Reader’s Rides>>your S14s: Part 1

Well it's the fourth of January, and you know what that means.

It's time to post some of your S14's!

There's a lot to get through so let's get started -

(Above) Ray Nichols – Okinawa, Japan

Alastair Drinkwater – Birmingham, United Kingdom

Mike Fukumoto – Granada Hills, CA, USA

Peter Vong – USA

Mike Mishler – USA

Wayne T. Edwards – USA

Mitt Mekponsatorn – Abilene TX, USA

Douglas Sinatra – New York, USA

Ricardo Zaragoza – Riverside, CA, USA

Cody Ace – USA

Rene W. Huarcaya – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

C. Ryan – Chicago, IL, USA

Peter Tarach – California, USA

Alex Mikshanskiy – Tacoma, WA, USA

Jimi Kim – Orange County, CA, USA

Jon Lee – Toronto, Canda

John Collins – Tampa ,FL, USA

Matthew Watson – Woodinvile, WA, USA

Melissa Gibson – Edgewood, MD, USA

Adam Adeane – New Zealand

Quinn Phan – Seattle, WA, USA

Phil Hobbs

Paul Jones – Australia

Mad_Baz – London, United Kingdom

Bernard Nguyen – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bailey Cotton – Cleburne, Texas

Jarrod (left) and Dan (right) – St. Louis, MO, USA

Adam – Australia

Lorenzo Contreras – Los Angeles, CA, USA

More on the way later!

-Mike Garrett



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Damn, 14s really do look awesome. Hope to see mine on the next list!


Dont know if my e-mail got through so here is a picture of mine.


Saw Peter Tarach's S14 in the Modified magazine, tech section. Looks clean as hell, love what he did with the JDM and C-west stuff


Mike Mishler's s14 looks evil...


Damn, if I would have read my RSS at home I would have seen the announcement! Otherwise I would definitely have posted the deteriorating S14 I'm following in my DOTS for the last couple of months:

Interesting to see how a car can fade away in only a few months... :(

Love the S14 by Jon Lee and curious what Mike Mishler's S14 will bring! Looks dangerous! :)


Wooo mine is up there!


adam from autralia

you s14 is a wonderland(:


lorenzo from los angeles

your car has the stance of a killer


I think this is a really great way to show off what the readers drive.. Why dont you open it up to other chassis in the year? BMW's and Chevy's, and maybe my W126 will be done for when you ask to see our Merc's ;)


wow S14 by Jonlee is killing it with that flushness and 5" dish . repping toronto canada right there.


Jon Lee's S14 is perfect.


LMFAO @ C.Ryan S14... at least it had RB26.


bernards is the best lose the decal though


Adam from New Zealand's car is off the chain. Lovin those concave wheels and stance.


Whats the name of the wheels on car 2 please?


would love to see more cars other then Nissans, Lexus, Toyotas and Hondas


C. Ryan´s S14 is awesome. So clean but evil cause it´s that low. Awesome, That´s the way it has to be. Congrats, the wheels are another Highlight on that one.


Im liking Adam Adeane's and Ray Nichols' rides.


C.Ryan's car is perfection to me.


Wheels on car #2 are standard Starion wheels. (No doubt this will of been answered several times by the time the next set of posts are authorised!)


Lol, I was there during the shoot for Jon Lees car, I didnt use my tripod though the the pics in that area frigging bombed :(


Readers S14's looking a lot better then what the S13's put up lol. Looking forward to the S15's


Phil Hobbs S14A is in Perth, West Australia - i can tell by the number plate and i've seen that car around :D


Isnt Peter Tarach the modefied mag editor?


thanks for posting my s14, 4th one from the top :)


woo! mine made it up !

thanks nick castillo!


thanks for posting my s14 up...there is some hot s14's getting round..cheers!


Thanks Jason, i forgot to mention that in the email!

Car is in Perth, Western Australia. almost sureal to see it on speedhunters!


Danger Dan throwin Down, werd from Derek "DI Green Hatch"


Jon Lee - Toronto, Canda, Nice! Good to see something local. Love the 1up, haha


Even though it's unfinished I really like the look of Phil Hobbs's ride. The stance, and flush on Bernard Nguyen's S14 is really impressive. Don't see too many people rocking such straight camber these days.


What wheels are on Adam Adeane's car, SSR Type C's?


I love giving all these Speedhunters fans an opportunity to see their car on this great website!

Congrats to all the Speedhunters for not only being on the website but for being part of the drift movement!


Some cool cars here!

C.Ryan, Adam Adeane, Phil Hobbs...Proper examples right there!

I can't wait to see Phil's machine all done up, reminds me of mine before I switched out the Navan aero for VERTEX Lang aero parts...Even same wheel selection, AVS Model 5s....Totally feelin it Phil!!!!

And Adams 14....Geez, that thing is SO RAD.

Hey Adam, hit me up through the DOUBLE R blog; would love to post up some snaps and info about your car!

- Daren


hey H E L M S T A R R, unfortunetly a few days after that shot was taken the car was stolen and written off. so unfortunetly no finished pics :(

this is a pic of it with full colour coded aero but with LMGT4s

and heres the new rig, C35 laurel with the same wheel specs, but with a big power RB25