Car Spotlight>> Auto Bahn Jza70 Supra

Uniqueness is sometimes the cause for confusion, and this particular car being built by Auto Bahn out in Ibaraki-ken is the perfect example. I spotted it inside their workshop the other month when I stopped over to check another of their cars out.

I thought it looked pretty cool with that nice carbon front diffuser and canards on each side of the bumper.

Covering tons of grassroots drift events throughout the year means I have cultivated quite the attraction towards older JDM rides like the JZZ20 Soarer.

I was very impressed by the work that has gone into tuning the 2JZ-GTE that lies under the vended FRP hood, but as I was drooling over the HKS T04Z turbine I noticed something wasn't quite right.

The roofline looked odd and only when I stepped to one side did I realize I was actually looking at a JZA70 Supra and not a Soarer! Apparently after a little mishap out on track the owner decided it was time to do something different with the front end, replacing the heavy pop-out headlights with the simpler JZZ20 front end.

The car is almost finished and once done it will contnue to remain a street-registered machine used for the occasional time attack and drift soukoukai. Can't help but love these kind of bespoke projects!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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wow. easily the coolest jza70 i've ever seen!! I hate pop-up headlights :X!


This is one the coolest JZA70's ever.. the conversion looks so clean, well done, and the swap looks sweet..please keep us posted!!


Very cool Dino!


Soapra for the mfw


I can find the front bumper, but does anyone know what other companies make Z20 Soarer aero parts? The hood, front fenders, the grill I could probably custom mold, but also the headlights and corner lights need to be bought (and assumed disposable and easily replaceable.) Dino, anything?


Where can i get the bumper?


LOL When I saw this post I was like "Umm... That's a Soarer not a Supra".

How mistaken I was. Nice conversion, very impressive!


"soapra" lovin it i dont see too many people doing this conversion ive also seen the opposite a soarer with supra lights on it ...luigi wont like it but here it is also an aero top soarer to, mad rare


that thing on the front is not a diffuser. its just a splitter.

loving the car though and good pictures!


It's also nice too see that not everybody in Japan drive R35 or Evo X or some other new gen car. There's alot of fun older cars still out there and this Supra shows that you don't always have to be mainstream and get a s13 or s14 to be cool...


That is amazing looking. First time I've seen one like that.


this thing is sweet..... as soon as i saw the badge i was like wait this is a ohhhh............ nice conversion maybe it might influence others....


thats awesome. its the Toyota version of a sileighty.


There's a fella here in SoCal with a black one fitted with a 2JZ as well if I remember correctly. It's a great looking conversion.


...^ at rhett..its been done already..still cool though!


johnny its actually a vvti 1jz. anyways that socal soapra was done way before this one. to anyone planning to attempt this front end conversion its a lot harder than it looks; its not a direct bolt. your gonna have to do some cutting on the fender.


Wow, Thats pretty cool.


just a note for the authour

"Covering tons of grassroots drift events throughout the year means I have cultivated quite the attraction towards older JDM rides like the JZZ20 Soarer."

the Z20 soarers were never released with the JZ engine so there is no such car as a JZZ20 soarer

MZ20 yes (7M-GTE)

GZ20 yes (1G-GTE)

JZZ30 yes (later model soarer with 1JZ-GTE)

JZZ20 no.



Ya, that's dope.... I kant wait to see the finished build!


Wow, I like that a lot. Need to see it with the wheels mounted!


Great project. Cool pics too, Dino!

But I don't like soapra conversions. I'm from Russia, and I have GA70(yep,with 2JZ too) Supra :)

I'm still thinkin', that Mk3 must have dropped stock body with some nice touchs like front lip, Bomex whale tail, LED rear lights, Stout hood, loud exhaust and 18'' Gram Lights 57Pro (or Work Equip, or SSR Professors SP1) with right stance and offset.

No bodykits, no ugly conversions!


I knew it lol. The front grill was to small to be a Soarer. Nice conversion, and nice post.


My bad. They're the same size. Something about the front seems off, though.


The Supra should have been made like this from the factory! it looks great!


C&Y Okinawa has a Soarpra with a 2J motor. It's been for sale for many years now.


better shot of jose's vvti 1J swapped "soapra" engine bay

piping designed by yours truly :) it won best JDM category at HIN a while back. the weld covers and flake magenta covers really set it off


moar soapras????????????????



Z20 Soarers also came with the 1JZGTE.


@Shou - learn to read

Z20 soarers DID NOT come with jz engines only the Z30 soarer was the first to come with JZ engines


the perfect synergy of my two favorite late 80s Japanese cars!


Perfect example of a soarupra!! Think I need to find a Z20 half cut to fit to my A70!! Nice one dino.


Would love to do the other way round - A Z20 with a Supra Mk 3 JZA70 front! :)