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The other day while I was at the local Japanese bookstore I spotted a copy of the February, 2010 issue of Drift Tengoku magazine sitting on the shelf. I thought to myself, it's been a while since I've picked up a Doriten mag, and much to the dismay of the wife I added another magazine to the collection.

After getting home and flipping through it, I figured I'd highlight the issue here on Speedhunters. All Doritens are packed full of cool drift cars, but this one seemed even better than usual.

The cover story is on a group of "GT Style" Silvias from Kyushu. People in Japan are always finding ways to reinvent the S-chassis, and these cars are a fine example.

With these cars it's all about taking an S13 or S14 and giving it the look of a Super GT racer. We're talking aggressive diffusers, canards, and even white-letter rubber.

The GT touch even extends inside the cars with these one-off dashboard conversions. Nuts.

Another feature from this issue highlights three different drift-tuned JZS161 Aristos from around Japan.

Event coverage includes the West Japan Doricon at Bihoku Highland Circuit. Check the Celica LB!

An article that happens to match our theme this month is one on abnormal drift machines. Yes, that's a front-drive Honda Odyssey converted to a pickup and used for drifting…

Others in the story include a Toyota Estima and a KP61 Starlet.

The regular section dedicated to drifting the Mazda Roadster includes a story on a Roadster-only soukoukai at Honjo Circuit. "Roddori" is what they are calling it.

"No Name Heroes" features a pair of JZX100 Crestas, including the infamous Team Fool car – known for ripping up the streets of Tokyo deep into the night.

Oh Japan, how I miss thee.

For more, pick up the February, 2010 Drift Tengoku at your nearest Japanese bookstore or online retailer.

-Mike Garrett



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I'm kinda curious to find out if that red s15 gets an intense amount of exhaust back pressure with a pipe shapped like that?


Is this even legal?


*duncan : I'm pretty sure thats the canard/rear diffuser....



i love that SR20 powered celica. :D


This post just made me subscribe to Drift Tengoku!


Damn, those cars are impressive, great 'zine.


Anyone, know, what colour the lime Green S14 is (as in name, of the colour,from etc ) ???


Haha duncun you noob.


I think it's time for me to go pick up a mag or two as well. It's been a couple months since I last bought on.e


My subscriptions on its way via boat, look forward to reading it ..... er ..... looking at the pictures haha


i wish i could get this magazine in Indonesia's book store


Fuck those Cresta's rule.


We had a guy here who crashed in a recent drift comp who had all of those fancy canards n crap. It was hilarious when he ran off of the track, all of his little expensive body mods were flyin everywhere.


Does anybody know how's it possible to convert GS300 to stickshift ? does anybody make the driveshafts , aftermarket ?


Huge Cresta fan. Great mag.


Maaan, I feel like I'm pirating the magazine by looking at this. Those drift vans are ridiculous haha.


what s15? thats a s13 mate. its good to see a real mix of cars in the mag, im was expecting just silvias and skylines like here in australia. but theres aristos celicas Starlet mx5s and a Honda Odyssey whitch is great never the same boring cars each month.


Duncan, as said, thats part of the S13s diffuser, not an exhaust.

I love GT styled S-bodies. URAS Type-GT has always appealed to me, although most think its hideous.


so when is speedhunters going HD? getting sick of these tiny photos