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This final post dedicated to the imports of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon will wrap up the coverage of what has been a pretty impressive show. I know people in the US are probably tired of seeing modified Camaros but they have just hit the dealers here in Japan so you will have to bear with me here as I personally think they look pretty wild! 

While the green Libery Walk Murcielago entertained me with its constantly rising and dropping air suspension for all of twenty seconds, it was the little Lambormini that really caught my attention. I've been seeing these funny ATVs at import shows for years now but I've never noticed how cool they can look! The perfect way to complement your supercar! And like their full-scaled counterparts they are only for the very well off costing just under $21,000! And if you are feeling especially exuberant you can add the $3,500 audio kit!

This was my favorite Euro of the show, built by suspension specialist Sunbeam in Tokyo. They have teamed up with Varis on the project, which took care of all the carbon pars which include the front bumper, hood and trunk. I really love the JDM look on this M3, especially the 19-inch black TE37s and Endless monobloc brakes all round.

The BMW-range of aero parts from Varis belongs to the VRS Aero line up of products, featuring their usual top quality build and finish. 

Quite liked the look of the Blitz AG Golf GTI…

…fitted with a beautifully designed Nur-Spec exhaust system. Blitz AG caters to import cars, mainly Audi and VW for now.

Being Italian I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop by the FIAT Abrath stand to check out the Punto Abarth…

…and the little 500 Abarth. This is the esseesse version, which thanks to more boost gets 160 HP from it's little 4-cylinder engine. I will be driving one of these around Tokyo soon…

…so make sure you don't miss the full report on how this little fashionable Italian accessory performs out on the street!

More M3 goodness was found on the Kumho tires stand. I'm a great fan of those RE30s!

Big GT wing for that JDM effect.

The new Porsche Panamera has become the new Tokyo-center commuter over the last couple of months so I wasn't surprised to see quite a few of them on display at TAS. This one was running on 22-inch Forgiato Maglia GTR wheels.

I commend any manufacturer that brings concept car looking machines to production. The Camaro is the perfect example. I'm picking one of these beasts up in a few weeks to see how an American muscle car of the new millennium fares on the streets of Tokyo. More on this next month! Burnouts anyone?

SL65 AMG Black Series in the Dunlop area. Outrageous looking thing!

BMW with Toyota power! 

Thought this was funny, from the cheapest Mercedes-Benz Group car, to the most expensive at the Carlsson booth. 

Thought the For-Two looked pretty good with those 17-inch wheels. Make sure you watch out for Carlsson's new 735 HP SL based C25 supercar that will be unveiled at the Geneva show in March.

What show in Japan would be complete without the presence of the Swarovsky encrusted DAD SLs!

I always wonder how on earth these things can be washed!

W211 E-class wagon from Wald, VIP meets import-style? Uhm.

We saw this Outerplus with Ti Racing Exige at the Super Lap Battle last month, a mighty fast car around Tsukuba.

Had a chance to have a nice look at the tuned Toyota 2ZZ in the back which thanks to a remap, bigger throttle and intercooler develops 275 HP.

The Golf is one of the most popular imports in Japan so it wasn't a surprise to see quite a few at the show like this Voomeran GTI.

Gotta dig the Hyper Forged wheels on this 997 Turbo, but I'm a sucker for matte bronze wheels!

Otsuka-san from Check Shop was there with his bronze BMW M5….

…a car we already featured during the BMW month back in September. It was fitted with new wheels, but I have to say I prefer the regular bronze Absoluts the car usually runs.

Otsuka-san introduced me to Toya-san of Lager Corporation who showed me his M3 demo car we already checked out at the import show last year…

…running the G-power supercharger kit which boosts power by 105 HP to 525 HP.

The G-wagon, another great favorite city car for Tokyo, especially the G55 gas-guzzling variety! Check out the triple side exhaust!

That's it for TAS 2010, I hope you enjoyed taking a detailed look into the vast variety of cars that grace the show floor every year. Gotta get my camera gear ready now for the HKS Premium Day in Fuji Speedway tomorrow!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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