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I keep seeing these gorgeous cars pop up on blogs and forums proving the VW community is very much alive! A favorite is this burgundy red Mk3 owned by John Redfearn from the UK. This car showed up again when I got the latest fix of Performance VW. So I set off collecting some pictures from the web to create this spotlight.

The car is obviously a Golf Mk3, but to the untrained eye it's hard to see all the modifications. It starts with the Vento front or Jetta as it is called in the states I believe. The headlights are smoked to give it a more cohesive look. A smoothed front bumper was the last thing to get it looking just right.

The wheels are prominent, as is the case with most cars in the VW community. They come from a Corvette and measure 8.5×16" in the front and 9.5×16" in the back. The car isn't dropped using the usual airbags but instead John used FK Konigsport coilovers. To get the car this low the coilovers weren't enough on their own, so he pulled the arches almost 20mm all round. To get the tuck needed he wrapped the wheels in 195/40/16 and 215/35/16 Falken tires.

The rear is very modest with its deleted whiper and Hella red lights. The stance looks killer from this view point. To get it just right John used 20mm H&R spacers

The interior has a full fudge colored vinyl retrim to give it a more luxurious feel. I do wonder if the small 280mm steering wheel from MOMO isn't a bit too small.

I have found the love of working on your own car again after so many years. Reading John's topic on the Edition38 forum I know he feels the same. Working together with friends is a great feeling especially when you are working on a car that looks this good.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Performance VW

Edition38 forum



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I'm not a VW fan at all, but I can definitely appreciate a good looking mk3. For some strange reason, those C4 wheels actually work. Nice job.


Badass little car!


the VW community is very much alive in the uk, both air cooled and water cooled. i work in a air cooled VW garage (click link for more) in somerset, england. we have curently have a magazine cover car which is being restored by us. we are also the creators of jerome trimbells 23 window super samba (if you've seen it). at the moment we have a beetle powered trike in for repair and a beach buggy thats won an award and is great fun to bomb around in. id love it if you could do a feature of Volkswerke. i could provide pictures if need and even do an update ever month. my email (


I quite like it. Not over the top like a lot of car modifying ends up over here (from what i've seen anyway) not sure about some of the exterior trim still being black and other's body coloured. and typical with the speakers in the doors being a stand out feature of the interior besides the reupholstered dash and seats... but it's pretty nice overall!


I love the car, but looking at pic3, the rear end lets it down a bit? Very clean, regardless.


Great looking car, I work with John and he puts a lot of time and effort into this car, It almost changes appearence every week and looks a little bit better each time.


Not my taste, but the work on it looks to be of a very high standard.

Good job!


The water cooled VW scene is bigger than its ever been in the US


I love c4 sawblades...And no Fat chicks haha!


While I always thought those exact wheels were awful looking when on the C4 Vette, they work really well what with the fresh powder coat and color of the car. Is it just me, or do they give off an O.Z. kind of vibe? Nice, very nice indeed.



Make desktop, please!


cars bad ass!!!!


They look like better P-Slots


Someone please tell me why Europeans love white shoes so much.


front is spot on, rear is missing something but i cant put my finger on it!?


I just love Vollswagen so


So clean. I love how VW guys finish their cars.


We the VW Community are most definately 'up in here'.. this car is just about the entry level standard of the show scene in the UK (i haven't seen the engine bay) you don't really get a look in if your not ticking all the boxes, to a quite exacting standard.. those alloys have been done to death, like most new alloy picks - you find some that are rare, obscure or even new, then everybody and their grandmother jumps on the band-wagon until your sick sick of the sight of them. As for the Momo steering wheel.. Momo look well in Dubs, just like BBS on Dubs they can't really look out of place.. its just personal choice, that coupled with variety keeps the VW scene alive and kicking in the UK!! (Phew)


rockin, i have those whells fitted to a series 2 Bluebird 910, yhe gunmetal finish is the best and i might just be droppin me wheels off to be coated next week now, awsome


great stuff! obviously i'm a huge VW guy for those who have paid attention, and as a mk3 golf owner this thing is even more sick! :D i'm partial to golf front but the Jolf setup is always a winner, especially with smoked e-codes. while vette wheels have been around on dubs for at least five years now, the black paint job on these suckers really works well with the colour of the car, as does the interior! and the door speakers also contrast nicely.


Bradford represent! I used to see this car quite a lot in the morning on the way to work, very nice indeed!


que perrona nave me gusta ese estilo un poco euro los rines chonchos se ven bien felicidades


I need a desktop of this!!!