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A few weeks ago the wife and I picked up a much-need bookshelf for my office. As I unpacked boxes of magazines and books that had been stored away for a couple years, I came across a stack of Hot Rod magazines from the late '60s and early '70s. I think I paid about five dollars for the whole bunch at a swap meet several years ago. There's really no better way to look at automotive history than browsing through the pages of a vintage magazine.

The articles, the photography, the advertisements, and even the smell of the pages – it's quite the experience.

I thought it'd be cool to share a little of this nostalgia with a look at the October, 1969 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

October, '69 – we are talking about the height of the muscle car era here. The magazine is packed full of far-out advertisements for the "supercars" of the day, including Plymouth's "Rapid Transit System".  The wording in these ads is just as cool as the photos. When talking about the automatic and manual shifter options available the ad tates, "The result in either case is fewer missed shifts, lower et's. Besides, they look tough and the girls dig 'em."

The issue also includes a guide to all the hot new 1970 models available in showrooms at the time.

Here's a feature on a '22 Dodge Roadster done in that typical late '60s, early '70s style. This style might not be the most popular thing right now, but it's not hard to imagine a comeback for slotted mags and wire wheels on hot rods…

A brilliant fold-out ad for the 1970 GTO, not unlike the one I posted about last month.

Another groovy ad, this one for ET Mag Wheels.

Here's a nice little bit of coverage from the 1969 Super Stock Nationals complete with Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Camaro.

I really can't get enough of these retro muscle car ads…

Here's one for the '70 Olds 4-4-2, with characters like Elephant Engine Ernie, Shifty Sidney, Wind Tunnel Waldo, and of course Dr. Oldsmobile.

Here's a story about our friend "TV" Tommy Ivo and his trick hauler.

Racing jackets were very popular at this time. Available complete with your choice of logo…

Sidewinders exhaust adds "more class, more sass, and more all around zap to any car".

The classified ads are also a lot of fun to look through. $6000 for a '65 Corvette race car seems wild by today's standards, but that was a lot of coin in 1969.

An early funny car in full, 1969 color.

Motorcycles were a regular part of the magazine at this time, along with things like go karts, dune buggies, and even speedboats.

Here's an advertisement for the new and luxurious Toyota Corona Mark II.

Finally, a few period show cars, including a radical '57 Chevy.

Now, I just wonder it modern car magazines will be as fun to look at 40 years from now?

-Mike Garrett



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Awesome post! One of my favorites.


Thanks for sharing, the mercury add is freakin sweet!


Very cool. Just picked up a Dickies Eisenhower jacket of my own and am going to put a couple Suby/STi patches alogn with my Bonneville 2009 and SCTA patches I picked up at Speedweek on the jacket. I could see these "racing jackets" or "hot rod jackets" come back for the drifting/tuner scene.


"Now, I just wonder it modern car magazines will be as fun to look at 40 years from now?"

i say NO. Sorry guys, I look at today's mags and though I can't pin it down, they are missing something.

Oh yeah, more than 5 pages of content. Magazines are now just advertisement catalogs. If I want to know about car culture, I go to the internet. I'd rather have a banner ad on the side or top anyday, rather than the 23 pages of ads between the table of contents and the first article.


Haha, that's pretty cool.... At my club's Christmas party, one of the guys busted out a bunch of albums full of old racing pictures.... It was really cool to see the cars that they ran a few decades back and to hear the stories he had to tell about some of them. He even had some snaps of some big name drivers from back then, like Paul Newman.


Look at the picture of the camaro in the bottom-right corner. It may seem dumb, but I'm just amazed how tiny the front wheels are compared to the rear!


Feature some of the Aussie Muscle Cars - the XY GT-HO Phase 3 Falcon and the Hk-Hg Holden Monaro's :)


Sidepipes need to make a comeback. Pronto.


awesome read! This is why I love holding on to my car magazines.


Cherrybomb glasspacks!

Haha I love the sound of them <3


man i could definitely use some more overall zap on my classic.

cheers Mike


I love collecting old magazines, I have a few early 50's editions of hot rod, and I cant get enough. Thanks for covering it!


Good read! Collectable magazines really give you an idea of how it was back then! But.....Why is there a Corona advertised in HOT ROD? A JAP?! LOL


Totally agree on vintage magazines! Always one of my weaknesses at swapmeets. I recently bought a HUGE box of Road & Track mags from 1952 all the way to 1969 for 20 bucks. The classified ads are some of my favorites, too. Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts for $2000, nearly new Jag XK-120s for $3500, plus many cars most people my age have never heard of, like Gordon Keeble and Iso.