live in Vancouver also, and i've seen the black hatch with the pink Rotas near my place a few times.

Its super dope! Definitely waaay low for our crappy Vancouver roads!


wallpaer, all three please


this cant be the best vanc has to offer really, they look allright but ive seen way better builds from ontario... tony the tiger's TT camry.... come on dig deeper in vanc and find the rare builds...


i second that wallpaper idea


I <3 Vancouver. I have visited four times and would love to go back again. I am not usually a fan of pink wheels but those Rota's look pretty good.


What is it with people hating on the cars?wow.

Well I think the cars are dope if it matters...


The title is not appropriate, what gives?


Why do people have to vandalize peoples pride and joy.... Is there no decency left?

Personaly Id rather someone wanted to beat me up rather than my car.... at least I can defend myself... im not helpless like the poor car.


Go Canada!


Wow, beautiful cars.

Hmm, the white S13's history sounds awfully familiar. Was it black before it was painted? If it was, it was mine! Let it go because I didn't have the time to fix it up. The body was in the best condition S13 I've ever seen!

But great work on the cars and very nice photos!


No, the white one has always been white. We stripped the interior and got all the spray paint off with paint thinner. After a new windshield, drivers window, overs, and graffiti, the car looks bad ass now. The black and white car are going in for new paint and new bumpers this season. Keep on the lookout.


"A rival drift crew perhaps?" dumbest thing I've ever read on this site.


^^ its not need for speed, its real life

"rival drift crew"

get real


Nice! Reresenting Canada!


Beautiful cars :-)


Those front wheels are SSR Vienna Shalk wheels, in case anyone was still trying to figure them out after all these years.