Car Spotlight>>the Vw 1303 Rs

The Volkswagen Beetle is anything but a misfit or maverick. In fact. it's more automotive phenomenon than automotive misfit. This particular Beetle though, is built and driven in a way that makes it as unique as any car out there. We're talking high horsepower, dialed-in suspension, wide wheels, and an overall vibe you'd expect from a Porsche 911 and not from an aircooled Beetle.

The car actually has a fairly thorough website dedicated to it, but all of the information is in German. The car is built on a 1973 1303, or "Super Beetle" chassis and sees action on the street, the race track, and even at drift events.

From what I can gather, the motor was sourced from a Type 4 VW and is tuned make a stout 182ps with a pair of Weber 48IDF carbs, among other hop-up parts.

As I can make out on the suspension specs, it appears the car is running Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs.

Helping to give the car an aggressive, track-ready look are a set of 15×8.5 BBS wheels with 195/45/15 tires.

Inside is a full roll cage, Recaro bucket seat, and a suede Momo wheel. Not things you typically find in a car like this…

The stance is positively awesome. The Bug lends itself well to this sort of style, no?

It's always special when someone can take a universally-known car like the VW Beetle and make something that truly stands out.

For more you can check out the owner's website (in German).

-Mike Garrett



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Awesome look and find Mike!

That fitment and those BBS wheels are sick!!


Thats a Hot Bug! the BBS's really set it off, and the stance... Amazing :)


Thats a Hot Bug! the BBS's really set it off, and the stance... Amazing :)


by the way, as the website says, it has eibach springs, koni frontdamps and bilstein rear dampers. just use a translater, if you link the homepage. it's not that hard, and kind of emparrsing to get wrong.

ps. qoute: " vorne: Koni-, hinten: Bilsteinfederbeine mit Eibach Doppelfedern" freely translated something like: " front: koni, back: bilstein shock strut with eibach dopplesprings"

i know my english is not the best, and i'm im no postion to criticize you, so don't get me wrong. i actually quite like the fact, that you feature of the country live in.


Great looking bug. Its one of the few track built bugs around most are slammed cruisers, which are awesome as well.


Awesome!!! Typically the super beetle is the ugly stepchild in the vw scene, unless you wanna race it with turns. :) The front suspension is much better for handling than the beam axle of the standard bugs. That bug looks great! I bet its fun to drive too!


hey nice car bro just wondering how much $$$ does it take to do something like this


Rad. I'm feelin' this. Any videos out there of this car drifting?


they look awfully like SSR mesh wheels on that beetle, down to the centercaps ;)


AWESOME FIND! I saw the vid where he power slides around a round-a-bout in this thing. YOUTUBE "DRIFT BEETLE"


Regarding the SSR wheel comment, while similar in look, these are definitely magnesium centered BBS motorsport wheels:


yay....., I just found the 7th pic on random googling last night...., and now it featured here...., very surprise...., thank you MG...


dam thats cool!!! i love japanese wheels on eruo cars its so awsome


VW needs to come back with a affordable rear engine RWD vehicle!!!


great car, but "wide wheels", you're kidding right?


While I was searching for something related to this...

(Chevy-powered Beetle, from the old Super-Saloon series in Britain... some crazy stuff in that series!)


Other Super-Saloons:


I'm likin' the look!!!!


Thanks for the links! Seems like it would be tough with the "pendulum effect" but looks like he does a decent job with it! Nice =D


VERY NICE beetle


Ah yes!! I think the Beetle is a misfit.. but in a 'nice' way. Those wheels are perfect for the application and look wicked.. i think they're made of magnesium? but am no wheel whore! another car in the long list of "I'd love to own one those & do that". A modern take on a classic look - Keeping on Dubbing.


spec list:

type 4 2,4l

46mm intakevalves, 39mm exhaustvalves

48IDF Weber dualcarbs with k&n

shaved head and crank

342° camshaft by schleicher

drysump with oilcooler

braided lines everywhere

4-speed gearbox

M220/S40 diff with lock

koni coils front, bilstein rear

eibach springs

aluminium strut bearings with adjustable chamber plates

aluminium stabiliser bearings


4-piston ap brakes front

kerscher brakes rear

both with drilled discs

porsche 944 turbo master cylinder

braided lines

bbs motorsport wheels 15x8,5

street legal tires: yokohama 195/45-15 AVS

racing tires: AVON AC B 10

carbon doorpanels, carbon footboards, carbon airbox, aluminium bolts everywhere, stack rev-counter, FRA FF 3 racing fuel tank..

weight: 800kg, ~1600lbs

0-100km/h (0-60mph): 5.5s

top speed: 200km/h, ~120mph

completly street legal.


stephan said:

dam thats cool!!! i love japanese wheels on eruo cars its so awsome

You do know that BBS is a German company right? That being said, awesome car!


Awesome find Mike!!! I definitely would like to own and build a VW Beetle much like this one! Expect I'll probably do an engine swap, and make it more of a drift car than a all rounder.


And it is quick and LOUUUD (As the car already passed me on a rural road some years ago).



thats awesome, make some desktops


182hp in a car that light must be insane :O


Very nice post... Congrats!!

Hey, why don't you take a look at this one??


this would be more rad if it had early wings (small back lights and big headlamps)




Seen this car back in the mid nineties at a VW show here in The Netherlands. Best later model Beetle I've ever seen by far.


Stephan- Jap wheels on Euro cars? Last time I checked BBS were German, and they've been building this style of wheel since the 70's. Anything that bears a resemblance but it Japanese is just a copy.