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I'm not quite sure why, but I felt strangely drawn to this KP6 Toyota Starlet during the recent Omega Oil track day in Tsukuba. 

How can you not like its 70s/80s old-school feel, enhanced with body modifications that include massive N2-like overfenders and a set of vintage wheels.

The interior was kept pretty simple to start off with so the owner obviously didn't feel the need to go crazy and remove too much trim…

…the stock dash and instrument binnacle remaining, but sporting a custom instrument cluster with simple, fuss-free Omori gauges.

A look at that widened rear end.

Yes those are slicks, and notice the propped up bonnet to aid cooling.

I love the rawness of old machinery like this. The roof spoiler looks like it was shaped from a sheet of metal and the rear bumper has seen better days.

Out on track the little white KP6 Starlet was quite the screamer, the driver virtually not bothering to brake much at all before diving into corners.  With a curb-weight of around 700 kg and slick rubber meant very high levels of grip.

The chassis is stiffened up with a bolted-in roll-cage and I really like the TRD sticker on the side, adding additional coolness. Hope you liked this short spotlight into a rare and somewhat unconventional JDM ride.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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looks like a very very fun car


bit battered, but it makes it look tough anyway. i love these cars..


I hate the fact that the bug eye front end never came to the U.S.


i demand engine bay shots! wtf!


Used to own 1 white.this one brought a LOT of memories.nice job dino i only wish you take photos of the engine bay


Mm let me see if i can find another 1.drop a motor 4ag with itbs.project anyone


Thanks for posting this! <3 starlets.


uummm, what engine was in it Dino?

the four door kp61 was/is more prevalent in my country so a 2 door looks strange sometimes. Never the less, starlets have a cult status in Barbados


loving the vintage lurve. disappointed with the absence of an engine shot. talking about extream engine choice, i've seen one from down under with a 1U v8 transplant.


YES! Amazing car. Engine bay shots would have been nice. I can relate to it, currently building one with a 4age running twin sidedraughts. Love it.


Awww the starlet,its one of Toyotas most beutiful cars....along with the AE86....would be cool to see more ol skool starlet content in here I think


Badass. Period.


looks very track ready.. no engine pics?? - i remember when these were 'common as muck' - nice to see this example... and its still going strong!!


Love it, but I have a soft spot for Starlets.


Very strong,very track ready..But I`d like to have a tip from a professional photographer like you.Can you tell me how did you make the background blurry?Any focus,shutter speed,iso combo?Thanks in advance


in the picture showing the rear of the starlet..


@ Mario : open wide (F2,8), focus on the element in front of view, the bg will be blurred ;)

(It works really better with tele, but if the bg is far enough, you can hope some results with wide angle)

Sorry for my awfull english, hope that you understand.

Very kool racin' bug, ideed!


Bardaff:Thank you very much


its a kp60 not kp6....those are genuine trd arches and genuine trd wheels...


does it have an engine?!


That's pretty key, these little Starlets with the bug eyes rock


Love them Starlets. Those are some of my favorite wheels too. THey look even radder wrapped in slicks. What was he running for engine?


Very nice! I love all the odd Japanese cars that we never got here in the states (well, we had Starlets, but not very many and they didn't have the same front end but...).


nice starlet dude...also nice TOSCO rim...

i also have one starlet kp60 (4door version).

still on engine upgraded now...


Instrument binnacle? Haven't heard that before. And Harris, how can you tell they are genuine TRD arches? I know there are probably more copies going around than originals and I was just curious.


Why is no one talking about those TRD toscos everyone should be fapping over the greatest 13" racing wheels ever made.


Almost all starlets in PR have rotary engines in them! Go Puerto Rico!


engine??????? nice kp61


any photos of the engine? thanks


love the coverage of the older toyotas, any chance of some wallpapers? thanks


anyone notice the exhaust pipe infront of the rear wheels?