Just simply awesome.

– Paddy



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supremely badass driving i watched the whole way through without blinking, the whole video was awesome but my favourite cars to watch where the celicas, how bout you guys?


the dog has balls ha ha


great weight transfers+ perfect mix of grip and drift( awesome reading of the ground) make for rally drivers the best of the world

is the girl the perfect petrolhead girlfriend?

I like the ol' group B monsters like the Pug T16 evo 2, or the R5 turbo maxi, with midship powertrains and good weight distributions (no Usteer like in the nose-heavy Deltas or Quattros)

by the way, i'm french...


The Celicas from 93 and 94 were nice ...i liked those..a pity toyota ended up cheating and had to withdraw in those mid 90's lol

Juha for FIA president? lol


my god ! awesome video ! i had the luck of seen juha in action this past year at rally mobil motorshow here in chile and it was just awesome ! he was driving a evoX by the way.....

he is one o the fastest drivers i have ever see ! and my favorite car of the video must be the impreza 22b ! :D


Look at the jump at 2:12!!!!!


My car is going up for sale now so i can get an impreza and a rally fan dog!!!!!!!!!!


hahahhaha.. 4:29, the dog almost got eaten up but the Castrol monster


Just look at that driving! My god, the weight shifts, 4-wheel slides, scandinavian flick and the whole car control! Dont see driving like that today, WRC had become too oriented with computers controlling the car, so drivers can't do it by feel, like Juha and all the other drivers at that era did. Must give it to those guys, they had BALLS. I'd give almost everything in my life to get even 1% of the car control skill what Juha has. Thanks speedhunters for bringing this up! And I'd like to see more!