Check out this video of Ken Block’s WRC spec Ford Fiesta. The Subaru will definitely be missed. But we can’t wait to see this sucker in action on the World Rally stage. We at Speedhunters wish Mr. Block the best of luck this season!


Update:- OK, time for some clarification. Comments are getting confusing and heated. Love the passion guys!  The car shown is the car which will rally in the first part of the ‘Rally America’ Series, which does not cater for WRC or S2000 class. I believe this car will run in the ‘Open’ class. This is similar to  Group A, to Rally America specifications and built by MSE.

This is not a S2000 spec Fiesta, a WRC Fiesta (have to wait until 2011 for that) or the Rallycross style MSE Fiesta from ESPN’s 2009 X-Games.

As people have pointed out from the video, Ken will also do a number of WRC Rallies in a M-Sport prepared Ford Focus WRC. Lastly, Ken plans to compete in X Games. I would assume they would run the MSE Rallycross style car for that – but I don’t think the car has been confirmed.

Hope this helps. -AndyB



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Sweet Ride!!! The artworks and sponsers are awesome, but still, it's a Fiesta. It's never gonna outrun any Subaru...


Nice new car!

Though I think he may be doing the WRC in a Focus, as there is some semi-fine print under the WRC schedule. Can't wait either way!



I figured this would have driving footage, not hollywood poses. Good soundtrack though, Q-Tip runs the show.


No pic :). ?

It’s not about, what car model or make of car it is, it’s about car set-up, chassis, engine. Engine response, reliability, and the like, that makes a good rally car, it’s got a short chassis, for agility, (much like the WRC corolla) so it’s got all the potential for a good rally car.

Im a jap car fan like alot of us on here, but give it credit.


I don't see other professional drivers exposing themselves like he does. Is there such a need?

I can't wait for March 7th !


his last subaru was amazing, why the hell did he go with a fiesta


s2000 fiesta looks sweet but i laugh at block he honestly thinks he can compete in Wrc




booo bring back the scoobie


What bugs me is that Ford is in a Financial bind with the "big three". Why are they putting money into racing and such when their company is in the crapper? Subaru on the other hand did much better (percentage wise) on their sales in 2009 but are carefully managing their money. Ugh... Either way, good luck to the team. I'm a big fan but I'll be cheering on for Subaru at Xgames.


Smaller is better, therefore this car is better than the Subie.


I love this site, but please, leave the racing and rally posts to the guys who actually know the sport. Its the only thing that lets the site down.

For the record, it is not WRC Spec, just look at yesterday's posts. There is no WRC Fiesta.

This is a Group A Fiesta, a very very different machine to S2000 and WRC.

This chassis will be used in the Rally America Championship. One assumes if he does any rallying in Europe, he will be let loose in the S2000 machine?


Not going to lie, it's ugly as fck. Looks like a bastard child between a 08 spec WRC focus and a fat kid. Hirvonen's car he used in the Monte Carlo Rally looks much better.


Alright Scoobie fanboys lets all just chill...I like a Suburu rally car just as much as the next guy but when they pull out of rally racing sponsiorship and leave Block high and dry he needed to go somewhere and at least Ford is still investing in racing unlike every other brand out there. I understand why Suburu had to pull out of WRC, but seriously rally is what made Suburu what it is today and they bail?! Well Ken Block Im fan of your driving skills so good luck with Ford and lets hope for a good season.


@ Yukio:

Racing at this level is nothing more than marketing for a major manufacturer. You have to spend dollars to make dollars. Ford can run one less Superbowl commercial than last year and fund Block's entire season in Rally America 2 or 3 times over.


Rhett- It is not S2000 spec. Its Group A spec and is the machine he will rally in the 'Rally America Series. This series does not allow S2000 or WRC spec rally cars.  (See Monte Carlo posts for S2000 Fiesta)


Yukio - Ford is actually in a reasonable state and was the only one of the big three that didn't take government aid. Their sales did well last year, partly because of this.


Marketing and sponsorship is a complicated thing to quantify, but rest assured, that Ford will be making money selling Group A machines like this and the S2000 (currently 22 orders in the books!).... and thats before of the brand awareness this rally car will bring to the 'Fiesta' program in North America. To the man in the street, a touring car or rally car is more relevant than say a ALMS Prototype.

The rally cars are built by M-Sport (and maybe this one by MSE), so its quite possible Ford isn't putting significant money in at all. Monster and Ken are bringing a significant amount of money. Castrol may also be doing the same, but they are a long term Ford rallying partner.


bobby - I think he will be doing a couple of WRC rallies, but I'm told it will be in a Focus WRC



I hope everybody realizes that this is the same car use at the x Games last year!


He's not using the Fiesta in the WRC at all! If you look under the WRC schedule it says *In The Ford Focus RS. So you won't see this car on a world rally stage and it isn't WRC spec. Sorry Speedhunters but this is a Speedfail.



Now THAT's being narrow. Dude, it's not "a Fiesta" - it's a "WRC Fiesta", so it's it would outrun a Subaru - as would a Focus (and they did) and a Citoën C4 (which they also did).

Of course their street-going versions sure as hell wouldn't, but they're worlds apart.


It says in the video that Ken will be driving the WRC Focus RS in 7 of the 13 Rallies!

If he was going to drive a S2000 Fiesta it would be in IRC not WRC!



Agree with others, this isnt even a WRC car, its not a S2000 car, and Damion, the X-Games car was a totally different car, based on rallycross specs.

Santos - btw  S2000 cars are allowed in the WRC. Part of the 'WRC Cup"  - Cump!!!


hes gonna drive the fiesta not a focus and ford is not struggling. out of the 3, ford is killing it best


Are you guys saying that because its not a wrc spec car it's lame? I'm confused. Generally rally cross cars are derived from retired or banned wrc cars and made faster. If you get a chance check out the walk through did on the x-games fiesta, that car is a whole different kind of beast. I'm interested to see what they did to the transmission, if I recall the fiestas were paddle shifted at x-games.

I wish Ken and Alex the best of luck this year. and speedhunter readers open your eyes to the big picture WE HAVE AN AMERICAN WE CAN CHEER ON IN THE BIG SHOW.


OK guys, clarification added. Sean - I dont think people think its lame. its the same class as Ken's old Scooby. Its not the Rallycross car from X-Games though.


If you watch the video and read the press release rather than fill in the gaps yourself then you'll see the WRC rounds are in the WRC spec Focus built by M Sport.

I don't think he's under any false impressions that he'll turn up and win. What he will do is help bring rallying to a new audience. Seb Loeb whilst being an absolute genius behind the wheel is unfortunately a complete dullard when he's not. He's not helping to energise the sport, neither is the flying finns in the works Fords. The Kimi signing to Citroen is a big deal for the sport too.

WRC needs a kick in the arse and with some of the recent developments it can only help. It may drive some of the other manufacturers back tot he sport in the long run too.


Andy, it's not in the same class as ken's old scooby aside from the trick exe-tc suspension VSC uses, the RA subaurus are nothing more than glorified group N cars. The M-sport fiesta is a whole different beast, in whatever trim they bring it in. I'm excited to see what changes VSC has made to their subarus to make them more competitive for 2010.

I'm pretty sure the rally america fiesta is the exact same car Kenny Brack won X-games with, at least for sno*drift. Check the links. Its a shop preview of the swedish team re-prepping Brack's x-games car.

I think I actually recal on the driving sports interview, Ken saying that he was going to be using bracks x-games fiesta in RA. Oh and Travis Pastrana just broke his collar bone :-(


I like this fiesta but its not far removed from the X-Games car as MSE built those also.My prediction he will do very well in Rally america as the US cars just are not up to the spec of this thing.It may aswell be a wrc fiesta or a rallycross fiesta with all the trimmings end off.

WRC then is a whole different ball game where loeb and the regulars will send him home with his tail between his legs, proper men doing proper rallying

the guy I feel most sorry for in this is tanner foust as he had been working on ths fiesta project with a longtime and kens just come in an taken all the deals and the limelight, tanners a far better driver


@st3ph3n I agree that the WRC needs to be energized, and I think Block is the man for the job.

As far as the car, while the Impreza was an awesome car, It has to be said that his new Fiesta doesn't look too bad either


shame its not A 3 DOOR.


reading these comments you people arguing back n forth sound like a bunch of brods, grab a tissue and accept the FACT that FORD gave KEN BLOCK a CONTRACT, when SUBARU backed out


Damn, you people are straight frothing at the mouth trying to scream SPEED-FAIL!!! but all I see so far is morons with a READ-fail.

Please read the article and view the ENTIRE video before you go screaming and crying that it's now WRC-Spec, or Group B, or ALMS or Hillclimb, whatever. You guys just look stupid.

Again, Speedhunters, thanks for the many looks at all the different car scenes from around the world. To heck with the haters. I personally am willing to WAIT (gasp!!) and see what happens with Ken. If he fails at WRC, then all the Europeans can primp and preen and continue saying, "well, rally still isn't an American thing, they just don't 'get' it'. OR, if he does well, we will finally have an American to root for in WRC, and maybe be taken seriously for once. Sure Ken has more advertising than God behind him, but tell me, REALLY think he has no talent? Really? Really.

Yup, I'ma wait and cheer.


enough of Ken Block...


Ken Block should switch to NASCAR.....better chance there.


Sorry Andy did not read the post over correctly thought it was the s2000 fiesta my bad......... but as i said if block intends to do wrc and pilot an s2000 fiesta he is going to get blown away im yet to be impressed by block and the American boys


SEAN - I believe you are wrong.


Looking at the 2009 SWRT press pack I have. Travis and Ken's Block were Open Class. The same class as the Fiesta.


The other Monster car (#40) of Dave Mirra is in the lower Super Production Class and closer to Group N


Onto the Fiesta. The Block's car is NOT S2000. It is NOT the rallycross car as that does not meet the Open class and built by MSE.


The Rally cross car that was at X-Games is somewhat different. Look at the bodywork, fenders etc. Two different machines....oh and Block's car is 5 dr. Just because the same team is building the car does not make it the same car, although lessons will be learned.


Malcolm, I'm aware that both the subaru and the Fiesta will compete in RA's open class, Dave Mirra also got bumped upto open class this year. What I'm saying, is that SRT USA is bringing toe nail clippers to a gun fight, in terms of vehicle preperation. look at the pictures I posted above. Regardless of what trim the fiesta shows up in, the vehicle was built by M-sport, WRC factory works manufacturer.


whats the name of the song that plays in the video?


i'll see if i can't make the trip down to PA for the Susquehannock Trail Rally in June, see if he's gotten better since the last time i saw him run at the Tall Pines Rally in 2008.


and the music in the background was Q-Tip - Vibrant Thing


Cant wait for his Gymkhanna 3 car, it is built right know at Olsberg MSE in sweden.


A Ford Fiesta? Really?!?!

It looks cool and everything, but it's not even close to the STi.

Didn't liked it at all.


once again you people are pathetic read your comments and see how much you guys sound like a bunch of crying babies


hope that somebody will kick this jerk's ass.


i like how the design of the fiesta was made but i still like his old WRC. that shit was beast especially with those treads that he put on them. anyways, lets see another gymkahna


Dam, only if it was RWD or AWD, cuz isn't that whats popular these days?


WHY KEN BLOCK WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think this was a failure of a choice the subies outclassed the fiesta in looks and specs and the 08 hatchy was just sweet


Here's a secret clip of the conversation leading to Blocks new ride-

Ford Marketing Douche (FMD) #1: Oh noes! Those crazy kids are all wanting Subarus now!

FMD2: We gotta get that love, but without selling any rally cars!

FMD1: Right! Let's pay somebody in Europe, to build a fancy Subaru-ish car that looks like a Fiesta!

FMD2: Brilliant! You think they'll buy it? Won't they catch on?

FMD1: Theyre buying Daewoos with Chevy badges, and touting "buy American".... snicker...

FMD2: Three cheers for suckers!


Qtip track in this vid is so fresh!

Oh, and interested to see how Ken goes in WRC.


lindberghs genius strikes again!