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Making a list with cars is always difficult because there will always be people that are disappointed that their favorite car didn't made the list. But I tried and have collected several S13's and RS13's to celebrate this day, tomorrow there will be more S14's and last but not least the S15's. This list has been made in no particular order.

Koguchi Power 180SX. I wanted to start with my personal favorite, this Koguchi built car. The 180 was constructed for Yuko Wakabayashi, Koguchi's girlfriend. It's a good representation of typical Koguchi style.

Naoto Suenaga S13. Seen here doing a Tsuiso with the D-Max S15 during the D1SL competition.

HKS Power 180SX. Capable of doing 7 second runs on the quarter mile thanks to its 1200bhp RB26 engine.

Tra-Kyoto S13. Could this be the most favorite S13 on the world?

Tra-Kyoto S13. Just because this car is so popular I also added this yellow version. The front and rear fenders are even wider than the white version.

Anthony Scott's S13. The Tra Kyoto bodykit has also found its ways to the UK shores and onto Anthony's S13.

Drift Alliance S13. The car that started Vaugh Gittin Jr's rise to fame.

Super Made S13. This car has it all, the stance, the wheels and the cool Instant Gentleman bodykit.

Fukuda's 180SX. This D1GP veteran is still a favorite amongst the old school D1 fans

Sexy Knights 180SX. This picture has been on my harddrive for ages and I know it has been a inspiration for a lot of you guys.

Dentsport 180SX. Seeing a 180SX that wasn't build for drifting always gets my thumbs up.

Yashio Factory S13. Okachan has been driving a lot cars but they have one thing in common, they are all pink.

McMeekin Bros. 240SX. There's no doubt that this is the fastest s13 on the planet.

Kuroi's 180SX. This One-Via is powered by a RB26 making it a bit front heavy, but the 600bhp makes up for that.

Team Orange S13. Part of the Big X shows back in the days, I also just noticed the Rough World sticker.

Risky Devils 180SX. This list wouldn't be complete without this car. My favorite daily driver.

Brian Harte's S13: the godfather's new machine.

GP Sports 180SX. This car became a instant favorite after Dino spotted it at the final D1GP round on Fuji's Speedway.

Koguchi's D1 180SX. One of the many incarnations of the famous 180SX driven by Koguchi in the D1GP

Team Orange Sil-Truck: a machine with a big reputation

Leitzinger Racing IMSA GTU 240SX: These racers were part of the Nissan factory backed effort in the early 1990s.

Curtis Goat's Onevia: proper style

Kawabata's 180SX. After competing in a S15, Kawabata switched to this 180SX.

Violent Running Tribe Squidd's S13: Memories memories

Team Burst S13. One of the Old School drift teams in Japan, also notice the triple exhaust.

Norwegian S13:  Caused a stir when it hit the blog-o-sphere in 2009.

C's Garage Cars. Joel and Adam have made quite a impact on the scene with their immaculate cars.

Roland Gallagher's S13: PNW represent!

Tokonatsu Factory S13: as seen as D1SL Nikko earlier this year

Tommy Robert's S13. I'm not a big fan of the One-Via looks but this car looks flawless.

Team Toyo S13.4: This car was mighty in the 2008 Drift Australia season. Will we see it again in 2010?

Spirant 180SX: The S13 taken to another level

Nikolay Konstantinov's 240sx: the engine bay on this car has to be seen to be believed

Dee's Club Stream Z GT Jr: there is a S13 chassis in there somewhere!

Tomorrow it's time for the S14's.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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The 2nd to last pic. Where can i find pics of the engine bay?


Wouldnt it make more sense to these posts in September? Being that that the dates are actually S13, S14, and S15. Just a thought I had.

Anyway, love these posts that you guys are putting together about the S-Chassis cars. My fav are both Koguchi's, Kawabatas, Daichans, and Risky Devil.


I really love to see many other S chassis that wasn't build for drifting....

It really turns me up... haha..


team instant party ftmfw rolands a good friend cool to see his car got mentioned


We are using the American way of saying dates, so it's January 3rd.


OMFG that yellow tra-kyoto is the hottest car ever!!


the C,s garage cars are the best


wow no grip gambler s13's or dousan from pink godzira??? please tell me theres a part 2


i love the 13.4 and z33 facelifts, somewhere on the interwebs a 180sx with a z34 front end can be found, i believe it was part of the 09 Tokyo Auto Salon


Why am i not surprised the IMSA 240 of Butch Leitzinger is missing?


Japanese dates... this is based on the August 6th AE86 celebrations... No word back from Dino BTW....


Man, old pic of my car! It looked so much better than that!


why oh why did gittins car make it in?


Oh memories SQUIDD S13.

Man that car was cool, Sky!


Yeaaah Risky Devil's! Wooot


EJ25RUN - this may be because Jeroen doesn't know much about S13s... BTW Jeroen, that yellow Tra-Kyoto S13 has been Photoshopped. If you need confirmation, look at the wheels.

I hope that the rest of the S-chassis articles will be written by Mike.


So much love here... Especially for all the S13's with Silvia front ends. I'm seriously hating the fact that I can't go and do it to mine *right* now. D:


@EJ25RUN - The leitzinger car is on this list...


The 6666 Rocket Bunny (6th picture) is for sale on DW.

Sucks that I can't afford it :D


i almost eSmacked you, thought you forgot Cs garage, your lucky...


Awesome Kuroi made it in, but some incorrect info if I'm not mistaken.

Kuroi's yellow car was RB powered, his blue car (pictured) was 2JZ powered, not RB powered as stated. ;)


Hey Tony read the first sentance again


Finally a line up of good s13s.....=)


" EJ25RUN said:

Why am i not surprised the IMSA 240 of Butch Leitzinger is missing?"

The sister car is there.... did you miss it?


Hell yeah Nikolay's S13 pnw represnet


Rolland and Nikolay, can't wait to see them going up against the best of them next year in FD. I predict 2010 will have the best "looking" cars in FD history.


Simba "Grip Gamblers" just sayin


Where's Dousan's car?


Simba and dousan definately.


is this website biased to the PNW? Where are the Cali cars?


Ever heard of Tengku Djan Ley? He just won the Formula Drift Malaysia competition in his 180SX... He did better than Mad Mike though... Isn't that fact enough to put him here?


" Keith Kundi said:

Ever heard of Tengku Djan Ley? He just won the Formula Drift Malaysia competition in his 180SX... He did better than Mad Mike though... Isn't that fact enough to put him here? "

Unfortunately we missed him... and so did everyone else who we consulted for the list! Sorry!


the vrt squidds car is famous? lmao it was a POS


yeah zeroone, but it was a cool POS


y in the world is the Dee's Club Stream Z GT J ... honestly i do like it when u keep conversions in the same family

but this is just AWFUL....... lets hope we nevr see any more like this


Post a picture of Niko's engine bay! So clean I would feel bad eating off it.


anyone reckon this is famous? haha or the nissan '928' at ebisu? :P


What about the Zombie Car?!?!?!


Where the fuck is glebs car?


The yellow Tra-Kyoto S13 is awsome(:


Break cars are missing haha


I think nakamura's/team burst is my favorite


GP Sports 180SX is amazing.


Thanks for feat. Fukuda's 180, the HKS Drag 180, and the Sil-Truck!


missing nigel petries s13 for sure...


Yeah, Wilkerson's car absolutely needs to be up there.


How can you forget the Signal Auto Drift Twins?


No SCC Project Silvia?


Yuri's 2 toned S13.4, Signal Auto Twins, Dousan, Gleb (blue coupe)