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It's time for the S15 to shine, this will by my final contribution to the S-Chassis festivities.

HKS S15: Who doesn't remember this awesome machine? I'm just happy I've seen this machine live in action. Some of you will have seen one of the two HKS S15 chassis do duty in the US with Rockstar and then later Falken liveries.

Kei Office S15: Maybe even more famous than the HKS version, this chassis has now won two D1GP championships -first with Kazama and then last year with Imamura.

Garage Boso S15: Always a fan favourite: Ross Petty and his Jamaican flavored S15.

NOB's S15: One of my all time favorite S15s. The perfect package except for the scissor doors.

Rauh Welt S15: The owner is busy returning the car to its former glory after he painted it in a shade of champagne, so I had to post this older picture.

Team Magician S15: This thing just oozes style, flexing widebody and a killer stance

Yashio Factory S15: Okachans personal ride

Bee*R S15: This is a true Frankenstein; A turbo- and supercharged engine with a 180SX nose.

Team Daishin JGTC S15: Another GT300 winner. Team Daishin won the title in 2001.

Drift Speed S15: Caused a sensation at the Red Bull World Championship event in 2008 at the hands of former D1GP champ Ueo. Slightly less impressive in its select 2009 Formula D outings.

Fanga Dan's S15: Always a danger in any NZ Drift event!

Terry's S15: Maximum result with minimal effort.

Fernando Wiehrl's Auto Salon S15 Silvia: I'm hearing this car is now for sale, so we'll see where it turns up next. It was one of the top drift builds in Australia for several seasons.

Garage Mak S15: A different take on the widebody idea; I like it.

Endless S15: This grip tuned S15 was a stalwart of the California Time Attack scene for a time.

APP D1GP S15: Just a cool car doing what it does best, drifting on the highest level.

Driftworks S15: This 2jz powered S15 is the epitome of UK car building

Hi Octane Imports S15 V8: LS2 power gives this car a whole different attitude.

Yashio Factory D1GP S15: Built by a 50 year old and still competitive in the D1GP.

Team Toyo S15: Kawabata's old car still going strong but this time with Sakuma behind the wheels.

Top Secret S1:. Driven by Ryuji Miki when he won the 2004 D1GP season.

Wild & Low Wild Chop Top S15: It features a 1jz and a roof chop, it doesn't get more crazy than this.

Team Orange S15: This chassis took Kumakubo to his first ever D1GP victory

That's it, I have showed you guys the most famous S-chassis cars around. Of course there are always personal favorites but I hope you enjoyed seeing these cars gathered in one of these posts.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Where is old Kawabata Trust S15, before 2007 ??

And old Tanaka Team Orange S15 ??


rauh welt and yoshio factory i like--- yoshio white s15 simple and clean.


Awesomeness. The best month ever.


Terry's & Rauh Welt... OMG!


Nice one for putting Driftwork's up :)

Loving Rauh Welt's and Terry's too!


Also missing Mazworx S15


heh at least the s15s look good.. if the s15 cars will anything like the previous s14 and s13 ones, i cant bare opening the reader cars posts haha

they need to do the JZX chassis next :)


Wow, I can't believe the world's fastest S15's were not included on the list. This sucks. Oh well...


Awesome. Loving these features.

Couple of famous Aussie S15s for those interested:

GT Autosound 600rwkw+ show and drag S15

100% JDM(cleanest S15 ever!)


you guys completely missed the swift spring s15. that makes me sad :(


I <3 S-Bodies

S15 Spec R AERO = BEST CAR EVER IMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Terry's S15 wihthout a doubt!


Yashio Magician NOB RWB Daishin JGTC ))))


The yashio S15 was very competitive in Time Attack as well.


The RWB S15's exterior (at least) is in my top 5 of all time, any marque.


that Bee*R S15.3 is soo cool! More pictures please? (A)


"Yashio Factory D1GP S15: Built by a 50 year old and still competitive in the D1GP"

WTF!?!?! Oka-Chan is the best S15 Builder ever! Period. Yashio Factory may not be famous outside of Japan or have a huge tuning shop, but anyone who knows anything about S-Chassis knows that YF are the best builds. 50, 60 or 70 Oka-Chan will keep producing crazy S15's. Only one that can compete is Smoky Nagata oh but wait hes old too...


imho yal forgot the DRFT chop toppped s15 in blue.


uhhh sike. didn't recognize the "new" look



Missing the Wanders Falken car


Oeps.... wrong topic..... found wanders :)


How Come Andy Gray, Area G S15 didn't make it to the list..????!!!!! Drift Life FTW...!!!


Rauh welt s15 is the bomb!


moonface sylvia????

SUNLINE auto ???


Oh god, S15s are so sexy. Those things never age. Especially the Yashio Factory S15 and Rauh Welt S15


please no more imports for the past week its been everything from the fast and furious show some other cars


I don't this there is any S15 that has more work done than the UK based Driftwork with the 2JZ. That car is epic.

Aesthetic wise, nothing beats the RWB S15 !


What about Calvin Wan's S15???


Auto Salon S15 Silvia is still my favourite. That car owns


big up to jamaica we a hot head,love the rasta s15


" neth said:

What about Calvin Wan's S15???"

the HKS Silvia is now the the Falken S15 that Calvin drove last season...


Lots of my favs made the list. But I'd like to see more of the chop top with the JZ swap. I don't know that one.


how about the c-west DRFT chop-top s15? that thing was nasty


Terry's S15! Dear God.


I'll always remember Terrys S15 as Jennifer Jarr's


should have added that black V.I.P. S15


Remeber that Aqua colored DRFT Chop Top S15. That one was pretty sweet.


Love it. Thanks for feat. Sakuma's old APP S15 and the Daishin S15.


Terry's S15... AWESOME! :D


man i just love the clean looks of rauh welt and terry's s15 with a killer stance


Some big name S15's here.

Rauh Welt S15 is still my #1 favorite.

HKS S15 - Never disappoints / Drift Champion

Kei Office S15 - Dorikin (Keiichi Tsuchiya) former company / Drift Champion with HKS S15

Top Secret S1 - Smokey Nagata does a Top Job with his cars / Drift Champion with HKS S15 and Kei Office S15.

Team Magician S15 - From memory it has a BN Sports Blister Kit and looks TUFF!

Wild & Low Wild Chop Top S15 - Talk about Crazy! This is it...


????????? ??????!? ????? ?????!


I remember the DRFT chop top S15. I'm surprised that didn't make the list. Is the Wild & Low chop top it's successor and/or replacement???


What about the Military Green S15 from AZ? Without a doubt that should of been on here!