New Cars>> Naias 2010

The 2010 Motor Show season starts this week with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Previously a show, full of announcements, the economic downturn and the  state of the local car industry has pushed this show to an also-ran in the Motor Show season.

The biggest news is the worldwide debut of the new all-world Ford Focus. Previously, North America has been laden with a reshelled version of the original Ford Focus which debuted back in 1998, while the rest of the World has a class leading 2nd Generation.

With Ford in relatively good financial state, the American company has decided to bring the European developed 3rd generation to the North American shores from 2011.

The car is clearly influenced by the new Fiesta, also destined for North America, but to my (old) eyes, it appears a little over styled in places. I’m not sure of the front bumper styling…maybe that’s for the North American market.

While these images show the ‘bread and butter’ models, expect performance ST (or SHO designation in US?) and maybe a new RS version to appear once the standard cars have been launched.

While Ford are moving to more world cars in their range, Volkswagen are going in the opposite direction.

The next generation North American Jetta will be different to the version available in the rest of the world and this New Coupe Concept (is that the best name they could think of!!!)  hints at the future North American sedan. It is clear the manufacturer is positioning their Jetta more upmarket, to bridge the gap between the Golf and the (Passat) CC.

Conservative, but very well resolved clean styling. looking at the front 3/4 view, the concept reminds me a little of the BMW 1 series around the rear quarter, while the rear view says Audi to me. The rest of the world will have the Golf based Jetta IV and Scirocco.

Toyota unveiled their FT-CH Hybrid concept at the show. The advanced styling is pure pie-in-the-sky stuff, but could, as many concepts are, be used to introduce a future styling direction. The idea is this fits below the Prius. Toyota also confirmed Eight new Hybrids will be introduced into the US over the next few years….A hybrid FT86 perhaps……..

Surprisingly, Toyota didn’t show the FT86 concept at the show…. reserving it for Scion perhaps?

On the subject of Hybrids, the production version of the Honda CR-Z made its debut at Detroit. As expected the concept styling has been toned done and it is less aggressive. Based on the Insight platform, the CR-Z is the first Sports Hybrid car, using a 1.5 Litre engine with 102bhp and a 20bhp Electric Motor. Combined this gives 122bhp and 128lb of torque at 1500rpm.

All seems a bit weak to me….Maybe the expected Mugen version will be of more interest.

The Blue car shows the European version

Must be the first time ever for Speedhunters…a Chevrolet Aveo on the site! This concept shows off the direction of the new Aveo and it looks pretty cool to me, even if the Bow-tie grille is  bulging out of the front end.

A few other debuts…

Chrysler showed off this Lancia Delta, complete with Chrysler grille. With the Fiat group buying into Chrysler during 2009, North America will be getting a few Italian cars over the coming year.

Chrysler also showed off two 500’s. An Abarth in Black and a 500 BEV which is the fashionable Electric vehicle that every stand must have! Not liking the wheels though.

Ever wondered what an R35 mated with a Audi R8 would look like? Here you go!  This is the latest Audi e-tron concept, another EV vehicle. This concept could be a hint of the rumoured ‘R4′ which would fit between the TT and R8

Audi advise e-tron will become a brand like ‘quattro’ with the first vehicles on sale in 2012.

– Andy Blackmore



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What is it with all these companies (Volkswagen, Audi etc.) expanding their model line-up so much. Their dealerships will have to be huge to display all the models . I wouldn't be surprised if they end up producing a different car for each customer one day. And surely producing more different models is expensive?


Does this mean that the new VW coupe concept will not be sold in europe? coz when i saw it my first impulse was BUYBUYBUY..and im from europe


VAG seems to want to go the way of the Big Three. I hope they end up like GM, with too many platforms/models and crappy quality.

Lately, their cars have gone from "meh" to "come ooon, some variation pleaseee!". That Jetta Coupe is a scaled down A5 with some Scirocco touches. It's the most boring coupe I have ever seen in my life, it makes me want to sleep after a cup of expresso. It's also FWD and based on the Golf. I was hoping that maybe VW would want to someday sell a proper RWD coupe, but I think we'll have to wait for that...

It has it's supporters though, and they are hardcore bland enthusiasts. I've read a comment somewhere where a guy was mad because the new Jetta is "too aggressive"! LOL!


toyota is leaning in a great direction with their upgrades to their designs what with the LF-A the FT-86 ect. im still waiting for a replacement for the GT-4 and the MR2 (maybe if were lucky they will come up with a... FR2, front rear 2 seater; or even revolutionize the commuter car with a 1 seat lightweight electric car...)

no one can dispute that 2010-2011 is going to be a great time for futuristic design.


The CR-Z looks like a Volvo and the Aveo like a mini-Evo X.


VW isin this case has a bit boring design...


@luigi The (I believe to be Europe only) Colt is a true mine Evo X


that vw coup looks awfully like a 2 door CC, not really a bad thing....but I was hoping for something a bit more*gasp* the scirroco. And you have to love the abarth 500's


Fiat 500 Abarth will be cool to see around the us. I dig the Focus, but they have to bring the RS over or it was useless!


I love that Jetta coupe...almost looks like a mini A5 and that black Abarth is just too cool. Should be an interesting year for the car industry.


I actually like the Aveo. WTF?


ford keeps sucking bad..... kinda like the aveo scept for that stupid bowtie misplaced. but in general ...seems like usdm will suck forever


Focus is ugly

VW looks no different

Toyota no comments

Honda CR-Z - want one

Chevy Aveo - looks like a scion

Chrystler - why are they still making SUV's

Fiat - COME ON! Bring us a Abarth

Audi - pure baller

Just how I feel from the top of my mind


Val_N, I realize when you say Big 3 you mean the north american Big 3 but if i'm not mistaken VAG is currently number three in the world after Toyota and GM. In any case, they do seem to be putting out a lot of models, i think their strategy is to cut costs by having locally-built market-specific vehicles. For instance, Brazil still sells the Vanagon, China still sells a (facelifted) mk2 Jetta, South Africa still gets the Mk1 Golf, and here in Canada we have the Routan minivan. Yes, it's a big mess when you look at the company as a whole, but in terms of the offerings from one market to the other, it doesn't look so bad.


As for this new Jetta coupe filling the purported gap between the Golf and the CC, I thought that's what the regular Passat did? Now here's a little taste of that GM-type maneuvre you mentioned. The styling is a little bland, but not everyone wants a car that screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEEEEEE every time it rolls down the block (think Hyundai Genesis Coupe and its funky hips)


The new Focus looks alright, I'm glad we're getting something new finally. The rebadged Delta looks considerably worse than its Lancia equivalent, i put this down to the grille being horizontal slats instead of vertical. The Honda and Toyota cars are not surprising. Aveo - barf. Fiat i LOVE and i want that to be here already, but i understand that the car's massive popularity in Europe is making it difficult even to sell in the domestic market let alone export to North America. Audi looks a little awkward but they've been working on this whole shooting brake look for a long time and they'll get it eventually.


i like the rims on both the ABARTH and the 500 BEV


I wish Chrysler doesn't ruin FIAT.

Also, that E-Tron looks fucking weird!!! The real one is pure sex!


Chevy, Audi and Focus - are the best!


When will this Hybrid crap end? Is it looking bad required for anything with a electronic motor that powers the wheels? Diesel's get the same, if not better mileage, and hey, you can actually have fun driving it!

I'm glad VW is bringing the Jetta coupe back, I doubt they'll sale well though. The CR-Z will last 4 years, tops. Looks like Fiat is actually bringing better cars to Chrysler. I'm glad the Focus hatch is coming, I wish the RS would too. I love the Aveo, even though its a Daiwoo. If i was going by looks I would get that over a Mini, 500, or a GTI. And that Audi, simply beautiful and modern. I love it.


The "new" Volkswagen looks like they tried to build an affordable Audi S5 for the US market, doesnt it?

maybe its something like passat coupe?


that audi looks like shit... i would say your judgement is off saying its similar to an r35


Wow, the Aveo is gorgeous, change the side mirrors if you must, but keep it the way that is is and i might buy one srsly.


Great snapshot of Detroit, other than the omission of the CTS V coupe.


as a automotive designer I find most of these designs weak. As stated the Focus is ove-rstyled and busy, the VW is way too boring. The Aveo looks great, but....I bet the production car isn't as crisp.


kstyle - I see lots of R35 in the midsection is very R35 with the DLO and the door, while the front is like the R8 e-tron which Audi has displayed at previous shows. The rear, well thats bland...but its no shooting brake Blue Slug

Why would anyone want a Sportscar like the CRZzzzzzzzzzz


Blue Slug - Big 3 has always been known as the Detorit lot, even though they are not 1,2,3


Jamie - it will be FIAT who ruin Chrysler, not the other way around. FIAT are calling the shots now, but have a tall mountain to claim to get Chrysler back on its feet. reminds me of Rover...and look what happened there


I agree with you "mark_w" in many ways. As an automotive designer I see a lot of cars that need to go back to the drawing board. I think this new Focus is one of them, the idea of linking it to the Fiesta is a good idea but the execution is bad. Heres how I see each of these cars:

Ford Focus: Tried to make it look like the Fiesta's bigger brother, realised it was a Fiesta that had just eaten to many cream buns, tacked on over designed parts and messed with the lines badly to try and make it look different. Failed.

VW New Coupe Concept: Heading in the right direction, but it just looks too square, looks more like masonry than metal, theres no wonderful VW smoothness like we've seen in the past.

Toyota FT-CH: Not much to say about this other than it looks like a warped Nissan Micra.

Honda CR-Z: Is it just me, or is it a given that hybrid cars must always look ugly. This ones slightly better than the others currently on the market, but I would never own one, or be able to stop myself from making fun of it when I saw one on the road.

Chevy Aveo: Not too bad I guess, not a car I'd buy, but as a car of this type it's ok. Id just change the grill and bumper a little.

Chrysler: Ummmm... Im not even going to bother.

Fiat 500: A car that just works, no objection from me.

Audi E-tron: Where is professor Frankenstein when you need him to come in and say "IT'S ALIVE! IT'S AAALIVE!!!". Thats a car only a mother could love, or in this case only the Chief of Design who was in charge of the production of this, umm... thing.

Just my opinions on these cars, I think that the Focus could work if it just underwent some serious re-design. As far as the Audi is concerned, bits of it work, but are ruined by the bits that really don't.


Focus- Decent. Need to see RS version in the states

VW- Boring but classy

Toyota- No. Enough hybrids

Honda- Proportions are wrong. Nose is too long for the rest of the car. Looks like the rear tires might come off the ground if you stop too hard. haha

Aveo- Never thought I'd say this about an Aveo but it looks pretty damn good.

Chrysler- Looks like an even less appealing Buick Enclave

Audi- Different wheels, toned down front end, nice car


mark_w and _GPT_ - summed up perfectly, thanks for your input


Cant wait to see that Volks concept slammed on bags!!! And as much as i found the CR-Z concept very nice, this production version looks like crap to me. And last, kind of a shame to say this, but I LOVE that chevy aveo, damn it looks awesome.


the R8 is ugly, but I'm not sure .. sorry


@Blue Slug, isn't VW #1 in the world now, since aquisition of Porsche?

I'm looking forward to finally getting the Euro Focus, but will wait for them to bring an RS stateside.

I don't think they'd brand it as an SHO, Andy; that moniker has always been applied exclusively to the Taurus, expect it to be called an SVT, or maybe even Shelby if they bring it over (not so far-fetched when you consider Shelby got alot of experience building turbo, FWD cars in the '80s for Chrysler.) And keep in mind that Ford did sell an "ST" Focus in the U.S. after the SVT died out (although a sedan, different from the European version.) The only thing I don't like about the Mk3 Focus are the bizzare/busy tailights.

I love the Jetta Coupe, some say "bland", but I think they're confusing tastefulness for blandness. They're probably the same people who think a car looks good only if it has a billion sharp lines/creases and 24" chrome "DUB" wheels! Too bad VW said it's not for production.

The CR-Z looks cool, but disappoints with its performance.

The Aveo looks awesome; one GIANT LEAP over the current Daewoo sourced version. Let's hope they don't tone it down too much for production.

As for the Italians, I've wanted a 500 since it came out in 2006, here's hoping it arrives stateside unchanged. As far as the re-badged Lancia, I'll care only if they come out with an "Integrale" 4WD version.

The Audi R4 concept (2nd e-tron), looks a bit busy, but has nice lines.