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After checking out the GT-R from Flatwell everyone was talking about at the HKS Premium Day, I think it would be a pity of we didn't take a look at this equally impressive BNR34 built by Koizumi-san at Auto Gallery Yokohama. 

Looks wise this particular car is far simpler, fitted with only a few choice Nismo parts like the side and rear skirts as well as the rear overfender strips.

But it's under the hood that things get very interesting. To any GTR-otaku out there, this set-up would be instantly recognizable as the work of Auto Gallery Yokohama, that go for that raw race car feel with those cool RB20 cam covers. They not only weigh less than the stock items but are also lower and have the breather points located in the middle rather than up top helping make any blow-by pick up layout much simpler.  Like the Flatweel car, response is the primary objective here, so again HKS GT2530s are mated to a stroked engine for just over 600 HP.  Even a Nismo GT intake plenum is fitted, the same item that was used on the dry-sumped RB28s of the JGTC GT500 GT-Rs. 

Up front we find more Nismo parts like the Z-tune fenders and front bumper as well as the unpainted R-tune hood. For track use an additional front spoiler is added under the stock plastic diffuser to help increase front end downforce. I really liked the strip of fluorescent tape highlighting the edges, very Super GT!

Auto Gallery Yokohama's area of expertise is gearboxes, GT-R boxes of course, and in particular the 5-seed of the R32 and R33 models. This is their full 690R transmission kit, which is especially designed to take the abuse of highly modified engines, and comes with its own special ratios. Koizumi-san is also a master at rebuilding the GT-R transfer cases.

That is the Nismo titanium strut tower bar I've been looking for for ages. Since Nismo stopped making these due to rising cost of titanium (this has always struck me as weird as titanium parts have been dropping in price significantly lately) you can't get your hands on one without forking out anywhere from $1200 and up, double what it cost new from Nismo.

The Nismo look is completed with a set of black TE37s sporting a Nismo logo, wrapped in Hankook Ventus TD semi-slick tires. Massive front lip spoiler aside I loved the factory Nismo Z-tune feel of this car, and that engine is simply to die for! 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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That is one of the most packed engine bays I've ever seen, and I'm sure there isn't one thing that isn't necessary.


fuckn love thost custom cam covers and the car shot dino


$1200 just for that bar thingy?


i thought those were LMGT4s for a sec...haha




The custom RB20 Cam Covers is something different and interesting to see.

A great looking R34 GTR with the Nismo Z-Tune body kit.

I have driven a R33 GTR tuned by Auto Gallery Yokohama.

One of the best GTR's I have driven.

Had power and response + great handling.


cam covers are so sick!!


desktops???? love the front splitter



Their R32 GTR is one of my top 3 favorite cars of all time!!!


that engine bay looks monstrous man!! yeah the strut brace is big money, it looks surprisingly 'un-bulky', not as beefy as i though it might be, but am confident it will more than do the job! all in all very tough..


Stunning engine bay! Great post Dino


Love this car. $1200 for a strut bar is a bit steep by the way, only for the Nismo badge on it!


I think HKS day is better than tokyo autosalon


Love the old school look of the engine cover.


Dino! Bight the bullet and get the Strut Bar.

Or concidder the Top secret,kansai, Z-Tune, Bee Racing, or the one on Andy Barns' Sumo Power


Remember you have a R34 GT-R.

I have a S13 and will probably piss away about 20G's on it.

I wish I had a R34 to piss away $1200 on.

It is for a GT-R not a Chevy Sprint.


I love the engine...The rest is meh