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Last year I picked a 2007 issue of the Japanese magazine Racing On chronicling the complete history of the Japanese Touring Car Championship of 1990's. The story does a great job showing the brightly-colored, ground-scraping sedans that ran in the JTCC, but unfortunately JTCC info and photographs are almost non-existent on the internet. It's a shame because there were some incredible (and great-looking cars) that ran in this series.

The photo above shows a JTCC-spec Mazda Lantis running at MINE Circuit in 1994.

I'd say this fits into the monthly theme of looking at the non-mainstream, no?

-Mike Garrett



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They were sold as the Mazda 323 over here in Ireland. Nice picture all the same. Ye could do a retrospective on the cars of the JTCC


Love it! With your Speedhunters connections, I wonder if you could dig up some nice pictures and some history on this series? I'm sure we're all fans of 1990's vintage BTCC and this series looks like it must have produced some seriously sweet machines as well.


Always liked them.

If this is non-mainstream month... then get a couple good looks at cars making sunken battleships look good.


Honda also entered the jtcc with the 4door EG civic right ?

It would be cool to read more info about those cars/times


Awesome, my parents had this car for 13 years (crappy euro 1.5 spec though). Really nice cars though with the V6 engines.


Honda ran both four-door Civics and later Accords in JTCC. Maybe I'll do something on those when Honda Month rolls around?


Hey Mike this month could be a cool time to cover he JTCC.... Oh and just so you know there where also EG hatch civics that ran in the series too! It was quite diverse! I hope to see a Honda week Soon. But anywyas... Great post!


Would love to see more old JTCC info posted up, there's almost no info anywhere! Agree with all the above


European related, but the Lantis ran in the UK with Team Dynamics (who now run the Honda Civic Hatch.

More info here, covering Mazda and Euro Tintop racing



I think you should do a retrospective on the series as a whole. Im a huge fan of the p10 primeras (infiniti g20's). And since this is non mainstream month I think you should look into featuring some of the fwd sr powered cars like nissan 200sx sers (I own one), nissan sentra sers,nissans nx 2000s, and infiniti g20s. If you could find some pulsar gti-rs that would be great too!


BTCC early to mid 90's is where its at !

need some pics stat, Mondeo's E36's and astra's/vaxhull's whatever they were !


more of this much much more please. they even made accords bad. ass.


there's a website (in Japanese) that featured this JTCC Lantis....



Never tought it could look that good!


Those are awfully big rims for a JTCC car no? They look like 19" with skinny rubber band tires!


anyone guess the rims?


Heh, my first ride. Sooo slow, when stock =)


My friend had one of these all be it only the 1600 gxi but was such a reliable car and a joy to roll about it.


I have the V6 version at the moment, fun little car. I didn't realise they ran them in the JTCC, would have loved to have seen them run.


Love it. Want more of it


I agree... a whole story/timeline of the JTCC would be a great piece!


i'd like to see more JTCC coverage here. :D

would it be possible to sneak in the JTCC corolla's or corona exivs here? :D

im really interested on the JTCC AE102 corolla that ran. im looking up for more info on that car.