News>>fatlace Teams Up With Formula D

Some cool news announced for the 2010 Formula Drift season today. Our friends at Fatlace will be teaming up with Formula D to host the ONE OF ONE car show series at each event on the 2010 FD schedule.

Here's hoping this will draw some great cars to the Formula D events around the country this year. The first one will be held at the season opener in Long Beach.

For more, check out the official press release.

-Mike Garrett



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Congrats to them, they derserve the recognition they have earned this year.


There goes the scene..


is formula drift ever going to come to florida

or even the hellaflush meet


Thats great to hear!!


I'm with Rabiaa on this. I'm looking forward to a bunch of biased judging...


so i'm guessing only hellaflush cars will win.. lol


lol just bought a fatlace shirt yesterday....i'm sure they'll do a great job


^and since when were car shows ever judged without biased opinions/tastes and proper judges?

besides i think Rabiaa was trying to mean that a car show with drifting events is going to kill the drifting scene...first its a smart choice for Formula D it will help bring in more people/revenue, second it wont kill the drifting scene...i would rather see tucked, slammed and properly flushed cars [Matt Powers, WFCrew,Hellaflush] then some cars from a NOPI car show. trust me it wont kill the scene and 3rd quit being such scrooges! share the love, share the passion! i hate this underground scene mentality.


well the drifting scene is starting to run alot of "pretty" cars, but so is Japan...

i dont think nice cars will kill drifting, its the ignorance and lack of support that will kill drifting

like it did in the communist state of Hawaii



Exactly what I was thinking. All the cool blogs and groups who were out from under the spotlight are getting featured by mags like Super Street. Like their latest issue, Risky Devil (who's pissed by the way), Fatlace, Rogue Status/DTA, Hellaflush. Now all the shitty civics are gonna roll around on steelies plastered with "illest" stickers.


i agree with shisho's comment.

ignorance and lack of support will kill the scene.

If we can educate and show the youths the right way how to manage and customize a car...then there would be better rides out there. but if we let them run wild with the ricer look....then of course it will kill the scene.


@ Vince: I meant what streetcharmstrong said. I'm with one of the best show teams on the west coast, but our cars are just that: show cars. That means stuff like flashy kits, custom paint, and extensive audio setups. With Fatlace heavily involved these shows, if we showed up to one of these events, there's no way we'll win because we don't have what Fatlace is all about: slammed hellaflush rides. Hence the biased judging. A few of our cars will be at Wekfest, so we'll see how that goes. If we don't win, this only supports my case.


Flashy kits /custom paint/ audio ,are done man. you wont win cause, its not a Nopi show. and we dont want to see that anymore. its time to change it up.

you cant kill a scene thats legit.

drifting is supported by drifters it will never go away.


Lets hope the judging won't be suspect!?!! watch that space!


well said Vince. Robert, i think the point (as i believe dj stylez was also trying to elucidate) is that the days of flashy Spocom F&F styling dominating the north american tuner scene are over. Personally i welcome the new, understated and tastefully restrained stylings of the Hellaflush scene, and again as Vince said i'd like to see more in the vein of Matt Powers' car in a professional series. back to the roots of the drift scene, not as much 4x4 action. I mean i know it might make for better slides, but drifting is, after all, about style over speed, n'est-ce pas?


Hi y'all. thanks for the comments.

First off, we're not here trying to bring you the regular type of car show where you're judged on how many chrome parts you have or how loud your system is, etc. We want to bring you a show based on style and how well put your car is. How all of your parts fit together in an overall package. We've personally entered shows for over 15 years and that system of judging isnt why we're here. We're here to make it a fun environment where people and crews can enjoy being an owner of their personal car style and still battle each other.

On the "killing of the drift scene".. come on fella's, for those that know us and for those that dont, check our 360vm videos and JDM Insider Video's. We've been covering drifting since 1998, around the same time D1GP was formed and we've also thrown DriftBattle events and have been avid drifters since 2001. We know what not to bring to the table when it comes to the show and we're only here to enhance the true reason for the love of cars.

I hope you'll all come check out what we have to offer and please support Formula Drift this year.


lol...I'm not clear I guess. We don't have your typical kitted Civics or whatever. We have multiple JGTC inspired cars, 2 Top Secret Supras, and a G37 that won Sony's GT5 award at SEMA. We killed at the competition at HIN and dominated at SpoCom for the 3rd year in a row. I'm only stating that the scene that Fatlace supports and has an interest in doesn't have a place for our cars. We'll still show up to the shows, but I foresee the favor going to the hellaflush rides. In essence, my whole argument is that the judging won't be completely fair. Sponsors and those associated with them shouldn't be allowed to judge and I hope that this is the case for the Formula D shows.


i dont see why you all are trippen.... show up. no one will care. have a good time..... quit taking things so personal if you dont have fitted car who cares. its not all about fitment... people could have gnarly motor and not fitment... no one cares man


Mark rules.



BH is my HERO.

Anyways, @Robert, HF will only be a category in the show. There will be other categories. If it was just all about flushness, we would have called it Hellaflush or something BH approves of. I'm sure your cars are well put together and if they are as you say they are, then you shouldn't worry. We know when a car is done well or done poorly.

Hit me up if you want to talk about the show. I'm here to work with people like yourself to ensure this show goes well.


U Haterz obviously don't know what Fatlace is about. Visit WWW.FATLACE.COM/HELLAFLUSH to see for yourselves!! Mark I GOT YOUR BACK! lol


Damn, some people are just too uptight about this. Whatever happened to everyone just sharing a common love for cars and just having fun at these events? I laughed at the comment about dude having the DOPEST crew on the west coast with their flashy kits, fresh paint, and sound systems. Cocky much? The F&F days are over man. Just come out and support Fatlace and Formula D, leave your drama and ego at home.



I know Mark very well and helped bring this show to fruition with Formula D. Coming from a car show background and showcasing mostly my project BMW E46 with Team Garage Life for a few years in HIN, Import Showoff, DUB, and Extreme Autofest along with countless meets and gatherings, I have complete confidence with this new One of One show by Fatlace. After speaking with Mark about the categories and overall show we both agree that it's time for quality over quantity to be showcased.

It's all about style and right now with simple and clean taking over. Check out the new Super Street with Jonny Wong's editorial for some industry insight.

@Robert I know your team very well and met most of you at SEMA this past year. There is definitely a place for your team and the rest of the top teams at this show. Yes the judging maybe a little different than what previous shows did, but that's because the scene is evolving yet again. More will be announced on with registration, rules, prizes etc. The prizes from what I hear will be better than plastic trophies :)