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There was no ignoring the underlying Hybrid theme at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. With Toyota shifting more than ever hybrids in the home market it's no surprise tuners are beginning to take notice. Soon the Honda CR-Z will be with us, the first hybrid sports car and the first to use a manual transmission. Later in the year Nissan will launch the hybrid version of the Fuga (Infiniti M) that will no doubt be a worthy candidate for some VIP style. Add to this the already vast Toyota and Lexus line up and there is no doubting that this interim form of propulsion is becoming ever so popular, and the tuning world seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.

Take Branew for example, with its slammed to the ground Prius

…as well as Lexus LS600h, HS250h an RX400h…

…all fitted with full body kits and massive wheels.

This was the funkiest out of three concepts that Honda's in-house design-oriented tuning arm, Modulo, came up with for the Insight. 

Like we already saw Power Enterprise came up with a supercharger kit for it's bio-fuel Insight, proving that hybrids don't necessarily need to be boring.

Wheels seem to be the most effective way to change the look of any hybrid powered car. By ditching the tiny wheels and eco-oriented tires one can already obtain some very rewarding visual changes…mind you the HS250h at the BBS stand could have done with a lowering!

This was my favorite Prius of the show on the Final Konnexion stand, probably because it wasn't white or silver! Red actually works really well on the Prius especially helped along by a few carbon fiber parts, big wheels and nice stance.

Lots of work went into transforming the interior with no cheap plastics in sight! Everything has been covered either in alcantara or leather.

The Gialla Prius was other car fitted with the Prodrive GC-05K we saw on every other Evo X and Impreza on the previous post! 

This was the most sporty Prius at the show, featuring a Lexon body kit and TE37 G2 19-inch wheels. Hybrids aside I just checked out the Lexon website an it looks like they have created a kit for the LF-A! 

IS-M had another take on custom interiors…

…from the extreme…

…to a more elegant kind of upholstery.

20-inch Lowenharts on an a Prius, can't make for much of an improvement in ride and handling!

The Prius G Sport Concept from G's reminded me of some kind of fish from the front…

and an RE-Amemiya meets first-gen Honda Insight hybrid from behind.

This Prius Custom Plus Concept that had a little more imaginative design with huge angular front air intakes up front and a futuristic profile with lots of carbon fiber to spice things up. The rear view mirrors were replaced by small aerodynamic bullet-cam

Hope you all enjoyed looking at hybrids in a different light, maybe there is some some hope for these personal humanoid transportation appliances yet!!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare

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anybody have the website info for GRACE that did the red prius?