How could Misfits and Mavericks month be complete without something on Keisuke Hatakeyama, the god of FF drifting. Here’s the famous Option video clip where he shows the setup on his EF Civic and demonstrates his technique.

Does anyone remember when he ran in the states at the Falken Drift Showoff events?

-Mike Garrett



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Haha What the hell is he saying

Doesnt matter that EF looks really clean


thats not drifting. thats dragging ass


that guys such a badass hes like a fat japanese conan o brien


Dood, I actually had the original FF option video where this clip is from, I remember when he can to the US and drifted at the Falken events. He would have to drive the whole infield and then yank on the ebrake at the infamous clipping point. Pretty cool I guess.


Wow. Makes me want an EF. not for drifting, but just because that one is so damn clean looking.


FF drifting is gayer than aids.


haha that dudes hair is awesome. I'm a honda fan but FF drifting doesn't really sit well with me. It's cool and impressive an all, I must be an old man/purist/stick in the mud, though I'm not exactly old...


Lol he drifts better than me and i have a rwd!


he show good car control, but boring video....haha

i saw better video on youtube.


I remember this, whatever happened to the car after it was painted in the Falken colors?


I saw it at GT LIVE in socal. not that impressed. But i guess i wouldnt be so impressed after seeing D1 drivers in person, supergt cars and the fastest time attack cars of the time. what an amazing event <3


Thats just lame!


i remember kyle arai, taking the falken drift showoff in hawaii with an ef sedan


Kyle didn't "take" the Hawaii Drift Showoff, he just got a special award.


get flame suit on.. flamers here.


pretty ghey, yeah...


I like Honda's but thats the only good thing I can say about this, it's just not "drifting" to me


i remember seeing him at drift showoff. it was interesting but just seemed out of place. i want to see somebody in a 3 wheel drift on those t-rex's. hehe.


Reminds me of drifing my dads old FF LSI Chevy Prism! Everyone said it cant be done lol just with copious use of the e-brake anything can be accomplished haha!


FWD drifting? Seriously?

that is retarded!!!


I remember seeing he and the car at a Drift Showoff event at that track in Inrwindale, IIRC. It was weird hearing the drone of it's B16 over the turbo engines.


those tires must have some serious flat spots on them.


car looks mean, and sounds even meaner. Good vid, and I guess it proves that you can drift anything.


this is a reply to a who posted FF drifting is retarted...guess what... YOUR RETARTED! its something different and its unique... Verry cool post. this guy did awsome when he toured with falken, I still have the hondatuning issue haha =]


LOL! I have this VHS. Always made me laugh. VHS says this is like 1999.


i definitely do! i was like 14 when i seen him in action! those were the golden years


I'm pretty surprised usual haters are here on Speedhunters too :-( What he hell - this is no drifting? Why? The car is going sideways ... it is sliding in a controlled way. So .. IT IS DRIFTING. And to be honest, do really all of you hater think you are so good drivers to acomplish this? Really? On a dry road? I don't think so. Yea, it's different - definately, but not gay, lame nor anything like that. Btw. :-) I'm trying to slide my FF on the snow and wet road ... so I can imagine, how hard it could be to rive like this on a dry road. (For those who are interested interested - - FF Celica on the snow )


It is cool!