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Autosport, the magazine,  will be 60 years old in 2010. So at the Show that uses its name, the Autosport International, it seems appropriate to celebrate this anniversary. So to kick off the SpeedHunters coverage of ASI I thought I would have a quick look round that particular stand.

Of course being Autosport the majority of the cars that make up the exhibition are from Formula One, just look at the intricate arrangement at the front wing of the Renault.

But it is not all F1 as this iconic Lotus Cortina proves. The clean lines hold a timeless appeal.

So here's a backward glance at Formula One. A Maserati 250F shows a well rounded Italian rear.

Fast forward to the 70's and the JPS Lotus 72.

Here is the high tec trickery of the Williams Renault FW14B. Nigel Mansell won the World Championship that year armed with one of these.

But that pales into insignificance compared with a 21st century Renault.

For all SpeedHunters the big news is that the new Nissan GT-R GT1 run by Sumo Power GT (UK) will be the official partner to NISMO for 2010.

I will take a detailed look at this project next.

John Brooks



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love the cortina and the maserati, two timeless cars


i want to se the pics of that gt-r now xD


A guy I know is going there this weekend. He races karts so I guess its the f1 cars he's interested in but i can't wait for more on the GT-R


Sumo Power + NISMO = <3


Ha these pics are up quick, I was at the show today and I have to say the GT-R is sick, kept visiting the stand to see it, looking forward to seeing the write up on it


Love the rear photos of the F1s, it shows the evolution of technology.


Damnnnnn I was meant to be there today but our college cancelled the trip because they went to book too late and blamed the weather ¬_¬

Loving the Cortina :D


I'll be there tomorrow, can't wait


Wish I were there.


Pretty sure i was walking by you when you took the pic of the FW14

Great show, i'll be there on Sunday aswell


Finally a GT-R in GT1!

Godzilla is back where it left with the R32!!!!

Run by Sumopower UK nonetheless??? Whaaaaaaat....


WHAT?! The GT-1 GT-R's are going to be run by SumoPower?! That's awesome!


The comparison of F1 rears is top notch. Great shooting, great comparison!


The GT-R was awesome. Was there yesterday with some mates. We got in early as they're all MSA licence holders.

Took some photos but they need a lot of processing as the lighting is just so hard to work with.


Just spent the weekend watching racing at Hampton Downs race track here in NZ,one guy was racing a Lola with exactly the same paint scheme as that John Player Special open wheeler,

Can't wait for the Bruce Mclaren festival next weekend!


Mansell's Championship winning FW14 brings to mind him giving Senna a ride back to the pits.

Ayrton sitting on the side pod, hanging onto the air-intake/roll-hoop (was that British GP '91/'92?)